Best Glass Teapot List (and Why You Should Own One)

hammered glass teapot

I firmly believe that every tea drinker should own at least one glass teapot. They’re elegant, perfect for brewing loose leaf tea, and aren’t as difficult to clean as most people think – almost all of the teapots on my list can go in the dishwasher. Unlike plastic tea brewers, they retain their sparkling clear colours and don’t leach microplastics into your beverages.

There are glass teapots across the internet and some look decidedly sturdier than others. So, I have compiled a list of glass teapots from reputable tea brands to ensure that the pot you buy will stand the test of time.

Discover my 10 favourite glass teapots below and head to the teaware shop at Immortal Wordsmith to buy some accessories to go alongside them.

10 Best Glass Teapots in the UK

These teapots have been selected based on their quality, availability in the UK, and my knowledge of teaware! Some of these teapots I have personally tried, while others have reached my radar through regular readers of our blog.

You can find links to all these teapots below. If you click one of these links and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This really helps us keep the blog running.

1. Whittard Pimlico Glass Teapot

whittard pimlico teapot
Image Credit: Whittard of Chelsea

This is my favourite glass teapot that I use regularly. It’s the perfect size for 2-3 cups, which is just right for an afternoon tea session by myself or with a friend. I also like that it comes with two different filters – you can pop your loose leaf tea directly in the glass teapot and filter the leaves at the spout, or you can remove the spout filter and use the metal chamber instead.

The quality is also superb. Unlike unbranded teapots, this one has the white ‘W’ on the base that indicates it is made by Whittard. They use borosilicate glass and the overall design is very elegant. You can sometimes find it on Amazon or Whittard’s website and read my full Pimlico Teapot Review here on the blog.

2. T2 Classier Glassier Teapot

t2 classier glassier teapot modern
Image Credit: T2

T2 may be an Australian brand, but they have a pretty big presence in the UK. Since the closure of their UK website, you’ll need to order from the Australian website and use the international shipping option. This teapot, their Classier Glassier teapot, holds 800ml of water which translates to 3 to 4 cups depending on your cup size. The filter is a stainless-steel inner chamber that can be removed once the loose leaf has finished infusing.

I love the size of this teapot and the drop-style handle on the lid. It makes it just a little bit different to the countless other glass teapots you can find online. The only downside is that the lid cannot go in the dishwasher – only the main glass teapot can.

3. Whittard Greenwich Teapot

the greenwich glass teapot by whittard of chelsea
Image Credit: Whittard of Chelsea

The Greenwich teapot by Whittard of Chelsea is great for small, fuss-free servings. The simple jug-like teapot has the same filter mechanism as a French press coffee brewer. Add your tea leaf and water to the pot and pop on the lid.

Attached to the lid is a mesh filter that prevents the tea leaves coming out as you pour. Unlike a French press, however, you can’t push this filter down to the bottom.

I really like this glass teapot for two reasons – it’s one of the easiest to use, and it’s one of the easiest to clean. The simple jar-like shape makes it much more compatible with your dishwasher and there’s no awkward spout shapes to get a sponge into.

4. T2 Twisted Rib Glass Teapot

t2 large glass teapot
Image Credit: T2

If you want to put on a show or are looking for a glass teapot that really stands out, this is my top choice. T2’s Twisted Rib Glass Teapot is made with borosilicate glass that shimmers with an array of colours when it catches the light. And, despite looking elegant and petite, this teapot has a capacity of 1.2 litres!

In the photo above, the light is really catching on the ribs and reflecting those colours – but it is in fact made of opaque glass and will allow you to see the tea within it. The filter is a simple removable stainless-steel chamber that hooks inside.

5. Teapro Cork Lid Teapot

teapro glass cork teapot
Image Credit: Teapro
  • Capacity: 1200ml
  • Filters: Spout spiral
  • Where to Buy: Teapro

Teapro are a small business in the UK. I was actually able to join their subscription service in the first year – you can read the first box review, White Tea, on the blog. Since then, they’ve launched a range of teas and teaware items including this glass teapot.

I love the cork lid on this teapot, especially the design. It’s as cute as a button! Holding 1200ml when full, this glass teapot is made from borosilicate glass and has a removable wire filter at the spout. The great thing about spout filters is that they allow you to watch your loose leaf tea unfurl inside the teapot. The only downside is that you cannot remove the tea leaves when they have brewed to the desired strength.

6. T2 Bee Moroccan Glass Teapot

t2 bee themed teapot borosilicate glass
Image Credit: T2

With a floral and bee-like hive design, T2’s Bee Moroccan Glass Teapot is beautiful! With gold colours rather than the usual silver, this teapot is warming and welcoming. It’s ideal for brewing iced tea in the summer (preferably Moroccan Mint Tea) or hot tea in the winter.

The capacity of this teapot is 1200ml, which is very generous. A small teacup holds between 200ml and 250ml, so you’re looking at around 5 to 6 cups total.

You must wash this teapot by hand. If you place it in the dishwasher, the beautiful design will wash away very quickly, leaving just a plain glass teapot.

7. Adagio Teas Petit Glass Teapot

adagio petit glass teapot
Image Credit: Adagio Teas

This is one of the smallest teapots you can find! Sold through Not On The High Street or Adagio Teas’ official website, their Petit Glass Teapot holds just 440ml and has a great rounded shape. I like that the lid seems more rotund than most designs, which gives it a more traditional feel unlike many of the modern glass teapots.

