PMD Peppermint Leaves Tea Review

PMD peppermint tea review

It always surprises me how two identical herbal teas from different brands can taste so different. I first noticed it with my plain chamomile blends – one can be gentle and light while another musty and syrupy.

This peppermint leaves tea from PMD is just the same, with a gentle warmth that you usually only find with spearmint teas. If you enjoy sweet and warm minty teas, you’ll love this one.

PMD Peppermint Tea at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Pure peppermint leaves
  • Flavour: Warm and sweet fresh peppermint with low menthol

A very nice, aromatic and flavourful peppermint tea. A classic herbal tea of good quality. I’ve no trouble recommending this tea as a staple in your cupboard.

pmd peppermint teabag wrapper

Full Review - Peppermint Herbal Infusion

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Tagged pyramid tea sachet
  • Ingredients: Peppermint leaves
  • Health Benefits: Soothe digestion problems and upset stomachs
  • Flavour Notes: Sweet, warming, low menthol, fresh and slightly medicinal
  • Aroma: Subtle menthol with peppermint sweetness
  • Milk or Lemon: Lemon if desired
  • Where to Buy: PMD Official Website or search for peppermint tea on Amazon

The dry aroma was amazing for this tea, it permeated the room the second the wrapper was ripped open. It’s very strong, fresh and minty with that cooling menthol sensation in your nose and back of throat.

It brewed up a very clear (no dust particles to note) greeny brown colour. Not the most appetising colour but it suited this tisane.

The aroma changed after brewing, losing some of the menthol coolness and becoming sweeter and leaning towards spearmint aromas.

Taking a sip, I loved how warming it was. Not just because the water is hot, but there’s something warming about the actual mint flavour. It’s light and sweet with lower menthol than I expected. It tastes very fresh and slightly medicinal – but not strong enough to be unpleasant.

If you’re considering this tea for soothing an upset stomach or digestion problems (which peppermint is excellent for) then that slight medicinal edge can be comforting.

How to Brew Peppermint Tea

Freshly boiled water poured directly over the tea sachet and left to brew for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. If you wanted a stronger menthol flavour you could leave it in for 5 minutes or even longer. The trouble I find with super long brew times for herbal tisanes (I’ve seen some recommend 15 minutes) is that they cool too quickly and are lukewarm by the time you sip them.

Gently heating the tea in a small pan over the stove while it brews is a good solution.

I wouldn’t add any honey to this tea because it’s naturally sweet enough. Lemon could be added to bring a new, zesty dimension to it… but again, it’s not essential.

Peppermint tea in the evening or morning is perfect. It’s a good after-dinner tea for settling a large meal.

cup of peppermint herbal infusion

Peppermint Tea Health Benefits

Peppermint is rich in antioxidants and is a natural way to satisfy your sweet tooth. It can also:

  • Treat a cold.
  • Numb a sore throat.
  • Reduce a fever.
  • Soothe a migraine or tension headache.
  • Improve digestion.
  • Ease congestion.
  • Prevent nausea or stomach upset.

It’s not a miracle plant and if you’re very unwell then obviously, seek medical help! But if you’ve just got a minor headache, discomfort after a large meal or sore throat that’s distracting you, why not try a herbal tea before reaching into the medicine cabinet?

Why P.M.David Silva & Sons?

PMD are relatively unheard of, they’re not a huge tea brand in the tea world… but they care about quality and sourcing their teas. This peppermint blend is not chopped too finely (not that it matters so much with tisanes) and is all leaf.

There’s a sizeable amount of fresh and verdant leaf in the tea sachet, which I’m relieved to see after their Planters’ Earl Grey, which was an underfilled, weak-tasting tea sachet.

PMD is a UK based company with strong roots in Ceylon/Sri Lanka. There’s not really much more to say about them, other than that they have a good selection of popular herbal and classic teas for you to choose from.


I’d definitely recommend this peppermint tea. It’s warmer than many others that I’ve tried, with less menthol, which is what makes it stand apart from the rest of the crowd. If you want to enjoy a minty tea without that mouthwash feeling, this is an excellent choice.

peppermint tea review

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