Tea People Fruit Punch Starter Pack Tea Review

tea people fruit punch starter review

Today is the Early May Bank Holiday in the UK and it’s the perfect chance to kick back, relax, and test out the Tea People Fruit Punch Starter Pack. This pack contains a range of caffeine-free fruit teas to whet your appetite and introduce Tea People as a brand.

Tea People sent me this package (and several other teas that I’ll be reviewing over the coming months) as a gift, but this review was not paid for and all opinions are my own.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s delve right in!

Tea People Fruit Punch Starter Pack at a Glance

Izzy's Rating:
  • Number of teas: 6 flavours, 18 to 20g each
  • Flavour overview: The tropical flavours tend to be a bit generic but their berry, citrus and pear flavoured teas are truly unique and delicious
  • Where to buy: Amazon UK or Tea People Official Website

This is a gorgeous starter kit containing 6 delicious fruity teas. They’re all caffeine free! I thoroughly enjoyed testing them all out, and I think they’ll be perfect for drinking iced in the summer months. You can find the box for sale using the links above or buy each tea individually through the reviews below.

What's In the Box?

in the box of tea people fruit punch

Inside the recyclable card box, you’ll find 6 packets of tea. The packets themselves are made from a biodegradable material. I also really like that Tea People has printed their brand images and info on the box itself, so there’s not hundreds of leaflets and flyers tucked inside either.

Overall, this leaves a great first impression. I love that it’s low waste!

The 6 teas are:

  • 18g Turkish Apple – Caffeine Free Fruit Infusion
  • 18g Tropical Burst – Fruit Infusion with Mangoes & Acai
  • 18g Organic Very Berry – With Full Berry Flavour
  • 18g Blood Orange – Citrus Fruit Infusion
  • 18g Moringa Passion Fruit – Exotic Fruit Blend
  • 18g Golden Pear – Pear & Vanilla Fruit Infusion

That’s a minimum of 108g of tea. Depending on where you buy it, it’s currently around £11 for the box. I think this is a really fair price and if you scroll down to my summary where I talk more about Tea People as a brand, you will agree with me.

6 Premium Loose Leaf Fruit Teas

Inside the box you have 6 premium loose leaf teas. Each sample contains 18 to 20g of tea and makes 4 to 6 cups, depending on the size of your cup and whether you re-steep it.

Turkish Apple

Turkish Apple tea
Izzy's Rating:
  • Ingredients: Natural dried apple pieces, flavouring, citric acid
  • Flavour: Smooth, slightly tart apple tea

What a wonderful tea to start off with! I actually drink authentic Turkish apple tea quite regularly, made by a Turkish brand, so I know what it should taste like. This tea gets pretty close! The aroma smells like dried apple pieces – slightly tart and very juicy. The flavour is great too. It’s incredibly smooth and quite sweet (but not as sweet as genuine Turkish apple tea, in my opinion) with a good tang that adds depth.

Just bear in mind that Tea People Turkish Apple needs quite a while to brew to a good strength. I gave it 6 minutes.

Tropical Burst

Izzy's Rating:
  • Ingredients: Apple bits, hibiscus, mango, papaya, rosehip, beetroot, fig, acai bits, maltodextrin, rice flour, citric acid, natural flavours
  • Flavour: Generic tropical notes with a great punch of mango

I do enjoy tropical flavours but I find that mixed tropical teas tend to all taste the same. That’s not quite the case with Tea People Tropical Burst, however. The aroma has notes of sweet and syrupy pineapple and mango. It reminds me of tinned fruit. As for the flavour, it’s a little tart as well as sweet. You can’t really detect any main flavour at first, it’s just a tropical medley, but then mango swoops in to save it. You get a real hit of mango flavour in the aftertaste. It’s really pleasant and that’s why this tea scored 4.4 out of 5.

Organic Very Berry

Organic Very Berry hibiscus tea
Izzy's Rating:
  • Ingredients: Elderberries, currants (Corinthian raisins), hibiscus petals, natural flavours
  • Flavour: Intense hibiscus berry flavour with malty raisins

This one was not my favourite, I have to be honest. I love hibiscus tea and if you do too, you should read my Best Hibiscus Tea Guide. But this berry tea is not just made with hibiscus. The aroma is sharp with currants and tart with hibiscus. However, the flavour has this malty raisin note mixed with very intense berry hibiscus flavours. It gives the tea a weird depth that I’m honestly just not a fan of. I like my berry tea to be fresh and bright, but the raisins give it a malty Assam-like aspect.

If you want to check it out, you can find Tea People Organic Very Berry on Amazon.

Blood Orange

Blood Orange flavoured fruit tea
Izzy's Rating:
  • Ingredients: Apple bits, hibiscus, orange peel, rosehips, lemon peel, safflower blossoms, natural flavours
  • Flavour: Full-flavoured fruity body with raspberry and orange notes

This tea was fantastic! I love citrus fruits and blood oranges are a rare treat for me. But not anymore – I can just brew a cup of Tea People Blood Orange instead. The aroma of this tea is gorgeously citrusy with hints of hibiscus. As for the flavour, it’s absolutely perfect. Blood Orange is a very specific flavour that’s like a mix of true orange and tart raspberries. This tea achieves that balance perfectly. It’s full-flavoured and has depth, but there’s also a sharp high note that cuts through it beautifully.

Moringa Passion Fruit

Moringa Passion Fruit
Izzy's Rating:
  • Ingredients: Apple bits, raisins, beetroot, candied pineapple, candied papaya, natural flavouring, moringa leaves, lemon peel
  • Flavour: Mellow and hydrating tropical fruits

I’ve been ‘on the fence’ about moringa before, but I think it works really well with a tropical fruit blend. The passion fruit is more of an aroma than a flavour, but that’s not a problem. Tea People Moringa Passion Fruit is easily the most drinkable of all the teas. It just slides down with minimal tartness or sharpness. I also found it to be very hydrating and refreshing. I imagine it will make a spectacular iced tea in the summer too, especially when mixed with lemonade.

Golden Pear

Golden Pear fruit punch starter kit
Izzy's Rating:
  • Ingredients: Dried apple, pear, rose blossoms, vanilla pieces, natural flavours
  • Flavour: Pears poached in white wine and vanilla

Tea People Golden Pear was the best tea in the box, hands down. It’s just so amazing! Pear is not a common ingredient in fruit teas but Tea People have hero-ed it beautifully. The aroma is just like a pear and berry crumble. Fruity, but with a sweet vanilla topping. And the flavour is drool worthy. It tastes just like pears poached in a white dessert wine – slightly tart, slightly spiced – with a good slug of vanilla essence added. It’s so simple, especially compared to the tropical fruit blends by Tea People, but I think that’s why it’s so good.

Summary – Should You Buy Tea People Fruit Punch?

tea people fruit punch starter review

Tea People are doing a world of good. Not only do they consistently produce fine quality teas – all 6 in the box scored over 4 stars – but they also give back to the tea growing communities around the world that we rely on. In fact, they send 50% of their profits to impoverished tea growing regions to fund educational and social projects.

So, not only are these teas absolutely delicious, but they’re also ethical and sustainable too. You can learn more about Tea People on their official website and their products are also sold on Amazon UK.

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