Tea People Jasmine Pearls Tea Review

Tea People Jasmine Pearls Tea Review

Tea People Jasmine Pearls are beautiful to watch unfurl – it’s one of my favourite loose leaf types. Flavoured with jasmine, another of my favourite flavours, this green tea blend is sourced from Fujian. Tea People are unique for their ethical and high-quality teas, so I have pretty high expectations going into this review.

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In this tea review, you can find my notes on the flavour, a method for brewing, and some extra info about the company itself. You can also find links to where this tea is available to purchase online.

Tea People Jasmine Green Tea at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Chinese green tea with jasmine blossoms
  • Flavour: Subtle sweet jasmine and mellow Chinese green tea

These jasmine pearls create a pleasant and smooth jasmine green tea. It’s not as verdant and bright as other jasmine green teas, but it is certainly worth brewing – I recommend using a glass teapot to watch the pearls unfurl.

pouch of tea people jasmine pearls

Full Review – Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Rolled pearls
  • Tea: Green tea, grown at 1500ft in Fujian, China
  • Additives: Jasmine blossoms
  • Flavour Notes: Light, smooth, slightly sweet, green tea, jasmine, fresh
  • Aroma: Sweetness, hay, perfume
  • Milk or Lemon: Neither
  • Where to Buy: Amazon UK or Tea People

I have a small sample of this tea, so I’m opening a paper packet rather than a metal tin. The initial aroma coming from these cute jasmine pearls is very subtle. I can detect a hint of sweetness and a touch of hay, but not much else.

Let’s see if some hot water can wake them up.

And… no. The aroma once brewed is still very subtle and gentle, with a hint more of jasmine perfume and a little sweetness. It’s pleasant, but not quite as strong as I’d like. When I take that first sip, it takes a few seconds for the flavour to develop.

Tea People Jasmine Pearls create a subtle and incredibly smooth cup of tea. The green tea base is naturally sweet, slightly grassy and very refreshing. Jasmine notes are very light and add a little brightness to the cup.

Overall, it’s a silky smooth cup of tea but I don’t feel like it has enough vibrancy to attain a rating above 4 stars. I have tasted jasmine teas (in loose leaf and pearl format) that have a much better flavour when using the same ingredients.

How to Brew Jasmine Pearls

To brew any green tea, use water that’s cooler than boiling. The sweet spot is around 80°C but Tea People recommend anywhere from 75°C to 85°C. I settled with 80°C for the purposes of this review.

Let the pearls steep for 2 to 3 minutes, watching them dance and unfurl in your water, then strain and enjoy. You can reuse the pearls several times throughout the day, brewing for a little longer each time.

I would definitely recommend brewing these pearls for 3 minutes or even longer – so long as you use water at the correct temperature, this should strengthen the flavour rather than producing bitterness.

Jasmine green tea doesn’t require any additional sweetener, lemon or milk. Enjoy with or after dinner to freshen up your palate.

Why Tea People?

Tea People are a British tea brand with a focus on ethical practices and sourcing high quality teas. These jasmine pearls are sourced from the Fujian region of China where they are grown at an altitude of 1500ft above sea level.

hand rolled jasmine tea pearls

Once the silvery leaf tips are picked, they are hand-rolled with jasmine blossoms to create these gorgeous pearls. I photographed the leaves before and after brewing, so you can get a sense of how they work. I highly recommend brewing any kind of loose leaf tea in glass teaware so you can admire the way the leaves react when doused in water.

green tea leaves in water

The pale tea that results from this blend is very subtle, but I can’t fault the quality of the leaves and jasmine blooms. It is just the nature of this tea. This is definitely a cup of tea to savour instead of gulping down in a rush.


Overall, this is a beautiful tea. Tea People Jasmine Pearls are wonderful to watch unfurl and make a great gift for anyone who enjoys jasmine tea. The flavour may be a little subtler than I’d like, but it’s so smooth and gently perfumed that it’s hard to complain.

You can find this tea on Amazon UK or by heading to Tea People’s official website.

jasmine green tea in a white teacup

Tea Recommendation

Jasmine green tea is a lightly caffeinated beverage – there’s around 20mg per cup of this tea. If you would prefer a caffeine-free tea, then take a look at my List of Herbal Teas. And for a stronger jasmine green tea, I recommend Whittard of Chelsea’s option.

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