Pukka Three Mint Tea Review

pukka three mint tea review

Two mint tea reviews in one week! It’s no surprise really. Refreshing mint tea is exactly what you need when the weather is too warm for a traditional cuppa but slightly too cool for an iced tea.

Pukka Three Mint tea is a medley of different mint plants:

  • Peppermint – typically very sweet and very strong menthol flavour. Think of candy canes.
  • Spearmint – this is the type you might find growing in your standard UK garden. It’s the mint used in your mojito.
  • Fieldmint – also known as wild mint. It has the same strong sweet and menthol notes as peppermint but has a much stronger aroma. It grows free in the wild!

Mint has a tonne of different health benefits thanks to the numerous antioxidants in the plant. I’ll dig a little deeper into those, but first, my Pukka Three Mint tea review is going to focus on the most important aspect – taste.

Pukka Mint Tea at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Peppermint, spearmint, and fieldmint
  • Flavour: Simple minty medley with sweet and menthol notes

A nice, minty blend for mint lovers. It’s very easy to drink as the balance of different mints prevents one type (usually peppermint) from overpowering everything. I enjoyed it.

pukka three mint teabags

Full Review - Pukka Three Mint

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Tagged paper filter tea bag
  • Ingredients: Peppermint leaf (34%), spearmint leaf (34%) and fieldmint leaf (32%)
  • Health Benefits: Ease digestion and stomach upset, freshen the breath and mouthfeel
  • Flavour Notes: Fresh mint, sweet, slightly thick, gentle menthol aftertaste
  • Aroma: Sweet and refreshing, predominantly peppermint aroma
  • Milk or Lemon: Lemon and/or honey
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

Opening the packet, Pukka Three Mint tea is not as strong as the PMD Peppermint leaves I reviewed a few days ago. It’s mostly a spearmint aroma, light and sweet. There’s a slight herby warmth to it too, and if you focus you can detect some menthol coolness on a deep inhale.

It brews into a dark brown, dusty colour with a tinge of green. It’s not pleasant to look at but the aroma makes up for that. The peppermint is emerging more, making it smell very sweet and refreshing. It’s an enticing aroma, rather than a medicinal toothpaste aroma.

The flavour doesn’t disappoint. It has some complexity to it with a warm minty body, sweetness on the tongue and menthol that pops up once you’re a few sips into the drink.

It’s pretty good! I’m enjoying it a lot, it’s very smooth and pleasant. The texture should also be noted – it’s slightly thick with bubbles holding shape at the edge of my cup. That thick mouthfeel is pleasant but I prefer my mint teas to be very watery, bright and light. This is verging on syrupy.

How to Brew Pukka Three Mint

The instructions on the tea packet would have me brew it for up to 15 minutes. No way! I poured freshly boiled water onto the tea bag and left it for 4 minutes. It was getting very dark by then and the minty strength was just right for my palate.

I would drink this mint tea after food, rather than with it. It’s refreshing and just like tic tacs, toothpaste, and imperial mints, it will skew the flavour of any food you eat after it.

dried mint leaves

Pukka Three Mint Tea Health Benefits

All three mints are great for digestive problems. If you’re experiencing IBS, pain, stomach upset and discomfort after eating, this tea could help ease that. The three mints also have some other unique health benefits that could be great for you:

  • Peppermint can relieve migraines and tension headaches.
  • Spearmint can help women balance their hormones better.
  • Wild mint could improve brain function.

All are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The menthol is also great for a sore throat, as it numbs the inflamed areas while you drink it.

Minty tea is very good for you! Read more about mint health benefits on Healthline.

Why Pukka Herbal Teas?

I’ve found Pukka to be very hit and miss. The blends that go easy on the liquorice and ginger are usually best, in my opinion.

The tea in the tea bag was very finely chopped, which is not a problem for an herbal tisane. But it does mean it will go stale quicker and infuse quickly in your cup compared to large leaf flakes or whole leaf tea. This is why I stopped at 4 minutes, rather than going on for 15.

All the ingredients are organically grown and certified by the Soil Association. The packaging is also entirely plastic-free, so it can all be recycled. Their website mentions this as if it’s a great achievement, but nearly all single sachet tea bag boxes (Twinings, Heath & Heather, Clipper, etc.) from the supermarket are like this too.

Nothing here to complain about. The quality is standard and exactly what you’d expect for the price.

Summary - Three Mint Tea

This is one of the best Pukka teas I’ve tried. If you like mint, like herbal tisanes, and like a little complexity rather than simple single-ingredient blends, you’ll enjoy Pukka Three Mint Tea. It’s affordable, easy to find and comes in boxes of 20 tea bags.

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