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I am a solo tea drinker. My friends and family enjoy tea, of course, but I rarely have them over for a tea session. So that means my nice china set and many teapots sit lonely in a cupboard. I want to use them, but they just make too much tea (and too much to clean) for one person.

This is where tea for one sets step in. They are helpful and handy teaware items to have, because they allow you to enjoy a nice tea break with fine china… but without making enough tea to drown a village.

In this guide, I’ll give you a rundown of what to expect from a tea for one set, as well as my top tea for one sets that I’ve tested and reviewed.

What Are Tea for One Sets?

Tea for one sets are pretty self-explanatory. They are a set of teaware that’s designed for a single person. That means one serving of tea, one tea cup (or mug) and a small design that’s easy to clean.

If you love your teapots and fine china but never have a chance to use them, then a tea set for one is the solution. All the glamour of afternoon tea, but just for you.

What a Tea Set Should Include (for One Person)

The great thing about tea for one sets is that they are simple. Mostly, they contain a small teapot and a teacup that matches.

Other types of tea sets include mugs with built-in infusers. See the pao mug below to get an idea of what I mean.

Above all, these teaware sets should be easy to use and just make enough tea for one person.

Other Things to Add to Your Basket

Most sets will just include the teapot and teacup, so there are a few other things you may want to add to your tea shopping list.

  • Teaspoon for stirring,
  • Tea spoon for measuring loose leaf,
  • Metal infuser basket, if the teapot doesn’t have one,
  • Metal strainer to catch loose leaf that comes out the spout,
  • Pipe cleaner for cleaning the spout of your new teapot.
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The Best Tea Sets I’ve Tested

These are the teaware sets I’ve tried (and mostly reviewed). The images you can see are my own, except for the last two. That’s how you know that I’ve genuinely reviewed these teaware sets.

I only recommend teaware that I have legitimately reviewed and liked.

Whittard Pao Mug Infuser

glass teaware UK

What is it: A borosilicate glass mug that holds 400ml, with a stainless-steel basket infuser and matching lid.

Why I love it: It’s great for loose leaf. You brew within the mug, remove the leaf with the strainer, and drink from the mug. It’s just as quick and easy as brewing teabags. I also adore that I can brew a mug of tea, not just a small 200ml teacup.

Adagio IngenuiTEA 2

Adagio IngenuiTEA 2 Teaware Review

What is it: A plastic brewing chamber that easily “expels” tea into a cup or mug that’s placed underneath.

Why I love it: The price is quite low, as you’d expect from a purely plastic device. I like that it brews just enough tea for one person, and you can use any cup or mug you like with it. The only drawback is that it’s not easy to clean.

Victoria and Albert Alice Tea Set for One

Victoria and Albert Alice in Wonderland High Tea Set Review

What is it: A tiny teapot with matching teacup and saucer. You can also buy teaspoons and other matching teaware for this set.

Why I love it: The teapot holds just enough for one or two cups, which is great for one person. But it also allows you the lovely experience of setting up an afternoon tea for one. I have the matching teaspoons and mug with this set. I highly recommend them.

Whittard Pimlico Glass Teapot

Whittard Pimlico Glass Teapot Review

What is it: A 600ml glass teapot that holds roughly 2 mugs or 3 teacups worth of tea. It comes with a stainless-steel lid, spout filter, and basket infuser.

Why I love it: 600ml is perfect for 2 or 3 servings of tea. This teapot retains heat surprisingly well, so it’s great for having a slow tea session over an afternoon by yourself. Cleaning it isn’t all that fun, but it is important. That’s the downside of glass teaware. It shows dirt and stains.

The Exotic Teapot Flowering Tea Gift for One

What is it: A 450ml glass teapot that sits atop a 250ml glass teacup and saucer. Sold with flowering tea balls.

Why I love it: I haven’t officially reviewed it, but I have had a chance to try it. I loved it! The glass teapot is the perfect size for two nice full cups of tea in the teacup that comes with it. You’ll find the design really convenient for storage too.

Lucky Cat Solo Tea Set

solo tea set for one
cat theme tea for one set

What is it: a cat-shaped solo tea brewer, holding 300ml of liquid. It’s made from ceramic and is available in several colours. Cyan (pictured) is my favourite, but we’ve also got it for sale in dark green, red, and black with gold accents.

Why I love it: this solo tea set is really cute and just makes enough for a large mug. It’s also pretty versatile. You could drink the tea directly from the cat brewer itself (the tail makes an adorable handle) or pour it into your favourite cup. I also really like that it comes with a lid, so you can lock in the flavour as your tea brews. The only downside? It needs to be handwashed.

Not Yet Reviewed

Other Tea for One Sets Worth Considering

These are high on my list of tea-ware to try!

A Few Helpful FAQs

Not sure how to use your new tea set or how to choose one in the first place? I’d be happy to help. Message me on Instagram, drop a comment below, or check these FAQs.

What is the most expensive tea set?

According to The Richest, the most expensive teapot set sold for $2.18 million.

What is the best teapot for loose tea?

A glass one with an infuser basket – like the Whittard Pimlico teapot.

What is a double teapot?

A double teapot, or double boiler, is often used to make Turkish tea. It’s not the same as the quaint teaware sets you’ve seen in this article.

How many tea bags should you put in a teapot?

One for each person you are serving, plus one for the pot. In a tea set of one, that usually equals two teabags.

What is the best teapot for brewing tea?

A glass teapot allows you to see how strong the tea is brewing. Pick one with a removable infuser basket, for loose leaf tea.

What teapots keep tea hotter?

Borosilicate glass, or thick porcelain, will keep your tea insulated for longer. Make sure you rinse the teapot with very hot water before you brew tea in it – this pre-heating of the teapot will result in your tea staying hot for longer!

You can also use a tea cosy.

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