Victoria and Albert Alice in Wonderland High Tea Set Review

Victoria and Albert Alice in Wonderland High Tea Set Review

Wow, the Victoria and Albert tea set is such a pretty collection! I’m gradually building up my tea set from this collection, so I’ll update this article every time a new piece is added. If you are looking for a cute, small tea set that’s perfect for afternoon tea… or just gorging yourself on cake and tea… then this could be it!

Read the full review below to find out what’s included and what to expect from the Alice in Wonderland V&A collection.

V&A Alice in Wonderland Teaware at a Glance

alice in wonderland tea set boxes
  • Includes: Mini teapot, teacup and saucer, mug and infuser, teaspoons
  • Best For: Afternoon tea for one

I love this tea set! It’s really cute and the volumes are perfect for drinking tea alone or with one other person. My only issue is that it requires focus to use and clean!

Full Review – Victoria and Albert Teaware

alice in wonderland teapot and teacup with black tea
  • Included: Mini teapot, teacup and saucer, mug and infuser, teaspoons
  • Materials: Bone china, stainless steel, porcelain
  • Volume: 450ml (mini teapot), 210ml (teacup), and 300ml (mug)
  • Ease of Use: Requires focus
  • Where to Buy: Amazon (see individual links below)

The Victoria and Albert tea set with Alice in Wonderland designs contains everything you need. Currently, I’ve tried the mini teapot (there’s a standard sized one too), the teacup and saucer set, the mug and infuser set, and the porcelain handled teaspoons.

You can also find side plates, cake stands, and other Alice in Wonderland themed items in this collection.

V&A Mug and Infuser

The mug is amazing! It’s made of fine china, with a sturdy handle and embossed print of the mad hatter’s tea party with gold highlights. The lip of this mug is really thin, which does make a difference to the flavour of this tea.

Somehow, it’s both elegant and functional. A 300ml mug is about average, so when you need more than a teacup, this is ideal.

As for the stainless-steel infuser that it comes with… meh. I used it a handful of times before the hinge broke. Being a crafty person, I used jewellery pliers to fix it, but it broke again shortly after. Final destination? The bin.

But you don’t buy this item for the infuser.

V&A Mini Teapot

v and a mini teapot
teapot spout pouring tea into teacup

So adorable! The teapot is made from fine china and has the same embossed black design that’s on the mug, with gold highlights. On the lid, it says “we’re all mad here” and that’s certainly true when you drink as much tea as I do.

Unfortunately, this is far from the best teapot I’ve owned. It holds a decent volume which is enough for 2 full cups, but the pour is a little tricky. You need to be confident when you pour. If you only tilt it a little, it will dribble all down the spout. Also, hold the lid on as you pour, or it will fall out.

Furthermore, the spout is really difficult to clear. I use a pipe cleaner but the curve of the spout still leaves a few spots that are difficult to reach. Furthermore, the teapot is white inside and out. Any spec of dirt or tea stain is impossible to ignore.

V&A Cup and Saucer

This is the part of the Victoria and Albert tea set that I use the most. The teacup is so cute with the embossed key on the inside as well as Alice on the outside, plus the lip of the cup is just as thin as the mug.

The saucer has a pattern covering it completely, which is a nice touch. It stops this set being too pristine and white! It also hides cake crumbs…

The only downside is washing the teacup and saucer. You need to be gentle when you scrub the inside of the cup and top of the plate, or you’ll wear away the lovely design.

I recommend you buy two!

V&A Stainless Steel Teaspoons

v&a alice teaspoons

The latest addition to my tea set! These Alice in Wonderland teaspoons are cute and functional – they complete the set. I don’t think that they really hold exactly one teaspoon, but they’re great for stirring in milk and sugar.

The handles are porcelain while the spoon bit is made from stainless-steel. Just be extra careful not to bang the spoon too hard against the cup as you stir. It is made from fine china after all.


I highly recommend checking out this tea set. As everything is sold individually, you can build it up over time or just pick one item to mix and match. You can find the Victoria and Albert Alice in Wonderland high tea set on Amazon – it’s available for both US and UK customers, at the time of writing this review.

v&a tea and cake

Tea Recommendation

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