Handmade from tempered glass, this teapot can go in your dishwasher for easy cleaning. I always recommend hand-washing glass teaware if items tend to shift in your dishwasher. While it’s unlikely to shatter entirely, the teapot spout is particularly prone to chipping if it’s bashed around with your cups and plates.

8. VAHDAM Radiance Glass Teapot

vahdam radiance teapot with stainless steel infuser
Image Credit: VAHDAM
  • Capacity: 1000ml
  • Filters: Inner chamber
  • Where to Buy: Amazon UK

With roots in India and popularity in American (Oprah drinks VAHDAM, apparently), this brand is definitely on my radar. I really love the look of their Radiance glass teapot. The spout in particular is quite elegant, with more length than most other teapots on this list.

VAHDAM sell their tea as loose leaf or in large pyramid bags, so this teapot is perfect for watching those leaves unfurl. It is made from scratch-resistant borosilicate glass, has a total capacity of exactly 1 litre, and comes with a standard stainless-steel inner chamber that can be removed when your tea leaves have finished brewing.

9. Brew Tea Co. Glass Teapot for One

glass teapot for one
Image Credit: Brew Tea Co.
  • Capacity: 400ml
  • Filters: Lid filter
  • Where to Buy: Amazon UK

The Brew Tea Co. sell a range of loose leaf teas that I have been admiring for a while now. Their teaware is pretty special too. This yellow teapot is very unique and brings a splash of colour to the tea table.

With a French-press style design, like Whittard’s Greenwich Teapot, this glass brewer has a filter that’s built into the lid and will prevent leaves from entering your cup as you pour. It is also available in black, if yellow isn’t your colour.

The best place to buy this one is on Amazon for the speedy delivery.

10. Hario Chacha Kyusu-Maru Teapot

hario glass teapots
Image Credit: Hario
  • Capacity: 700ml
  • Filters: Inner chamber
  • Where to Buy: Amazon UK

Hario is a Japanese company that specialises in coffee equipment, but they also have a few teapots. Among them is the Chacha Kyusu-Maru, a small glass teapot with a 700ml capacity. This is ideal for 2 large mugs or 3 small teacups.

This teapot sits much closer to the table, rather than having a tall or round design. It’s very modern but not too over the top or edgy.

Although it is the last teapot on my list, it certainly isn’t the worst one you can buy. In fact, there seem to be hundreds of glass teapots from obscure brands littered across the internet. I highly recommend that you stick with one of the well-known brands on my list. These brands are either masters at tea already or are renowned for creating equipment for brewing beverages. There’s a much higher guarantee that your glass teapot will be excellent if you buy it from brands that care about tea preparation and drinking!

How to Brew Loose Leaf Teas in Teapots

Brewing loose leaf tea in teapots is pretty easy. Here’s how to do it, step by step.

  1. Check the instructions on the tea packet for how much loose leaf to use per cup. Multiply this by how many cups your teapot serves.
  2. Boil your kettle and pour a little water into your teapot. Swish it around to warm up the glass, then pour it out.
  3. Add your tea leaf into the teapot (spout infuser) or into the loose leaf chamber.
  4. Pour over boiling water to fill up your teapot, then let it steep for the desired amount of time.
  5. Pour your tea into the teacups and enjoy!

If your tea requires adding milk or sugar, do this in the individual teacups. Never put the milk and sugar into the teapot.

Also, don’t forget that loose leaf tea can be reused a couple of times. Simply pour in more water and let the tea steep for longer the second time around.

Using a Teapot Warmer

Glass teapots are compatible with candle teapot warmers, unless the brand specifically indicates that it is not. Typically, any borosilicate glass teapot that is fine to go in the dishwasher can also handle a teapot warmer.

Some glass teapots are also compatible with stove tops, but this isn’t as common – you definitely want to get the manufacturer to confirm that it is compatible before placing it on your stove.

For a simple candle teapot warmer, there are a few tips:

  • Make sure the teapot is already hot and full of tea before placing it on the teapot warmer,
  • Leave plenty of space between the teapot and the candle,
  • Never leave the candle unattended.
  • Don’t place a teapot cosy over the teapot when it is above a candle – the fabric can catch.

My favourite candle teapot warmers are the Ceramic Tealight Warmers we currently have in our shop at Immortal Wordsmith. Free delivery across the UK!

ceramic teapot warmers


Are glass teapots good?

Yes! Glass teapots are made from borosilicate glass, which can withstand boiling hot water and can even go in the dishwasher. These teapots tend to be scratch-resistant and stain-resistant too, which is ideal for making tea.

Can you put a glass teapot on the stove?

Most borosilicate glass teapots can go on a small candle warmer, however a few can also go on the stovetop depending on the type of stove you have. Check with the manufacturer before attempting to put your teapot on the stove.

What is the best glass teapot?

Any borosilicate glass teapot from a well-known tea brand is a good choice. In the UK, head to Whittard for classic shapes and T2 for something a little more adventurous.

How do you use a glass teapot?

Preheat the teapot with a little hot water, then add your loose leaf tea and fill the pot up. Let it brew for a few minutes, then pour out the tea or remove the tea leaf infuser.

How do glass tea infusers work?

Glass tea infusers that are 100% glass are usually made of an outer teapot and an inner compartment. Place your tea leaves in the inner compartment and pour in water – it will flow through the holes or slats. Once the tea has brewed, carefully remove the inner compartment so that the spent leaves filter out.

What is the best teapot for loose tea?

A glass borosilicate teapot is best for loose leaf tea, as it allows you to monitor how much your tea has brewed. Choose a teapot with a removable infuser basket (like Whittard’s Pimlico Teapot) for ease of use.

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