Top 13 Quirky Gifts for Tea Lovers UK

chocolate and tea gifts for tea lovers

Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or “just because” gift, tea lovers always love receiving tea… so long as it’s the type of tea they like! With endless types of teas and numerous tea brands, how do you know if it’s the kind of tea they like?

This is where I can help. I am a tea lover!

I’ve researched and found 13 tea gifts that any tea lover would be happy to unwrap. It includes tea ware, tea-themed gifts, and tea sets that will definitely contain at least one tea type that will make your recipient smile.

All of these gifts are available in the UK, and I’ve tried to stick with familiar brands to support British businesses.

Psst. I’ve recently opened a tea-ware shop right here at Immortal Wordsmith! You can find a range of tea-ware items that I personally recommend, with free shipping to all UK addresses.

The Best Gifts of Tea

Just a reminder before we dig in – always check the returns policy and shipping policy. Most of these gifts ship from within the UK, but others come from abroad. You don’t want your gifts for tea lovers to arrive late!

3-Month Tea Club Gift Voucher by BRUU Gourmet Tea

bruu subscription tea gift
  • Great for: Any tea lover who’s too fussy for just one tea!
  • Price range: $$

I have tried and tested a BRUU subscription box and I was mightily impressed by what I received. You can read the full BRUU subscription tea review on the blog. But just one month doesn’t make for a great gift. 3 months? Yes, that should do it. This 3-Month Tea Club Gift Voucher will be an amazing gift. Each month they will send out a box containing over 40 cups worth of tea, plus sneak treats too. My box had chocolate in it as well as tea!!!

If you wish to gift more than 3 months, BRUU has options for a 6-month subscription and 12-month subscription too. When you purchase a gift subscription, they’ll email you the gift voucher and you can send it to the lucky recipient yourself. The best thing about that? No wrapping.

Psst. You can get an extra 15% off by using my BRUU discount code IzzyBRUU

Happy Cat Tea Set

pink cat tea set
  • Great for: cat lovers who also love hosting afternoon tea
  • Price range: $$

I can’t tell you how excited I am to offer my own range of recommend teaware items! I hand-selected this cat-themed teapot and teacup set because it’s stylish, well-made, and makes an excellent gift. It’s available in pink or black, so don’t worry if the tea lover in your life isn’t a girly girl.

The pot holds 600ml of tea and comes with 4 cups, each holding 120ml. It’s all ceramic and comes with a stainless-steel filter built in, so it’s compatible with any of the loose leaf teas I’ve recommended on the blog. You can find this adorable cat-themed tea gift in the Immortal Wordsmith shop.

Whittard’s Best Tea Lovers Gift

whittard tea gift set
  • Great for: Anyone who loves biscuits and a cuppa
  • Price range: $$

The Whittard Best of British Gift Box contains 3x mini caddies of Piccadilly Blend, Chelsea Breakfast, and Covent Garden Blend. It also has a tea infuser (so it’s safe to give to someone who hasn’t brewed loose leaf tea before) and all-butter chocolate chip shortbread biscuits.

It’s a really nice British themed gift set that works for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

If you know that your tea lover is a fan of a specific tea type, then Whittard also do gift sets that I recommend. Check out the English Breakfast Gift Set and Earl Grey Gift Set.

Loose Leaf and Mug Tea Strainer

Loose Leaf and Mug Tea Strainer
  • Great for: Teabag drinkers who want to try loose leaf
  • Price range: $

The Wee Tea Company are a new brand to me, but they’re pretty awesome. They’re actually Scottish! Their Mug Infuser & Loose Tea Gift Set is a really great idea. If you know someone who loves a cuppa but doesn’t know how to expand into loose tea and specialty teas, this can help. It contains a mug infuser (compatible with any mug) and 1 box of tea.

I really like that you can pick which tea type it comes with. Play it safe with Breakfast Tea or Mighty Chai, or you can go for something a little crazy like Rhubarb Rooibos.

Twinings’ Tea Lovers Gift Set

bee happy hamper
  • Great for: an amazing afternoon tea session
  • Price range: $$$

The Twinings Bee Happy Hamper is such a cute gift and it’s great for big events like birthdays. The 20-inch wicker hamper contains 4 teas – Everyday, English Breakfast, Lady Grey and Assam. But the real star of this gift is the tea ware. 4 mugs, a sugar pot, a milk jug, and a teabag tidy are all made with the bee happy theme.

It’s so adorable!

Personally, I think this tea gift would better suit and older tea fan. For the granny that loves an afternoon tea with her friends, this is the ultimate gift.

Tea-Themed Art Print

Tea-Themed Art Print
  • Great for: The home décor lover who’s always on Pinterest
  • Price range: $

I am a huge fan of this kind of wall art. I actually have a trio of tea-themed quotes framed on my walls at home. They look fantastic with a modern and minimalistic décor theme!

This Mansfield Park Quote Art Print is a great small gift for a tea lover. The print is sold in a handmade wooden frame, but it doesn’t have any glass in it. This allows you to actually see and feel the texture of the paper (that’s a real book page behind the print) and it ensures that it won’t smash to pieces during delivery.

