Ahmad Tea Peach & Passionfruit Tea Review

Ahmad Tea Peach & Passionfruit Tea Review

If you’re a regular reader at Immortal Wordsmith, you’ll know my love of peaches is immeasurable (no, that’s not a euphemism). Passionfruit can be a bit hit and miss though, so when I picked Ahmad Tea Peach and Passionfruit to review I knew it could go either way.

Unfortunately, it did not go the way I had hoped. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this tea but I always review as honestly and fairly as I can. Keep reading to find out if this tea could be worth trying and whether you’ll enjoy it or not.

Ahmad Tea London Peach and Passionfruit at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Black tea with peach and passionfruit flavouring
  • Flavour: Smooth and bland black tea with generic tropical fruit notes

A tea with a wonderfully juicy aroma… and rather generic, bland flavour. It tastes like a simple black tea with general tropical notes – nothing that indicates the fresh juiciness of peaches or mouth-watering feel of passionfruit.

ahmad tea peach and passionfruit

Full Review – Ahmad Peach and Passionfruit Tea

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Tagged paper tea bag
  • Tea: Black tea
  • Additives: Peach, passionfruit, flavouring
  • Flavour Notes: Smooth, slightly sweet, tropical hints, bland black tea
  • Aroma: Juicy passionfruit, peaches, oranges, fruit punch
  • Milk or Lemon: Neither
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

The initial aroma you’ll find is very promising. You can practically taste the lush fruit flesh of peaches and succulent juices of passionfruit in your mouth as you inhale deeply. I’m salivating at the memory. I love fruit.

But it doesn’t last.

It brews into a dark amber colour, typical of the African black tea blends that Ahmad Tea favour. Strangely, there’s not a hint of black tea aroma in the steam, it’s just a refreshing and juicy fruit punch type smell.

I was halfway through my teacup by the time I could pinpoint the flavours well enough to write down my notes. It’s just so generic! The black tea is virtually non-existent in flavour. It’s smooth, slightly sweet, and has this hint of tropical fruits. Nothing that you can discern as distinctly peachy or passionfruity.

I didn’t enjoy it, but I was impressed by how smooth the tea was. If you can’t stand even a hint of bitterness, this tea will agree with you.

ahmad black tea tropical

How to Brew Ahmad Tea Peach & Passionfruit

I followed the instructions exactly, brewing at 100°C for 3 minutes. Then I brewed again for 5 minutes, which intensified the flavours a little but still left a generic tropical taste.

Due to the black tea base, I’d drink this tea in the morning or early afternoon. Ahmad Tea Peach and Passionfruit has too much caffeine to be an evening soother.

As for what to drink it with, I suppose a teaspoon of honey might help. Just promise me you won’t be tempted to add milk. It just doesn’t work, trust me.

Why Ahmad Black Tea?

I like the Ahmad Tea brand. I’m all for supporting British businesses and like I pointed out in previous Ahmad tea reviews, they always give you a bit of detail about their tea sourcing.

As for the quality of this specific tea, I’m not impressed. I couldn’t find any pieces of dried fruit, as the ingredients list would suggest. Instead, it’s pure flavouring and tiny black tea crumbs. This ensures a quick brew, but it does nothing for the complexity and flavour of the tea.

peach passionfruit teabag

Ahmad also offers a cold brew version of this tea, which might be a better choice. When cold brewing tea, you use more tea than you would for hot brewing, plus you brew for far longer. As a result, I’d guess that the cold brew version will have a stronger flavour at least.


Do I recommend this tea? Despite everything, yes. When you compare it to another tea from Ahmad, their Earl Grey for example, the ingredients are the same – tea plus flavouring. So, I’ve concluded that my dislike for generic tropical flavours when I’ve been promised 2 distinct fruits is why I didn’t get on with this tea. It’s not so much to do with a quality problem, compared to other teabags. So, if I haven’t completely put you off this tea, try it for yourself. It starts in boxes of 20 teabags.

passionfruit peach black tea

Tea Recommendation

If tropical and fruity teas are your jam, then look no further than BOH Passionfruit Black Tea. Similar to Ahmad, BOH is affordable, readily available and has lots of tropical vibes packed tightly into each tea bag. You can also stumble on new teas to try by browsing the Izzy’s Corner section of the tea blog!

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