10 Cosy Video Games to Play this Autumn

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The weather has officially turned, nature is putting on a show, and the air feels crisp. So we should all stay inside and play cosy video games, right? While I’m a huge nature lover and can’t go a day without a walk outside, there’s something magical about being inside when the weather is cold and rainy.

Pull out your blankets, brew a hot cup of masala chai, light a few candles, and get stuck into these cosy video games for the autumn months. These 10 games are my personal choices, so they’re mostly indie games that won’t take more than a few afternoons to complete (unless you’re like me and want to get 100% everything).

If you are looking for a more substantial video game this autumn, Jon has written a great no-spoilers review of Cyberpunk 2077. Get stuck in before the Phantom Liberty expansion that was just released!

1. Death’s Door

death's door video game

Death’s Door is a perfect game to play in October as we get closer to Halloween. The premise is this: you’re an honest, hard-working crow that reaps the souls of the dead. When one soul gets stolen, you are launched on an action-adventure journey to track it down.

Although this game is combat based, it’s by no means too difficult and there’s also a lot of exploration and collection elements to keep you occupied. The graphic theme and the soundtrack add to the autumnal vibes while the characters are oddly heartwarming (for being monster-slaying crows).

You can find it on Amazon for Switch and PlayStation 5. I played it through Xbox Game Pass, so check the store if you can’t find it for free.

2. Forager

forager screenshot

If you’ve come from the world of Minecraft, got tired of Stardew Valley, or don’t want to replay Legend of Zelda this autumn, then my next recommendation is Forager. This is a sandbox game with exploration at the forefront. There’s a lot of gathering, crafting and organising, depending on which path you choose to follow.

Forager is great for killing a few rainy afternoons and the premise of building a base and expanding into more land was fun. Although it’s an idle game, there’s a lot of upkeep involved if you want to keep everything neat. If you want something cute and 2D to play, with no real plot, then Forager could be for you.

Again, I picked up this title through Xbox Game Pass, but it’s also on Amazon for the Switch and PlayStation 4.

3. Fe

fe cosy video game

Fe really tugged on my heartstrings. This adventure puzzle-type game has staggeringly beautiful stylised graphics and music. The way the animals call to each other and interact with the world really makes this game special. But things do get lost in translation, which I sense may be the point.

With little to no instructions from the game, you wander through by trial and error. You pick things up as you go, stumble onto puzzles, get lost, and try to restore the forest home you came from. Although it’s not a combat game in the way Death’s Door is, it does have a designated ‘bad guy’ and a storyline to follow. The controls can be frustrating at times, especially when the game gives no clue as to what you should be doing, but the overall experience is unforgettable. I am a huge fan!

Fe is an EA game so it’s available on the EA App, Xbox, PlayStation and Steam. One of the best cosy video games!

4. The Wild at Heart

the wild at heart

Wandering deep into the forest was never so much fun! The Wild at Heart is a magical story puzzle type game where you use these cute spritelings to move around, overcome obstacles, and defeat the occasional enemy. These little spritelings are very cute and remind me a little of Princess Mononoke’s Kodama tree spirits. Equally adorable but more adaptable.

The game starts by introducing two runaways as the main human characters. But the story isn’t too deep and is actually pretty short. In comparison to Fe, Death’s Door, and Ori (see below) it’s a bitesize game for an autumnal weekend. The outdoorsy forest vibes of the game certainly play well into that.

You can find The Wild at Heart for Switch and PlayStation 4 on Amazon, or find it in the Xbox store.

5. Potion Craft

potion craft video game review

Next on my list of cosy video games is Potion Craft. As I fully explored in my Potion Craft video game review, this game is all about collecting ingredients and mixing potions for your customers. It does have levels and difficult potions to craft, giving the game some challenges to complete – this kills the monotony of the game and keeps it interesting for hours and hours.

What I really love about Potion Craft, besides the calming music and medieval graphics, is that it has a slow pace. You can go as fast or slow as you like, which makes it perfect for a relaxing afternoon with a cup of tea.

Currently available on the Xbox, it’s coming soon to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.

6. Stardew Valley

stardew valley farm

The game recommendation you were all waiting for. Stardew Valley is just becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why. With changing seasons, friends to make, enemies to destroy, and so much to build on your farm, it’s a great all-round game to play this autumn.

This cosy video game is classified as a farm life simulation game, but that doesn’t do it justice. It’s more like an open-world RPG game wrapped in a cute and cosy farm/village life theme. The game does have a storyline, but you also can just take it at your own pace and enjoy building things and growing your farm.

Stardew Valley is available on the Nintendo Switch, but I played it via Xbox Game Pass the first time. It also has a multiplayer mode.

7. Genesis Noir

genesis noir

Now let’s go in a totally different direction. With the evenings getting darker and Halloween creeping closer, you might be in the mood for a good crime documentary or thriller movie. Well, here’s another option. Genesis Noir is a linear adventure game with a black and white noir film style, following your character through the universe to solve a crime and save his lover.

The music is spectacular and the graphics are so stylised and unique. Even though there are no verbal lines from any character, they speak loudly through their actions. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable game that you can do from beginning to end in one long afternoon. It takes you along on an unforgettable journey.

You can find a physical copy for the Nintendo Switch on Amazon, but it’s also in the Xbox game store.

8. Moonglow Bay

moonglow bay

Next up, Moonglow Bay. When I played this game, it was quite glitchy but enjoyable nonetheless. Those glitches have probably been patched by now anyway! Moonglow Bay has some similarities with Stardew Valley, with a village of friends to meet and requests that you need to fulfil. But the heart of the game involves sailing the seas, exploring distant coves, and fishing until your heart is content.

There’s also a ‘Cooking Mama’ side to this game, where you can cook with the fish you have caught to create meals. The theme isn’t particularly autumnal (though the northern parts of the map have a wintry feel) but it does make you feel cosy and will get you in the mood for a tasty seafood dinner.

The game is available on Steam and Xbox game store – check their website for updates if you want another format.

9. Ori and the Blind Forest

ori video games

If you want cosy video games that will tug on your heartstrings, Ori and the Blind Forest is the one. The first of two Ori games, this title is a visually stunning game that helps Ori restore the forest and free friends along the way. There are skills to unlock and lots to collect if you want to reach 100%. If you want to just enjoy the story, there’s that too.

The combat is not too challenging and the map is surprisingly extensive. What really makes Ori a five-star game is the love and care that has been put into it. You also really get the sense that the creators have a deep love for nature and restoring the natural world – what better cosy video game to play this autumn?

You can find it for the Switch on Amazon or shop the Xbox game store. You’ll get a better deal if you purchase the collection, which also includes the next game in the series – Ori and The Will of The Wisps.

10. Spiritfarer

fishing in spiritfarer cosy video game

The last cosy video game on my list is fitting for the autumnal season. It’s a time of year when plants die back and we go into hibernation. Dealing with death and decay can be tough, but this is where Spiritfarer comes in. The goal of the game is to ferry your friends to the other side.

As I mentioned in our joint Spiritfarer video game review, it feels like a game made by Studio Ghibli. I challenge you to play through without tearing up! It’s a very touching and heartfelt game with beautiful graphics and animal characters. It’s the kind of game you will treasure and want to play year after year.

You can find Spiritfarer on Amazon for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It’s also in the Xbox game store.

What do you think of these recommendations? If you think another cosy video game should be added to the list, leave me a comment below.

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