Taylors of Harrogate Gift Set of Tea

Taylors of Harrogate Gift Set of Tea
  • Great for: When they don’t know what they want
  • Price range: $

This is one of the most affordable tea gifts on the list, and also one of the best. I’ve only reviewed one Taylors of Harrogate tea officially on the blog, but after 3 years it’s still one of my most highly rated cuppas.

So, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Assorted Speciality Teas Selection Box as a gift for anyone who likes tea. It’s available to buy on Amazon, so you know that delivery is going to be quick and easy to sort out.

Really Cute Glass Teapot and Loose Leaf Gift

rare tea company gift
  • Great for: Tea lovers that like to slow down and sip
  • Price range: $$

The Rare Tea Company are an exceptional tea brand (currently available on Not On The High Street) that sell gorgeous loose leaf teas from all around the world. In this gift set, you get a glass teapot that’s designed to withstand boiling water temperatures, as well as an elegant tea strainer and a 50g tin of single estate lost Malawi English Breakfast tea.

A percentage of profits made by The Rare Tea Company are donated to charity as well, so this is gift that goes the extra mile to make the world a better place. What’s not to love?

Chocolate and Tea Gift Boxes

chocolate and tea gifts for tea lovers
  • Great for: Anyone with a sweet tooth
  • Price range: $

Chocolate and tea is such a great pairing (I’ve actually got a whole guide to this food pairing in the works) and it makes a lovely gift. The Chocolate and Tea Catch Up Gift Set by Lucocoa Chocolate contains 4 teabags by Good and Proper, plus 4 chocolate bars.

This is luxury chocolate, by the way. It’s sourced from the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Belize. Only one bar of chocolate is milk chocolate, while the others are dark chocolate. But don’t let that put you off – whatever your tea lover doesn’t eat, they can easily bake with instead.

All The Snacks for Afternoon Tea

All The Snacks for Afternoon Tea
  • Great for: A summer birthday party or picnic
  • Price range: $$$

Okay, so I’m salivating just looking at the photos for this awesome gift for tea lovers. It doesn’t actually contain any tea, so if your tea-loving friend is already swamped with teas to drink, this is a great option.

The ‘Cuppa Rosie’ Homemade Afternoon Tea Hamper is made by Mother Supper. It contains a range of savoury and sweet foods that go great with a cup of tea, and it’s sent in a lovely hamper box.

There’s a veggie version too, but bear in mind that it’s not suitable for vegans and still contains numerous allergens (gluten, milk, sesame, etc.).

Peter Rabbit Gift Set

peter rabbit tea gift set
  • Great for: Anyone who loves Peter Rabbit and novelty gifts
  • Price range: $$

New English Teas are the best tea company around if you want cute tea tins, caddies, and authentic licensed designs. From Alice in Wonderland to Peter Rabbit, you can find some heartwarming gifts on their official website. My top choice is this large tea caddy (it holds 240 teabags of New English Teas’ everyday blend) which comes with a stuffed Peter Rabbit toy.

If you need a gift that has a generous pinch of whimsy, or a collectible gift that will be held onto for years, then New English Teas have got your back. While they do sell a lot of royalty and British-themed items aimed at tourists, I discovered in my tea reviews that their loose leaf actually holds up to a pretty good standard.

Teapro Journey Tea Subscription Gift

teapro tea gift subscription
  • Great for: Tea explorers and adventurers
  • Price range: $ to $$$

Some people love to browse the shelves of herbal teas and cool blends at the supermarket, but this gift will expand their horizons and help them discover some delicious and high-quality teas that can’t be found at Tesco! Teapro’s Journey Tea Subscription allows you to gift 1, 3, 6 or 12 months of subscription boxes to your friend or family member.

In each box, the recipient gets to explore a world of tea, with helpful educational guides and even some gorgeous teaware along the way. I have reviewed all of the Teapro boxes on the website (including a yummy rooibos subscription box) so check those out if you are unsure!

Scandinavian Block Coloured Teacup and Saucer Set

  • Great for: modern tea and coffee drinkers who love home decor too
  • Price range: $

Eek! It’s another product that I’m selling in my teaware shop! This is a ceramic, hand-crafted and painted teacup. It comes with a matching saucer and has this amazing lined texture to it. If you know someone who loves a minimalist or Scandinavian decor theme with a splash of colour, it’s a perfect gift for them.

I’ve got these teacup and saucer gifts available in blue, yellow, pink, green or red. Each cup holds approximately 200ml, so they’re quite small and dainty. I’ve currently got a free UK shipping offer on, so why not buy a couple as a gift? Find the Scandinavian teacups in my shop.

Under £10 Stocking Fillers

tea stocking fillers

Most of my gifts so far have been between £10 and £50 – although those prices will change over time, so don’t take my word for it. If that’s a little too high for you, then check out these smaller gifts all under £10. They’re great as tea stocking fillers!

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