Best Hypnosis Meditations on YouTube

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If like me you enjoy a guided meditation, you may be wondering which are the best hypnosis meditations on YouTube.

It can be a nightmare scrolling through endless rolls of videos, finding a catchy title and then being underwhelmed by the meditation. I have done the scrolling for you, now sit back, take a deep breath and relax.

I was careful to be selective when collating my list of 5 hypnosis meditations that are excellent. You can skip straight to them or read a little more to see my criteria for best hypnosis meditations on YouTube.

How I Judged My Best Hypnosis Meditations on YouTube?

There are five things I looked for specifically when collating my list.

  • Authority – is the YouTuber practiced in hypnotic suggestion and can they put people into a trance.
  • Comments – Does the video have positive reviews? Has the meditation worked for other people.
  • Duration – Is the hypnosis long enough to put you into a trance and does the timeframe allow you to enjoy being there?
  • No Action Necessary – some hypnosis meditations require you to prove to yourself you’re in trance by locking hands etc. I find that jarring and it distracts from the meditative experience so none of that here.
  • No adverts midway – I don’t mind ads at the beginning of videos, but it is awful when you are midway through a meditation to be rudely interrupted by an ad break.

Now you know how I judged my best hypnosis meditations on YouTube, let’s jump in.

Paul Mckenna – Hypnosis Sleep Meditation

Paul Mckenna is a TV personality and hypnotist who has been producing hypnosis compact discs (CDs, remember them?) for years.

He has kindly made these hypnosis CD recordings available on YouTube and his sleep hypnosis is the perfect way to fall asleep. Whether you are struggling to calm your overactive mind or just like something to settle to, this hypnosis meditation will do the trick.

Thomas Hall – Ultimate Confidence Hypnosis

Under his MindsinUnison brand, Thomas Hall has built a hypnosis business selling self-help hypnosis CDs. He works predominantly as a hypnotherapist with 14 years’ experience under his belt.

Like Paul Mckenna he has made a selection of his audio recordings available on YouTube. His voice and tonality is similar to Paul Mckenna, so if you’re looking for more ‘Mckennaesque’ hypnosis sessions you can’t go wrong with Thomas Hall.

Alicia Fairclough – Anxiety/Remove Negative Thoughts Hypnosis

If you’re looking for an enchanting female voice to hypnotise you, then Alicia Fairclough is perfect. She works as a hypnotherapist in Sydney, AU and provides a range of hypnosis sessions primarily through YouTube.

From approach anxiety to power naps, she has some quirky and useful hypnosis sessions you won’t find covered by Paul Mckenna or Thomas Hall.

Nimja – Best Hypnosis Meditations on YouTube

Nimja is always the name that crops up on forums as being a ‘go to’ YouTube hypnotist and unlike others on this list, his brand is mainly as a YouTuber.

His hypnosis sessions range from traditional hypnotic meditations to flat out experimenting with the sensations hypnosis can cause. If you’re looking to explore hypnosis in a safe and controlled way, or simply believe you’re a plant or a curled up kitten, Nimja is your man.

Suzanne Robichaud – Letting Go Hypnosis

The last to make my best hypnosis meditations on YouTube list is Suzanne Robichaud’s letting go hypnosis. Suzanne Robichaud is a registered hypnotherapist and has a practice outside of YouTube helping clients with all manner of issues.

Suzanne’s hypnosis videos tend to fall into the self-help category with mind clearing, letting go of the past and healing being common themes on her channel.

Explore other Best Hypnosis Meditations on YouTube

I selected meditations that I have personally enjoyed but the reasons you are looking for hypnosis sessions may vary from my own. Fundamentally, these hypnotherapists were selected because they work so you should have no problem finding a hypnosis.

I hope you enjoyed my best hypnosis meditations on YouTube list and if I missed a hypnotist you think I will enjoy, leave a comment below. I am always open to more meditation recommendations!

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