Tea Musketeers Badger Brew Tea Review

Tea Musketeers Badger Brew Tea Review

Another Monday, and another tea review is ready for you. This week, I’m exploring another delicious tea blend created by the masterful tea lovers at Tea Musketeers. The awesome Oregon-based tea brand gifted me a small sample of this tea and I absolutely love it.

It’s a black tea blend flavoured with candied ginger and vanilla flavours. Sweet, spicy, bold and rich. It’s a real treat to drink this tea and I think you’ll love it too.

In my full review, find out how I brew it, how best to drink it, and where you can buy it online.

Tea Musketeers Badger Brew at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Black tea with vanilla and candied ginger
  • Flavour: Smooth black tea with vanilla syrup and ginger spice

One of the best things I love about this tea is that the black tea base is strong and bold – it’s the first flavour you detect. Vanilla rushes in after to coat your tongue in sweetness and ginger spice grows with every sip. It’s utterly indulgent.

badger brew loose leaf tea pouch

Full Review - Vanilla Ginger Black Tea

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Loose leaf
  • Tea: Black tea
  • Additives: Vanilla, candied ginger
  • Flavour Notes: Smooth black tea, vanilla syrup, candied ginger, ginger spice
  • Aroma: Rich vanilla, syrup, tannins, ginger fire
  • Milk or Lemon: Neither
  • Where to Buy: Tea Musketeers Official Website (US Only)

I’ve got the sample packet size from Tea Musketeers and the fact that they’re resealable is awesome. It means that every time you open the packet, the tea smells fresh and brand-new again. Badger Brew has really rich vanilla notes coming from the dry leaves. It doesn’t seem watered down or fake – it’s like real vanilla pods doused in syrup. There’s also a whiff of bold tannins from the black tea base.

This tea brews lightly into a very pale, clear caramel amber colour. You can try this tea cold-brewed, but for testing purposes, I’m starting with it brewed hot. The steam that swirls from my cup is syrupy sweet with vanilla but it also has some fire. Ginger spice catches in my nose and almost makes me want to sneeze!

Oh, the flavour. It’s so good. Nice, smooth and bold black tea notes hit you first, creating a lovely comforting flavour. But a few seconds later, vanilla sweeps over your tongue with rich sweetness and little tingles of ginger spice play around in your mouth. With every sip you take, the ginger and vanilla builds in strength.

The texture of the tea is silky and smooth. Overall, it feels invigorating from the ginger and luxurious from the vanilla. A lovely afternoon treat.

How to Brew Badger Brew

You can brew this one hot, like I have, or cold brew it.

Hot: add 2g of Badger Brew leaf to your cup, add 200ml of boiling water to your cup, let it steep for 3 minutes.

Cold: add 4g of Badger Brew per cup to a pitcher or large glass, add cold water, let it steep in your fridge for at least 12 hours. You need to plan cold brew tea methods in advance, so make it the night before.

However you brew this tea, it’s too light to add milk and too naturally sweet to add sugar. In fact, you may find that you don’t need any snacks while you drink it either, as it’s so luxurious.

Why Tea Musketeers Oregon Tea?

Tea Musketeers approached me about reviewing some of their tea blends and I was only too happy to help. They all sound absolutely delicious. You can see from my photography that the tea leaf is of a high quality. It’s unbroken and the flavouring pieces are large and generous.

ginger vanilla black tea

This brand is all about creating luxury teas that are a real treat to try. But there’s a personal touch too. Badger Brew is named after the tea shop owners’ Australian Cattle Dog, named badger.

Furthermore, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Badger Brew are donated to Journey Home Rescue, which is where Badger was adopted from.


There’s a beautiful story behind this tea and it’s made with high-quality ingredients. But what’s most important is how this tea tastes. And it’s amazing. I highly recommend you take a look at Tea Musketeers if you’re located in the US. They currently ship their delicious loose leaf teas across the states.

Buy directly from their website using the button below or link above.

tea musketeers badger brew

Tea Recommendation

I’ve reviewed a few vanilla teas in my time. Vanilla and black tea is a classic combination, but I’ve found vanilla and rooibos to be an amazing combination too. Head to my Tea Review Index to find a list of all my teas that contain vanilla and/or ginger.

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