Ahmad Twelve Teas Gift Box Review

Ahmad Twelve Teas Gift Box Review

I won’t lie, I totally gifted this tea box to myself. When I first saw the Ahmad Twelve Teas selection box, I knew I couldn’t just wait for someone else to buy it for me! Twelve teas to try in just one purchase. What’s not to love? So, here we are after a year of individually reviewing all 12 teas inside this gift box. I’m finally ready to give you the ultimate review.

Hold on to your hats.

And your debit cards.

I might just convince you to gift the Ahmad Twelve Teas box to yourself as well!

Everything You Need to Know About Ahmad Twelve Teas

Ahmad Tea London is a respectable brand that was founded over 30 years ago – which is not that long in the history of tea but is long enough to be reassuring. And it’s true. Ahmad are a reassuringly reliable and good quality tea brand. They sell their tea successfully in over 80 countries around the world, and with Amazon international shipping I bet they can reach even further.

The Ahmad Twelve Teas box:

  • On the outer box, you can see the twelve teas included and has a nice closing flap to keep it looking neat after it’s opened.
  • Inside, you’ll find three boxes – Fruit Tea Selection, Green Tea Selection, and Classic Tea Selection. Each selection contains four different types of tea.
  • You get five teabags of each tea, totalling 60 teabags for the full ‘Twelve Teas’.
  • Each teabag is individually wrapped in plasticy foil, to keep the tea fresh.
  • Ahmad are really good at keeping a rough track of where their tea is from. Read my individual reviews for each tea below to find out their origins. China, India, Kenya and Sri Lanka are the usual suspects.
  • Ahmad use a mix of natural flavourings and real ingredient pieces to create bold flavours without pushing up the price.
ahmad foil wrapped teabags

Ahmad Twelve Teas

I really like the smartness of the packaging. All the card boxes are quite thick and have a glossy texture, which just adds to the magic the first time you open this gift.

I’m going to run through the three tea boxes inside the Twelve Teas box, giving you an overview of what to expect. You can click the links to find individual tea reviews as well, in case you would like to learn more or purchase a tea separately.

Classic Tea Selection

black tea ahmad classics

The classic tea selection contains those magical teas that you find ultra-comforting. These are the teas you turn to for your full English breakfast or afternoon tea session. The English Tea No. 1 would make a good everyday tea blend and the English Breakfast goes perfectly well with the first meal of the day – whether that’s soggy cereal or a bacon sarnie. I found the Earl Grey to be quite full-bodied, which makes a great Earl Grey blend to have with milk. On the lighter side, the Darjeeling tea is the brightest of the four teas and is best sipped without milk, or with a slice of lemon.

You can read the individual reviews for each of the teas included in the Classic Tea Selection:

Fruit Tea Selection

Ahmad Fruit Tea Selection Box Review

Remember that all of the teas in the Ahmad Twelve Teas box contain caffeine, even these fruit teas. Along with flavouring and chunks of fruit, each of these teas contains a hearty and full-bodied black tea – which is unusual! Typically, a lighter black tea would go well with fruit and flavouring, so you can drink it without milk. But Ahmad have gone the other way, selecting teas from Africa and the Assam region of India to add some depth instead. This makes the Apple Refresh a little less refreshing than you’d expect and brings some sweet fruity complexity to Strawberry Sensation.

You can read the individual reviews for each of the teas included in the Fruit Tea Selection:

Green Tea Selection

Ahmad Green Tea Selection Box Review

Ahh, is there anything better than sipping a soft, grassy green tea at the end of the day? I think not. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful lightness of Jasmine Romance and the refreshing lemon in Lemon Vitality. Both of these teas, along with the Green Tea Pure, are brilliant to drink after dinner to refresh the palate. Just watch out of Mint Mystique. This minty green tea is one of the lowest rated on my blog because I just really couldn’t get on with it… but that’s just my opinion. Regardless, loving 11 out of 12 teas isn’t bad at all!

You can read the individual reviews for each of the teas included in the Green Tea Selection:

Where to Buy the Ahmad Twelve Teas Gift

As mentioned before, this Ahmad Twelve Teas box makes a wonderful gift for birthdays and Christmas, especially as it’s super affordable and the neat square box shape makes it easy to wrap. With the foil-wrapped teabags, the best before date is usually years in advance too. The best place I’ve found to buy this gift box is on Amazon, as you can usually get free delivery if you order over £20. You can also buy it directly from Ahmad Tea London’s website, but with delivery costs it might be a tad more expensive.

ahmad tea london twelve teas gift box

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