Candle Tea Warmer


Keep your teapot warm with these beautifully crafted Japanese-style ceramic teapot warmers.



Pop in a tealight and these beautifully crafted teapot warmers will keep your tea at the perfect temperature. Designed without a lip or edge, any size teapot will sit comfortably atop this ceramic warmer. There’s a cork padded layer to prevent scratches on glass teapots too.

You have 4 ceramic patterns to choose from; A lattice, B minimalist, C teardrop, and D fan.

Before purchasing, check that your teapot is safe to warm over an open flame.

Key Information

  • 1x ceramic teapot warmer,
  • Candle not included,
  • Approx. 14cm diameter,
  • Carefully crafted in China,
  • Handwash only.

At the current time, we only ship to the United Kingdom.

Processing time: 1-3 days

Shipping estimate: 7-12 days.


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