How to Create a Hamper Gift for a Tea Lover

how to create tea hamper gifts for tea lovers

I love receiving hampers, but I also love receiving sentimental and thoughtful gifts. Thankfully, taking the time to create a personal hamper for a loved one is an excellent way to deliver something sentimental and valuable at the same time.

For my tea hamper guide, I am drawing inspiration from Devon Hampers! I am a huge fan of their Afternoon Tea Hampers which are full of sweet treats as well as luxury teas. I recommend having a look if you are short on time – if you tap my links and decide to make a purchase, I might receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps us keep the blog running at Immortal Wordsmith.

Create a Tea Hamper in 5 Steps

When it comes to making your own hamper, it is super simple. All the components you need are available on Amazon, or you can put a little more effort into it and shop for items on different websites. I have included links to my recommendations below.

1. Choose a Hamper, Box or Basket

empty hampers and baskets
Image credit: Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash

Selecting a hamper, box or basket is the first step. I recommend erring on the side of caution by selecting a hamper that’s smaller than what you think you need. A hamper that’s stacked full or overflowing looks so much better than a hamper that’s full of spaces. Don’t worry if the lid won’t close!

If you aren’t sure of a theme yet (that’s the next step) then I recommend a simple hamper like the Plain Kraft Baskets. You can fill them up and then wrap around it with clear plastic or even a nice tablecloth.

2. Pick a Theme

Hampstead Earl Grey Tea Review
Hampstead’s teas are great for creating themes based around a single colour!

Next, pick a theme. Here are some of my favourite ideas:

  • Afternoon tea
  • Picnic tea session
  • Evening relaxation
  • Breakfast teas
  • Herbal tea exploration

Once you find a theme, choosing the items to go in the hamper is really easy. Trying to select products without a theme can be overwhelming. Trust me, there are thousands of options that could go into your tea hamper.

If you are struggling to decide on a theme, you can think about the time of year the event is in. For example, a November birthday tea hamper would be a great time for a ‘winter warmer’ hamper, with cosy teas, hand warmers, and a thermal flask.

3. Choose Tea Options

t2 cube melbourne breakfast
T2’s tea cubes are cute and ideal for tea hampers.

With your theme in mind, it is time to select teas to go in the box. This should be the bread and butter of your box. Many pre-made hampers stuff the basket with biscuits, accessories, and other additions. But for a true tea lover, it needs to be all about the tea.

In the UK, my favourite places to shop for high-quality tea are:

  • Whittard of Chelsea – their selection of tea gifts is great for hampers, including mini caddies. They also have a range of pre-made hampers, but these are pricey!
  • New English Teas – this company so many great gifts. Their tea is tasty and packaged in some of the best tins and caddies I have ever seen. I love their Alice in Wonderland line.
  • Bird & Blend Tea – a smaller UK company that sells some super unusual tea blends, including teas inspired by biscuits. Jaffa Cakes, Custard Creams and Chocolate Digestives!

I have selected these shops based on their products. They make ideal gifts that are not too expensive but also high-quality. If you want something better than the supermarket tea selection, go for these.

As for how many teas you should buy, this really depends on the size of your hamper. You’ll want at least 50% of your hamper to be tea. So, if you want two or three accessories or tea-themed gifts, opt for two or three different teas.

4. Add Tea Accessories

cat mugs are great for tea hamper gifts
These emoji cat mugs are in the IW shop!

Tea is nice, but it doesn’t last forever. Once the tea has been consumed, you will want to make sure there is something in your tea lover gift hamper that reminds the recipient of you. That’s where tea accessories jump in.

In my article Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers, I have several tea collections and tea accessories that make excellent gifts. This includes a selection of gifts under £10, if you are on a budget.

Some ideas include:

  • Tea-ware – we have some stunning hand-crafted items in our shop at Immortal Wordsmith, just keep in mind our delivery is run by snails.
  • Tea-themed home décor – from fridge magnets to posters and lampshades. You can find an unusual assortment of items in this article.
  • Biscuits and sweet treats – I don’t currently have an article recommending these, but I’ve had my eye on the beautifully decorated biscuits from Biscuit Village for a while.

Depending on your theme, you can go far afield. For example, an herbal tea themed box might be nice with a flower press, some essential oils, or even wildflower seeds. If you have gone for an Earl Grey theme, you could try Earl Grey Lip Balm or this premium Earl Grey and Cucumber Soy Candle.

5. Final Touches for Your Tea Hamper Gift

packaging up a hamper gift for a tea lover
Image credit: Annie Spratt via Unsplash

With your tea and accessories assembled, it is time to put the final touches on. You’ll need a card, of course. You will also benefit from some kind of padding material in the hamper itself to hold the items in place:

  • Tissue paper or even newspaper (depending on your theme),
  • Shredded crinkle paper,
  • Cloth – napkins, a cotton or silk scarf, or even a tablecloth. This is a nice way to add an additional gift and reduce packaging waste.

I also recommend tying a ribbon around the hamper. This is super useful if you have overfilled and can’t get the lid to stay closed!

And that is my guide to building a hamper gift for tea lovers. Many tea brands offer pre-made hampers, if you are short on time, but I do really recommend my affiliate pal Devon Hampers. They allow you to add personalised messages and even build a hamper on their website to make it truly unique. If you try their gifts, please let me know how it goes in the comments below.

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