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When you pick up a selection box of teas and it turns out you love each and every one, it’s the best feeling. That was my motivation to pick up this cute box of teas – Becky’s from Holland Tea – on a visit to TK Maxx (TJ Maxx if you’re in the USA) when it caught my eye.

The ‘Tea Sensation of Flavour’ is a small tea selection with 3 tea type inside. I’m fairly certain that it’s marketed to be given as a gift… but I couldn’t help just buying it to treat myself.

Whether you’re going to do the same, or are really looking to buy this tea box as a gift, you need to read my full overview first so you know exactly what you’ll be getting.

About Becky’s from Holland

sensation of flavour tea box

Headquartered in the Netherlands (AKA, Holland), Becky’s is a gift-orientated company with a range of sweets, nuts, teas, cakes and more. It’s the kind of company that you could shop at to build up a great hamper with all their gifts available.

Their big showroom is in Amsterdam, where you can see all their products on display. But you don’t need to travel across Europe to buy them, thankfully. Besides being available on Amazon (occasionally) you can also find them at various retailers. I found mine at TK Maxx.

Besides the Tea Sensation of Flavour box, they also have ‘Tea Tubes’ and a ‘Tea to Go’ box that includes a cute travel mug. I haven’t tested these, unfortunately.

Read Becky’s from Holland About page for more.

Are Tea Gifts a Good Idea?

Sharing your love of tea is a BRILLIANT idea. But should you gift away a Becky’s from Holland tea gift?

It’s debatable.

Personally, I’d prefer to give luxury tea gifts. I’d check out those available at Whittard of Chelsea or another tea company that actually specialises in tea. The problem with buying tea from a non-tea company is that you don’t have as much quality assurance and there’s always the worry that they’ll stop selling tea all-together – leaving you with a deep thirst for a tea that’s no longer available to buy.

On the other hand, a starter tea gift like this one would be perfect for convincing your friends to try more tea. Green tea with lemon, jasmine green tea, and earl grey, are all very simple and non-offensive teas to try.

You need to weigh up the need for beginner-friendly teas with quality when you decide whether to buy this tea gift.

Becky’s from Holland Tea

tk maxx tea gift

At first glance, this tea box is quite visually similar to some English Tea Shop packaging I’ve seen in the past. I’m sure it’s a coincidence. Probably.

Nonetheless, it’s nice to look at. The tea sachets are held in individual cardboard pyramids, within a plastic box, with a red ribbon tied around the outside. It’s presentable as a gift without wrapping, but you’d find it easy to wrap anyway as it’s just a simple cube.

The box is plastic (boo) but the tea pyramids are made with biodegradable materials and there’s no individual plastic wrapping within. So, I suppose it’s not too bad!

You have 4 tea sachets of 3 tea types within the box, totalling 12 teas in total. All the tea in this gift box is single origin from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and UTZ Certified.

Green Tea Lemon

sensation of flavour green tea
Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Green tea with lemon peel

Green tea with lemon is a classic tea. Of course, brewing fresh green tea and adding a squeeze of lemon will produce a fresher flavour… but that’s messy and often makes your tea very sour.

Brewing green tea sachets with dried lemon peel already included provides that refreshing lemon flavour without making your cheeks shrivel in.

Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed with this tea. But that’s mostly because my standards are so high. As I mentioned a few headings up, these teas are more suited to beginners, rather than experts who want a fully flavourful tea.

It’s subtle in its lemonyness and the green tea is only slightly bitter, with warmer notes of hay too.

Green Tea Jasmin

tea with white flowers in teacup
Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Green tea with jasmine petals

I would suggest that anyone new to green tea should start with this one. The jasmine really calms and settles the green tea flavour, making it a very pleasurable tea to drink. Plus, it’s often consumed with a Chinese meal or takeaway, which can never hurt!

This jasmin green tea is very gentle, smooth and light. You’ll have no trouble sipping this one down in the evenings (my recommended drinking time for jasmine green tea).

Just like the Green Tea Lemon, the leaves in these tea sachets are much larger than you’d get from a standard teabag. This makes them so much better than supermarket own-brand tea bags, but still not quite as good as a luxury loose leaf option.

Earl Grey

beckys from holland earl grey
Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Black tea with bergamot flavouring

Bergamot is a wonderful tea ingredient… but it’s not cheap. This is why so many earl grey teas contain the chalky white flecks of flavouring, rather than true bergamot oils. As such, I can easily excuse Becky’s from Holland for using flavouring in this tea.

Unfortunately, the tea quality is also much lower compared to the 2 green teas in the box. The black tea leaves are crushed and curled, which makes for a quicker and heartier brew but does nothing for quality and depth of flavour.

Nonetheless, this is a pleasant earl grey that no tea lover would turn down. It’s a nice balance to the 2 green teas in the box.

Summary – Is Tea Sensation of Flavour Worth Buying?

If you happen to cross it and you’ve got some money to spare, hell yes! These 3 teas are always good to have in the cupboard and they’re very beginner-friendly if you’re buying tea as a gift. Obviously, don’t buy this tea gift expecting to have your socks knocked off. It’s not a luxury gift. But it is decent and well-made. You might not fall in love with these teas but I can guarantee they won’t go to waste. You can check to see if the Becky’s from Holland Tea Sensation of Flavour box is currently available on Amazon by clicking the button below.

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