Bion Rose Tea Review

bion rose tea review

Bion Organic Herb Company might not be a nationally known brand (yet) but they certainly have the potential to be something great. They very kindly sent me a box of samples to taste and review for the Izzy’s Corner blog.

I dipped my hand in and this was what I landed on – a simple and pure rose tea. Read the full review here.

Bion Rose Petal Tea at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Pure rose petals
  • Flavour: Fresh roses, perfumed and a little bit soapy

This was a nice tea. Quality was very good and it produced a smooth, sweet and true rose flavour. I was very impressed. However, it is exactly what it says it is. Pure rose, without complexity or balance. If you love rose, this is great!

bion rose petal tea

Full Review - Dried Rose Tea

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Pyramid tea sachet
  • Ingredients: Rose petals
  • Health Benefits: Calm anxiety, ease an upset stomach, soothe gastrointestinal and digestive upset
  • Flavour Notes: Sweet, strong, fresh roses
  • Aroma: Dried rose perfume, sweet
  • Milk or Lemon: Neither
  • Where to Buy: Bion Official Website or Amazon

This tea looks beautiful. It is quite literally dried rose petals, after all. The aroma is as you’d expect – intoxicating, sweet and thick with that unmistakable rose smell. It’s slightly musty, but not in a stale way, simply in a dried herb way.

The colour it brewed into was delightful too. The whole rose petals were so carefully packaged that there was no dust or tiny rose petal fragments that made it through the tea sachet and my tea strainer. It’s honey gold and clear with a slightly thick texture that holds bubbles at the edge.

It reminds me of rosewater perfume. It’s not as sweet-smelling once hot but still very aromatic.

The flavour is strong, sweet and very fresh. I’d actually recommend brewing it for a little less time than I did. I did enjoy it, but it’s 100% rose which is quite a pungent and strong flavour. I have to be in the mood for roses to drink this tea.

If you love roses, obviously you’ll love this.

How to Brew Rose Tea

Use boiling water to really draw out the flavour and the nutrients. You’ll also notice how the water draws the colour from the petals too.

3 to 5 minutes is the recommended time for Bion Rose Tea, so I started at 3 minutes. After tasting it I decided that 2 minutes 30 seconds would have tamed it a little.

Brew lightly as it gets strong quickly.

I’d drink this with dessert. Vanilla sponge or custard tarts. Something sweet, soft, romantic and a little innocent would really go with the flavour and symbolism of drinking rose tea.

Why Bio Organic Herb Company?

Bion works closely with organic farmers across Cyprus to bring you a range of herbal blends. Having ripped open the tea sachet and spent time reading through their website, I’m very happy with the quality of this rose tea.

The petals are whole and intact. A few green buds have snuck in, but that hasn’t impacted flavour at all.

dried rose petals

‘Bion’ comes from a Greek word meaning life, or a way of life. A philosophy to do more than just exist, but to live in a healthy wholesome way. Their herbal teas do just that.

They also sell natural toothpaste and mouthwash, which is interesting. I might give those a try one day to see how they match up to my usual Colgate.

Rose Tea Health Benefits

I like that Bion Organic Herb Company gives you a little insight into the health benefits of their teas. For this rose tea, they describe how it’s been used for thousands of years by Egyptians, Romans and the Greeks to induce sleep and reduce anxiety.

It can also soothe your upset stomach and relieve some digestive problems through antispasmodic properties that calm your internal muscles. I’ve heard that it’s good for menstrual cramps for this reason, but I haven’t tested that out myself.


This is a really nice rose tea and a great first impression of the entire Bion Organic Herb Company range. It’s not a 5-star tea because it’s so simple – I suppose that’s the beauty of roses though. If you love rose, you’ll love this.

If you like rose but aren’t passionate about it, you should still buy this tea. It’s always good to have dried herbs and flowers to hand for creating your own tea blends. Check it out on Amazon here.

bion organic rose tea

Tell Me More…

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