Tea Famille Snow on Green Jasmine Tea Review

Tea Famille Snow on Green Jasmine Tea Review

Jasmine green tea is one of my favourites and Tea Famille Snow on Green promises to be one of the best ever. I have reviewed several Tea Famille loose leaf teas on the blog now, even though this tea store is yet to launch. I was lucky enough to be sent some to review personally!

Snow on Green is a loose leaf green tea with whole jasmine blooms. It’s everything that a jasmine green tea should be and I’m really excited to share it with you. While some people believe that jasmine white tea is more delicate and superior to jasmine green tea, this tea blend will prove them wrong. It’s utterly delightful and I have no trouble recommending it to everyone I know.

Tea Famille Snow on Green at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Single origin Chinese green tea with whole jasmine flowers
  • Flavour: Mellow green tea with fragrant jasmine notes

This tea has an amazing freshness to it that’s hard to describe. You have to experience it for yourself! The green tea is mellow and the jasmine is fragrant. It’s almost perfect.

tea famille snow on green

Full Review – Jasmine Green Tea by Tea Famille

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Whole loose leaf
  • Tea: Chinese green tea
  • Additives: Jasmine blossoms
  • Flavour Notes: Mellow, green tea, jasmine, marigolds
  • Aroma: Fresh jasmine, perfume, sweet grass, complex floral notes, green tea
  • Milk or Lemon: Neither
  • Where to Buy: Tea Famille

Tea Famille sent me 4g sample packets to review and they do an amazing job at locking in the freshness of this tea. As soon as you open one, you’re hit with intense fresh grass and jasmine notes. It’s sweet and fragrant but quite powerful instead of light. It’s mouth-watering.

Once brewed into a clear-ish pale yellow tea, the aroma becomes far more complex. The floral notes diversify beyond jasmine and combine with the green scent of the tea.

The flavour is a little simpler, however. The green tea base is very warming and mellow rather than grassy. It has a pollen-like property that reminds me of the mellow flavours of chamomile or marigold. This creates a thick base to the tea, so the lighter jasmine notes can play on top.

And the jasmine is impossible to ignore. I find that with many jasmine green teas, the jasmine isn’t strong enough unless you really inhale and search for it. But that’s not the case with Tea Famille Snow on Green. You can tell that it’s a truly high-quality jasmine green tea that uses the best ingredients to create a supreme blend.

How to Brew Green Tea with Jasmine

Jasmine green tea is delicate and sweet, so you don’t want to brew this tea harshly. I used a western method, with 2g of loose leaf in 250ml of 80°C water for 2 minutes. With green teas, I usually recommend a 2–3-minute brew time.

You could also choose a gongfu tea method for this loose leaf.

Snow on Green is great to sip on its own, to enjoy the beautiful flavour notes. But it also makes a great accompaniment to any Asian food, particularly heavy Chinese dishes. It’s great with sweet and sour flavours to wash it down and refresh your palate.

Why Tea Famille?

I know very little about Tea Famille other than the fact that they have a wonderful range of green teas from China. They are single origin classics with beautiful flavours. You can tell that these are high-quality teas. In my photos, you can see that the green tea is made from the buds and tightly rolled first leaves of the tea plant, which is why this tea has a beautiful sweetness and fresh quality.

Tea Famille haven’t officially launched their website so getting your hands on this tea is a little difficult right now. You can always reach out to Tea Famille via Instagram if you’re desperate to try them. I highly recommend sipping Snow on Green if you ever get the chance. You can see from my photos that the quality is amazing, with whole leaf pieces and a generous number of jasmine flowers sprinkled throughout.


I highly recommend this tea. It scored 4.4 on my rating system, with full marks for aroma and flavour. The colour of the tea let it down a little (it’s not quite clear) and the texture was a little too thick – I like my jasmine green tea to be quite wet, watery and refreshing.

But those are just minor nit-picked problems that don’t really matter that much. Overall, this tea is absolutely stunning.

snow on green jasmine green tea

Tea Recommendation

I’m not sure what I can recommend after this tea! It’s one of the best ever, so where do you go from here? Go check out my Tea Review Index to find something similar or completely different. It’s the place where I log all the tea reviews completed here at Immortal Wordsmith.

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