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welcome to my blog blair shaw

Welcome to my blog, firstly I hope you enjoy what you read! Everything I write about is based on personal experience or knowledge. My blog will walk you through the many adventures I have had in the past and will have in the future. Crucially, I urge you to stay tuned for what is coming next to my Blair Shaw Blog!

Blair Shaw Blog – What’s it All About?

My blog will focus on a few key areas. My writing is based around the topics of travel, exploration and transport (including military).

I am, by nature, a technical person who has a wide range of experience in the subject matter I write about. I endeavour to bring you a hybrid of personal experiences and knowledge throughout our journey together, so that you too can make your own judgements and engage with us on Immortal Wordsmith.

One of the key areas I focus on is ships and submarines, as explained in the Travel, Urbex & Adventures page. I am a former merchant navy deck crewman serving on a variety of ships including royal fleet auxiliaries. I have travelled to many of the major places in the world and visited many museums and naval bases along the way. I’ve also met some very interesting people in my time including some of the most famous names in the modern naval world, such as Captain 1st rank Igor Kurdin and Rear Admiral Chris Parry.

My Professional Experience

Since leaving the merchant navy in 2006 I have had a few roles within the transport industry. I’ve travelled over land across Europe, but my next big adventure is yet to come and this time it is half a world away.

I currently work in a mixture of roles; I am both poacher and game keeper, and not only do I have expertise in transport management, but I also have a decade of professional driving behind me. Not only will you be able to read about my passion, but also the lifestyle, trials and tribulations on the road around the UK (I no longer do European work).

So, I hope that in the future you will engage with me as I travel, explore and bring you technical analysis as well as my personal thoughts on the subjects that matter to me most in life.

Blair Shaw

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