Ahmad Classic Tea Selection Box Review

Ahmad Classic Tea Selection Box Review

English Breakfast tea and Earl Grey are those quintessentially British tea blends, so of course they would be included in the Ahmad Classic Tea Selection! If you were looking to explore the classics in black tea, you’ve come to the right place. This review of the classic selection box covers what’s inside, what to expect from the flavours, and the best place to buy it.

What You Need to Know About the Ahmad Classic Tea Selection Box

I received this selection box as part of the Twelve Teas collection (you can find reviews for the green tea and fruit tea selection boxes on the blog) but it’s also available on its own. It’s quite popular! Here are the key facts.

  • Contains 4 different teas, 5 teabags of each type.
  • These are Ahmad’s most popular black teas, according to their website.
  • The teabags are all paper filter squares with tags and are individually wrapped in foil for freshness.
  • Ahmad always list the country or region where their teas are sourced. This can change seasonally, but typically you can expect to find tea from Kenya, Sri Lanka, and India.
  • The only tea with added flavouring in this box is the Earl Grey, which contains bergamot flavouring.
  • The Ahmad Tea Classic Selection Box is nice as a gift, but the Twelve Teas selection box is nicer. Instead, buy this box if you want to explore Ahmad’s selection and learn more about different tea blends/types without being too adventurous.
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Ahmad Classic Black Teas

Here are my individual reviews for the four black teas in the Ahmad Classic Tea Collection Box. I have reviewed these over the past year, and I have to say, I’m quite impressed. While they lack complexity overall, they’re still very pleasant to drink. These teas are perfect for beginners wanting to try different types of black teas without getting too adventurous. The price is pleasant too!

Earl Grey

ahmad tea earl grey review
Izzy's Rating
  • Tea: Black tea from Sri Lanka, Malawi and Kenya with bergamot flavouring
  • What to Expect: A full-bodied black tea with nice, strong bergamot

This is one of the few Earl Grey teas I have tried that tastes even better with a splash of milk instead of lemon! Ahmad Earl Grey tea is a blend of full-bodied black teas from Africa and Sri Lanka with bergamot flavouring. While flavouring doesn’t taste as fresh as bergamot oils, it’s far cheaper and produces a stronger flavour. You could serve this cup of Earl Grey to anyone and they’d be happy sipping it. It’s one of my favourite teas for introducing beginners.

English Tea No. 1

Ahmad English Tea No. 1 Tea Review
Izzy's Rating
  • Tea: Black tea from Sri Lanka, Assam (India), and Kenya
  • What to Expect: A bold and hearty black tea that’s smooth and comforting with milk

The combination of black tea from Sri Lanka, India and Kenya really creates an amazing depth in this tea. It’s hearty, warm, rich and filling. I like to drink it with a splash of milk at breakfast time, but this could be an afternoon tea too. Ahmad English Tea No. 1 is the kind of tea you’d be ecstatic about to find served in a cosy café. This could easily become an everyday tea blend in your home, as the price is quite affordable too.

Darjeeling Tea

Ahmad Darjeeling Tea Review
Izzy's Rating
  • Tea: Black tea from the Darjeeling region of India
  • What to Expect: A smooth, bright and slightly floral black tea that’s best without milk

This is a really smooth, light and refreshing black tea. I’ve had the honour of trying some really lovely loose leaf Darjeeling black teas, so I know that this Ahmad Darjeeling tea is quite basic. It lacks the complexity it should have. But nonetheless, it’s bright and has lovely floral notes hidden away. This is a good Darjeeling tea to introduce beginners to drinking tea without milk. Just don’t expect it to knock your socks off. And if you do get a chance to try first flush loose leaf Darjeeling, take it!

English Breakfast

Ahmad English Breakfast Tea Review
Izzy's Rating
  • Tea: Black tea from Assam (India), Sri Lanka, and Kenya
  • What to Expect: A nice tea with a smooth, warm and rich finish

An English Breakfast tea MUST be hearty, satisfying and go well with breakfast. While Ahmad English Breakfast tea does tick those boxes, it’s just lacking… something. Depth? Complexity? Maltiness? There’s something missing. That’s why this tea only scored 2.6 on my rating scale. So, if you do buy the Ahmad Classic Tea Selection, you’ll certainly enjoy this tea, but it’s not the best of the box and there are many better English Breakfast blends out there.

Ahmad Classic Black Teas – Where to Buy

You can buy the pack of four classic teas on Amazon and Ahmad’s official website, but I’ve also seen classic tea selections from Ahmad containing six teas instead, so that’s worth hunting for if you want even more variety. This collection set is best for exploring teas or giving as a gift – it’s more affordable to buy a larger pack of a single tea than rebuying this collection when you run out.

This collection box is also part of the Ahmad Twelve Teas box, which I’ll be reviewing a little later this year so check back for that!

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