Ahmad Fruit Tea Selection Box Review

Ahmad Fruit Tea Selection Box Review

Over the past year I’ve been steadily working my way through my box of Ahmad teas. I now feel like an expert! So, if you’re interested in trying the Ahmad Fruit Tea Selection box, I’ve created a helpful guide you should read first.

In this article you’ll find everything you need to know about Ahmad Tea London’s fruit and black tea blends. Keep reading to find important tasting notes for each of the four teas included.

Everything You Need to Know About Ahmad Fruit Teas

Ahmad Tea London is a British tea company with an extensive range of teas. They’re super popular here in the UK and over in the USA. Here’s the key facts you need to know:

  • Ahmad Tea London have been blending tea since the 1980s in the UK.
  • They’ve been creating successful fruit tea blends for the past 20 years.
  • These fruit teas also contain black tea, so they’re not caffeine-free.
  • Ahmad source their black tea from East Africa.
  • You’ll find real fruit pieces and added flavouring in every tea blend.

This fruit selection box doesn’t include Blackcurrant Burst, Mango Magic, Apricot Sunrise, or Raspberry Indulgence. You can buy those separately!

ahmad fruit tea bags

Ahmad Fruit Teas

In the Ahmad Fruit Tea Selection Box, you get five individually wrapped tea bags of each flavour. Each teabag is filled with roughly one teaspoon of chopped and curled black African tea, plus flavourings and a scattering of natural ingredients.

These are the four teas that I reviewed from this box. You can find their individual reviews below and purchase them separately. For a link to the full fruit tea collection box with all four teas included, keep scrolling down to the very end.

Apple Refresh

ahmad tea apple refresh review
Izzy's Rating
  • Ingredients: Black tea, apple fruit pieces
  • What to Expect: A charming, pleasant and flavourful tea. But not a complex one.

This was one of the first Ahmad teas that I reviewed and it’s definitely one of the best, in my opinion. Even though the apple is slightly artificial tasting, it’s not overpowering. Notes of Granny Smith apples, sour apple sherbet, and sweet apple laces mix together with a bold black tea base. A very well-balanced tea. While it’s not complex or extravagant, it is easy to drink and hard not to like!

Don’t be put off by how dark the tea colour is in my images – you don’t need to add milk, although perhaps a teaspoon of sugar would be nice if you have a very sweet tooth.

Peach & Passion Fruit

Ahmad Tea Peach & Passionfruit Tea Review
Izzy's Rating
  • Ingredients: Black tea, peach, passionfruit, flavouring
  • What to Expect: A wonderfully juicy aroma but rather generic

This tea is smooth, sweet and has tasty tropical notes. However, the black tea is quite light and doesn’t bring much to the cup. I also struggled to define peach and passionfruit from the generically tropical flavouring.

So, while this is a nice tea to drink, it didn’t receive a very high score as it just didn’t live up to my expectations. If you want a nice tropical tea, buy this one. If you want a distinctly peachy or passionfruit flavoured tea, keep looking.

I definitely recommend using this tea for baking, so it imparts some of that delicious fragrance. For drinking, try adding a teaspoon of honey to draw out the flavours.

Strawberry Sensation

Ahmad Tea Strawberry Sensation Review
Izzy's Rating
  • Ingredients: Black tea, strawberry, flavouring
  • What to Expect: Bitter black tea with sweet strawberry notes

The key to drinking this tea is to use cold brew methods! A long, slow infusion in the fridge curbs the bitterness of the black tea and draws out more of the strawberry notes. The strawberry is closer to fake strawberry flavouring than natural strawberry pieces, but it’s not unpleasant.

You’ll enjoy this one most in the summer months, sipped alongside fresh fruit or little cakes during afternoon tea. Like most of Ahmad’s black teas, it is very dark in nature. But don’t add milk! A teaspoon of honey is especially nice in this strawberry black tea blend.

Lemon & Lime Twist

Ahmad Tea Lemon & Lime Twist Tea Review
Izzy's Rating
  • Ingredients: Black tea, lemon peel, lime peel, flavouring
  • What to Expect: A strong and bitter black tea with distinct citrus notes

Last but certainly not least is Ahmad Lemon and Lime Twist. This was the tea I was looking forward to most in the Ahmad Fruit Selection box. While it’s not as refreshing as I’d hoped, it is certainly flavourful.

Ahmad rely on their usual strong and bold African black tea (which makes it heavy rather than refreshing as you’d expect) with bitter and sharp notes from lemon and lime peel.

I’m super glad that the flavouring Ahmad use in this one isn’t overly sweet. This means you have more control over the sweetness as you gradually add sugar or honey.

Where to Buy the Ahmad Fruit Tea Selection Box

Overall, Lemon and Lime Twist was my favourite from this box… but I’d be lying if I said I don’t plan to drink them all! Please don’t be put off by the low scores they’ve received. After all, I’m scoring them against some fabulous loose leaf single origin teas I’ve tried this year.

But to be completely fair to Ahmad Tea London, their Fruit Selection Box is a winner. For the price, you get 4 tasty black teas with fruit flavourings that you certainly can’t call bland!

I recommend buying this box set for the summer months or as a gift to a tea lover. Find it on Amazon using the button below.

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