Teakruthi ‘The Vanilla Earl’ Tea Review

Teakruthi ‘The Vanilla Earl’ Tea Review

It’s a Sunday afternoon, I’m exhausted but longing for a soft, sweet pick-me-up to see me through to the evening. I delved into my tea box and this is what I pulled out. Teakruthi The Vanilla Earl is a sweet take on the classic Earl Grey tea – a tea that my readers know that I am very fussy about.

It turns out that this tea is even better than I could ever imagine. Seriously. The vanilla does wonders for the usual bergamot and black tea. Keep reading my review to find out exactly how amazing this tea is (and where to buy it).

Teakruthi Vanilla Earl at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Ceylon black tea with bergamot and vanilla
  • Flavour: A very smooth, malty black tea with delicious sweet vanilla and lemony bergamot notes

A super delicious tea and perfect for those that love Earl Grey but want to take it to the next level. This tea appealed to my sweet tooth and the natural flavours are divine.

teakruthi vanilla earl loose leaf

Full Review – Vanilla Earl Grey Tea

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Loose leaf
  • Tea: Ceylon BOP1 black tea from the Dimbula region
  • Additives: Bergamot oil, natural vanilla extract, cornflower petals
  • Flavour Notes: Sweet, malty, smooth, vanilla, lemon zest
  • Aroma: Vanilla, white chocolate, lemon candy, smooth black tea
  • Milk or Lemon: Milk, if brewed strong enough
  • Where to Buy: Teakruthi Official Website

Oh my God it smells like chocolate!

Yes, that was my initial thought then I opened the packet. The aroma is just like vanilla white chocolate, with a hint of lemon that’s similar to the Teakruthi Lemon Kandy tea blend aroma.

It brews into a toffee caramel tea colour that’s extremely inviting. Inhaling the tea steam is a delight as well, with that iconic black tea aroma sweetened with vanilla. It smells just like vanilla custard or sweet vanilla pods – very real, rather than fake.

The flavour is sweet and malty. But it’s the texture that grabs my attention – it’s incredibly smooth and feels like silk in your throat as you swallow. The vanilla and bergamot notes are light but still present.

I could drink this by the gallon.

ceylon vanilla earl grey black tea

How to Brew Earl Grey with Vanilla

I brewed for 4 minutes at 95°C but you could brew for longer – 5 or 6 minutes – to enhance the flavour. I like it without milk (hence why I brew it lightly), but this tea becomes extra creamy and sweet when you add some. Just bear in mind that it dampens the bergamot a little.

I’d drink this as a dessert tea after dinner or just as a mid-afternoon liquid snack. It’s too caffeine heavy as an evening drink for me, and too sweet to be a breakfast tea.

Why Teakruthi Ceylon Tea?

Teakruthi only uses fresh, Ceylon tea. They have a ‘made to order’ type of business where they only purchase tea that they need, rather than filling a warehouse with tea to slowly go stale while they wait for orders.

earl grey with vanilla

I’m also happy that they’ve used vanilla extract rather than vanilla flavouring – any baker who’s bought vanilla for cakes will know the immense difference in taste. And considering the cost of using real vanilla pods, I’m happy that Teakruthi has used vanilla extract in their Vanilla Earl Grey tea.

The leaf quality is BOP1 (meh) but it smells amazingly fresh and brews so well. There are very few dusty or small fragments that make it into my teacup.


I have no trouble recommending this tea at all. The flavour is delightful and it’s so well blended. Yes, you must order from Teakruthi’s website rather than Amazon, but for the fresh tea you receive in return, I believe it’s 100% worth it. Find out for yourself by ordering a sample.

Tea Recommendation

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