Bion Elderflower Tea Review

bion elderflower tea review

Sipping sparkling elderflower cordial from a champagne glass and giggling at the pretentiousness is one of my favourite memories from childhood. It was a chance to sip something sweet and feel part of the “grown-up” crowd.

And now that I am “grown-up” I barely touch alcohol. A good cup of elderflower tea from Bion Organic Herb Company however, hits just the right spot. These organic elderflower tea sachets are my new favourite way to enjoy this antioxidant-rich infusion!

Elderflower Tea Bags at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Pure elderflower blossoms
  • Flavour: Floral elderflower with strong, musty notes and a long-lasting aftertaste

A classic, floral and slightly musty elderflower tea. A great option if you like blending your own teas or need something caffeine-free to treat cold symptoms.

elderflower tea bags

Full Review – Bion Elderflower Tea

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Pyramid sachet
  • Ingredients: Elderflower
  • Health Benefits: Soothe cold and flu symptoms
  • Flavour Notes: Floral, musty, long-lasting elderflower
  • Aroma: Musty, sweet, fragrant perfume, mellow
  • Milk or Lemon: Neither, see flavour combo recommendations below
  • Where to Buy: Amazon or Bion Official Website

Opening the packet (there’s a plastic bag inside the cardboard box) I’m hit with that classic elderflower aroma. It’s slightly musty but still fresh, sweet, fragrant and quite mellow.

It brews into a golden buttery yellow colour with a very strong aroma. Elderflower has a very distinct fragrance that’s quite perfume-y and once you know what it’s like it’s easy to pick out in blends. If you’re used to bubbly elderflower cordial, it might take a little getting used to. Without the sugary sweetness and in pure infused state, it’s quite strong.

It tastes weak at first but grows with every sip. The aftertaste is very long-lasting so by the end of the cup your mouth is just swamped in that elderflower taste. It’s floral and musty – a one-dimensional flavour but a very pleasant one nonetheless.

How to Brew Organic Elderflower Tea Pyramids

Instructions on the box are to use 1 tea bag per cup, boiling how water, and a 3 to 5 minute brew time. I brewed for 4 minutes, knowing that 3 minutes is usually too weak for my tastes when it comes to elderflower.

As for what to drink this tea with, I’d recommend something equally light and dainty. Cucumber sandwiches spring to mind! Elderflower iced tea is also very nice if you have the time to cold-brew it overnight. Sparkling elderflower drinks are very popular in the summer.

Some great elderflower tea combinations you might enjoy include apple and elderflower, green tea and elderflower, lemon and elderflower, and ginger and elderflower.

Why Bion Organic Herb Company?

Bion very kindly sent me a huge box of teas to enjoy! They’ve certainly come in useful with beating back some nasty colds I’ve had this month. The herbs, flowers and other ingredients, including these elderflowers, are grown and packaged in Cyprus.

They have the EU leaf symbol for organically grown produce and so far, I’ve been really impressed with the quality of these teas. Compare the elderflower blooms in this tea to Teapro’s loose version in the latest Herbalism subscription box and you’ll see they’re virtually identical. If you’re used to loose elderflower rather than tea bags, you’ll still like these tea pyramids. They give enough space for water to flow freely through the petals and produce a full-bodied infusion.

elderflower loose leaf

Elderflower Tea Health Benefits

Elderflower tea, like elderberry tea, is good for flu symptoms. Runny noses, blocked sinuses and general colds can be soothed by a good cup of elderflower tea.

Although the blooms are high in antioxidants, they don’t have the high vitamin C content you’ll find in the berries. Both are good for you though!

Furthermore, these elderflower tea bags are packed in biodegradable pyramid sachets – they’re plastic-free.


Overall, this is a good, decent herbal tea to have in the cupboard. Especially for the summer months, elderflower can form a great floral base for a range of different teas. The cold-fighting properties are also good for hay fever in spring and flu in the winter. Check out the variety pack on Amazon by clicking the button below for another great set of sampler teas from Bion Organic Herb Company!

Tea Recommendation

Need something with a bit more oomph? Another tea that’s good for clearing the airways and can be iced in the summer is Lipton Green Tea Mint. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s cheap as chips and worth considering!

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