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Bion Detox Tea Review – Refreshing Herbs | Izzy’s Corner at IW

Even though I was super skeptical of the last detox tea I reviewed, that review is actually one of the most popular articles on our blog right now! So, whether they work or not, you cannot deny that detox teas are popular.

Today I’m tasting and reviewing Bion Organic Herb Company’s Detox tea. It’s made with spearmint, mint (undetermined), and nettle, so it’s very refreshing. Even if it doesn’t detox your body, it will certainly detox your mouth!

Below you’ll find out what’s in this tea, how it tastes, how best to brew it and a little about Bion as a company.

Bion Detox Tea at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Organic nettle, mint and spearmint from Cyprus
  • Flavour: Smooth simple mint tea with depth and greenness from the nettle

I really like this tea! It has the freshness of a mint tea with the body and greenness you expect from a nettle tea. Simple but very well balanced.

bion detox pyramid sachets packaging

Full Review – Herbal Detox Tea Pyramids

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Tagged biodegradable pyramid sachet
  • Ingredients: Spearmint, mint, nettle
  • Health Benefits: Refresh your mind and body
  • Flavour Notes: Smooth, simple, refreshing, minty
  • Aroma: Spearmint, green, nettles, warming
  • Milk or Lemon: Lemon
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

Bion sent me this tea as part of a package with a variety of others (you can find that same collection using my Amazon links) and I have really enjoyed them all so far. Bion Detox tea is very minty! Besides the spearmint tea they sell, it’s the most minty tea they sell. Spearmint and general green leaf notes emerge from the pyramid sachet.

It brews into a beautiful clear gold tea with no dust or particles in the cup. That’s the benefit of brewing whole leaf herbs instead of dusty, finely chopped tea bits.

The aroma warms up considerably, dropping the harsher menthol notes and creating a gentle nettle and spearmint concoction.

As for the flavour, it’s actually very simple and very smooth. The spearmint dominates it while the nettles create a comfortably body for the tea.

The real magic is the experience. It’s so refreshing and calming. If you needed to detox away your thoughts after a stressful day, this tea is perfect.

How to Brew Bion Herbal Detox Tea

Use boiling water for this tea, as it’s herbal. Pour your boiling water directly from the kettle onto the tea sachet and let it brew for 3 to 5 minutes. I like my tea quite light, so I stopped at 3 minutes. Don’t forget that the biodegradable pyramid sachet can go in the compost or food recycling bin.

I wouldn’t add any sugar or honey to this tea, as detox teas are usually consumed to be healthy! Instead, a slice of lemon would make a nice addition to this tea. According to Healthline, lemon with water (or tea in this case) promotes a feeling of fullness, so you’ll be less likely to eat more later in the day.

Why Bion Herb Company?

Bion Detox comes to the UK all the way from Cyprus, via Amazon. That’s not great for your carbon footprint, but the ingredients certainly are amazing. They are certified organic and are all grown/packaged in Cyprus. I love supporting small businesses like Bion!

On the back of the tea box, Bion write:

Made of organic, hand-picked herbs, the Detox blend exudes a scent of Mediterranean purity with its dashing freshness of mint and spearmint, enveloped in the crisp earthiness of nettle. Thanks to an ideal climate, these gently grown herbs are the best the Cypriot soil has to offer. They make for a precious herbal remedy that strengthens the immune system to ward off colds, and relieves digestive disorders. An invigorating blend that’s resolutely detoxifying, and a perfect fit to complement a Mediterranean way of living.

mint nettle leaf dried herbs

Detox Tea Health Benefits

This tea won’t work miracles, but you can certainly use it to detox your mind. You’ll detox your breath with this minty blend too! Mint also has some great health benefits for your digestive system.

As for detoxing your body, it really depends on what your definition of detox is. I’ve covered this in detail in previous reviews, but to sum it up: your body detoxes naturally and you don’t need to drink or eat any specific substance to do it. In fact, limiting yourself to just one food or drink for a long period of time can do more damage to your health than good.

If you feel like your body is full of chemicals that need to be “detoxified” then I recommend you talk to your doctor about it so you can fast safely or take medical action if needed.

The health benefits of this tea will certainly calm your stomach, however! So, if you’ve eaten a large meal and need a good tea to help you relax and digest, Detox tea is perfect.


Regardless of your thoughts on the concept of detoxifying, this Bion Detox tea is delicious, healthy and organic. I highly recommend you give it a try! I’ve found it on Amazon with a selection of other herbal teas. Use the button below to go there.

gold coloured tea in glass teacup with white flowers

Tea Recommendation

If detox teas are your thing, you should definitely look at Pukka’s detox tea next. Pukka changed the name of their detox tea to Feel New after the Advertising Standards Authority banned it from calling it detox. Regardless, it’s a tasty tea once you’ve cut through the detox marketing spiel!

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