Best Places to Buy Tea-Themed Home Decor

21 matcha paint

If you are ready to take your love for tea to the next level, then this is the place to be. While there isn’t technically one place that sells only tea-themed home decor, there are plenty of places that have the odd gem.

So that’s what this article is. A tea-themed décor catalogue. Basically, a really long list of décor items that you might like! All are available with UK shipping.

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Let’s kick things off with some simple ornaments that will look cool on your shelves or dotted around your home.

Tea Fridge Magnet

1 fridge magnet

Given enough tea, I could rule the world. Nothing says it better than this fridge magnet by Of Life & Lemons on Not On The High Street.

Cream Tea Baubles

2 baubles

So cute! I love that these baubles don’t just need to come out for Christmas. Curated by bombki, they were initially designed for Fortnum & Mason!

Tea-Themed Art Prints and Framed Quotes

How about something tea-themed to hang on the walls?

A Cup of Tea and a Messy Bed

3 messy bed print

Hang this simple typography print above your bed. It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy a cuppa in bed, or “forget” to tidy up the sheets in the morning.

Didn’t You Know That Rabbits Love Tea?

4 rabbit drinking tea

FabFunky home décor prints this lovely illustration on a real book page that’s almost 200 years old, to create this wall art.

But First, Tea

5 but first tea

Head in t’Clouds handwrite this beautiful script on natural unbleached cotton. They can even add custom wording, to make this tea home décor even more special.

For The Bad Days

6 multiple cups

When life is getting you down, or work is super stressful, take a break and admire this wall sign over a great cup of tea.

You Are My Cup of Tea

7 my cup of tea

This wall print would make a wonderful gift for the tea lover in your life! Home décor is not just the only gift, however. Read my guide to quirky gifts for tea lovers in the UK too.

Scandi Home Décor Theme

8 scandi teapot

If you love that clean and cosy Scandinavian décor scheme in your home, this personalised tea art print will fit right in.

Neon Light Sign

9 neon light sign

Looking for something different? Something that will really stand out? Take a look at this neon tea-themed light sign by Little Rae.

A Burst of Colour

10 cup of tea print

I really love this colourful cup of tea print! It’s certainly on my list of most loved tea-themed home decor items.

Stacked Cups Print

11 stacked cups

Another Scandi tea print! This is a really subtle and refined print by Wink Design. It works for coffee lovers as well as tea lovers.

Gold Foil Art Print

12 gold foil

Ooooh, shiny! The gold foil cup of tea art print by Woah there Pickle is a really sweet addition to any gallery wall of photo frames.

Designer Screen Print

13 st pauls

‘St Pauls’ original screen print is a masterpiece by Katie Edwards! It features the cathedral as a teapot, which is really unique. Wouldn’t this look amazing in your home?

Clocks, Vases, Planters and Candles

Here I’ve gathered together a range of items that are all great for shelves, windowsills, lonely tables and empty cabinets that need sprucing up with tea themed home décor.

Retro Coffee & Tea Tins

14 retro tins

The Best Room has styled these tins as succulent holders, but you could really use them for anything. Having retro tins around your home is really useful for holding all your knick-knacks.

Teatime Clock

wooden clock on lap

Countdown to tea time with this handmade wooden clock. I love that it’s crafted in the UK – you’re supporting a British business by purchasing this item.

Green Tea Candle

15 green tea candle

A candle that’s scented as a delicious T2 blend? Yes, please! I really love the glass jar that the Classics Green Rose Tea-Inspired Candle comes in.

An Actual Tea Plant!

16 tea plant

This one is another great gift… for yourself! You can actually grow a tea plant in a teacup-shaped pot. The Camellia sinensis plant will thrive indoors.

Teapot Kitchen Clock

17 teapot clock

FSC certified birch is used to create this gorgeous stained wooden teapot clock. It’s designed for the kitchen, but you could hang it anywhere.

An Earl Grey

18 grey planter

There are some great vibes coming from this Vintage Grey Scalloped Tea Cup Planter! It’s durable enough to live outside, but I would personally grow herbs in it on my windowsill.

Teacup Tealights

19 tealight holders

These porcelain tealight holders are really sweet and would look lovely in the bedroom or in the bathroom, for romantic moments.

Wicker Basket Planter

woven teacup planter

This teacup shaped plant holder is hand-woven and has a waterproof plastic lining, so you can grow plants directly inside it.

A Huge Planter!

20 large plant holder

So far, our teacup-shaped pot plants are all quite small. But this hard-wearing plastic planter is huge! It was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Wallpaper, Rugs and Mats

Take the tea-theme up a level, why not.

Matcha Coloured Wall Paint

21 matcha paint

A zesty green shade with yellow undertones, just like a frothy cup of matcha. This vivid green matcha-inspired paint could be just what your home needs.

Teatime Doodles

22 colourful wallpaper

I love how colourful this tea-themed wallpaper is! It would look great in the nursery or the kitchen, with bright-coloured furnishings too.

Afternoon Tea Wallpaper

23 pink wallpaper

Elegant and a bit quirky, this is another great afternoon tea wallpaper design. I think it would be perfect for a bathroom in this pale pastel pink shade.


These little trinkets and treasures will look amazing in your home.

Ashley Thomas Coasters

24 bird coasters

A set of 4 coasters to balance those hot cups of tea on! Sold through Twinings, these tea-themed coasters are designed by Ashley Thomas.

Teapot Spout Hooks

25 spout hooks

How cute are these teapot hooks! They’ll look great in the kitchen or the hallway to hang your jackets and coats on. Secure it to the wall via the sticky pad or screw hole.

Tea Party Bunting

26 tea party bunting

Great for special occasions or just whenever you need cheering up. This tea party bunting runs 3m across any wall in your home.

Giant Teacup Stool

27 teacup stool

This cute teacup stool is available in 10 colours and is really unique! Use it as a side table or stool anywhere in your home.

Tea Truths Coasters

28 tea truths

Oh, how true this is! If you like your cup of tea with a splash of humour, then these tea coasters deserve a spot on your coffee table.

Personalised Cushion Cover

29 cushion cover

A super sweet embroidered velvet cushion cover! What I really love about this tea cushion cover is that it can be personalised with any name.

You Old Bag!

30 old bag saucer

Put your wet teabags on this little saucer until they’re dry enough to go in the food bin. It’s really cute and very functional.

Want to Add Your Products?

I would love to feature more home décor items on my list. If you own a company that sells a tea-themed item, then get in touch! Use the form on our Contact Us page, or drop me a message via Instagram @izzysden.

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