BOH Earl Grey Tea Review

boh tea earl grey review

My love affair with Earl Grey tea continues with this robust offering from BOH Tea Malaysia! They’re a huge, well-known brand in Malaysia but not so well-known here in the UK. So, let me introduce you with this detailed tea review.

Earl Grey is part of their classic range that features tea grown, processed and packaged in Malaysia making it truly unique compared to the endless selection of identical Earl Greys you find on supermarket shelves back home.

Here’s what I thought of BOH Earl Grey.

BOH Earl Grey at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Black tea from Malaysia with bergamot flavour
  • Flavour: Strong, full-bodied black tea with a robust flavour and bergamot highlights in the aftertaste

I was not expecting this tea to be so robust! It’s a strong, rich and full-bodied Earl Grey that I would suggest having with milk. You’d be very happy to have this tea with your breakfast.

boh earl grey tea bags

Full Review – Malaysian Earl Grey Tea

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Tagged paper filter teabag
  • Tea: Malaysian black tea
  • Additives: Bergamot flavour
  • Flavour Notes: Strong, rich, full-bodied, smooth, robust, bergamot
  • Aroma: Rich, tannin black tea, subtle bergamot
  • Milk or Lemon: Milk!
  • Where to Buy: BOH Official Website or Amazon

I love the feel of the teabag sachets that the Earl Grey is packaged in. That slightly silky, foil wrapper just always feels more luxurious than a simple paper one.

Ripping it open, the aroma of brisk black tea assaults the room. It’s quite strong! That bitter tannin aroma of a dark black tea is prominent with subtle notes of bergamot lifting it with that classic citrus scent. I’ll admit, I’m a little worried it will be a bitter tea at this point.

Brewed for the recommended time and the colour of this tea matches the aroma to a T. Very dark and murky yet still rich and warming. I’m not put off at all, but this was the first hint that this tea would be best drank with a splash of milk.

My first sip was surprising! It’s soooo smooth. Not bitter or astringent at all. The rich black tea clings to your tongue with this strong, full-bodied flavour. The bergamot is light but definitely detectable and lingers long into the aftertaste. Yum.

Impressive flavour from the black tea. I do wish the bergamot was a bit bolder though – it’s not quite as fresh and vibrant as other Earl Grey teas I’ve reviewed.

How to Brew Earl Grey Tea

BOH Tea’s instructions are to brew for 3 to 5 minutes in freshly boiled water. 3 minutes was about spot on to have with milk, so if you like your Earl Grey tea to be very light (to drink black) you’ll want to be cautious when you pass the 1 minute 30 seconds mark.

The robust black tea goes well with milk so don’t be afraid to add a generous splash. Biscuits can be dunked in this tea, or you could drink it with a full English breakfast. Or just afternoon tea. It’s versatile when it comes to strong, bold foods but it would completely overpower lighter foods and desserts.

Why BOH Tea Malaysia?

BOH Tea have been more than generous with the large box of teas they sent me. I’ve made quite a dent and have many more tea reviews from BOH planned for the new year. I’m so grateful!

Ripping open the teabag, we’re met with the industry standard. Fine, dusty tea particles and the white flecks of bergamot flavouring. Bergamot oils are notoriously pricey, so you’ll find many tea companies (even the so-called posh ones, like Twinings) using bergamot flavouring instead.

earl grey tea bag malaysia

What sets BOH apart is their Malaysian tea. A lot of Earl Grey teabags contain a blend of teas from around the world – usually India, China and Kenya. But this is technically a single origin tea and that gives it such a bigger, bolder character.


If you’re an Earl Grey fan, this should definitely be on your list of teas to try. It’s always nice when a reputable company take a classic blend like Earl Grey and make it so characterful. Tea bags are never as good quality as loose leaf, hence the low score – but this is certainly not a bad tea. You can find it on Amazon or if there’s no shipping to your location, BOH sell all their teas directly from their website.

black earl grey tea in blue teacup

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