T2 Just Peppermint Tea Review

T2 Just Peppermint Tea Review

Some people (perhaps including you) love a peppermint tea in the evenings. For me, it’s just too bright and fresh – I find it keeps me awake rather than settles me down! But I do enjoy a cup of T2 Just Peppermint tea after a heavy lunch or when I need a caffeine-free tea to chase down a sticky dessert.

If you’ve never tried T2 teas before, you’re about to be amazed. I’ve reviewed several here on the blog now and the one thing they all have in common is this brilliant vitality. The freshness is unparalleled!

Keep reading to find out where this tea is available, what it tastes like, and how best to brew it.

T2 Peppermint Tea at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Pure peppermint leaves
  • Flavour: Tingly bright peppermint tea with long-lasting sweetness and menthol

This is a fabulous peppermint tea. It’s so fresh and bright, very sweet and green. If you are looking for a peppermint tea you can rely on, this should be your top choice.

t2 peppermint teabag

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Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Tagged pyramid sachet
  • Ingredients: Peppermint leaves
  • Health Benefits: Ease digestion, relieve headaches
  • Flavour Notes: Tingly bright, long-lasting menthol, natural sweetness, candy cane
  • Aroma: Bright, sweet, candy cane, herbal
  • Milk or Lemon: Neither
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

I don’t know if it’s the source for T2’s herbal blends or the way they package them, but they’re always unbelievably fresh from the moment you rip open the foil-wrapped package. This peppermint tea is notably less musty than other peppermint teas I’ve tried. You’ll find it very bright, sweet and aromatic.

It brews into a clear orange golden colour. The large leaf pieces in the tea sachet don’t leave you with too much tea dust in the bottom of your cup. It’s smooth to the last gulp!

The sweet, slightly herbaceous candy cane aroma translates well into the flavour. It’s tingly and bright in your mouth with really long-lasting menthol. You can really feel it on your tongue and in the back of your throat for minutes after you’ve finished. The natural sweetness is lovely too.

t2 just peppermint tisane

How to Brew Peppermint Tea

Pour boiling water fresh from the kettle onto the tea sachet in your mug. Let it steep for 2 to 3 minutes, then voila. Your T2 Just Peppermint tea is ready.

Personally, 2 minutes is the upper limit of my brew time for peppermint tea. I prefer subtler flavours and the longer you brew peppermint tea, the more menthol it creates.

The best time to drink this tea is after a meal. Don’t drink it halfway through – the menthol gives you the same effect as brushing your teeth.

Why T2 Herbal Tisanes?

The quality is so good and it shows in the flavour. This is usually the section where I pull apart the brand and point out how the tea quality could be improved. It’s super hard to do that with T2 though. The Australian tea brand is exceptional!

This tea is available as a loose leaf caddy or in the pyramid sachet format. They don’t do the flat square teabags you get from the supermarket. You can buy it directly from T2 but you usually get a better deal when you buy it from Amazon, especially if you get free delivery with Prime.

loose peppermint leaves

Peppermint Tea Health Benefits

Peppermint tea is great for helping your digestion and, obviously, it freshens your breath. With the strong menthol content that instantly cleanses your palate, peppermint tea is the best herbal tea choice as an after-dinner drink.

But did you know peppermint tea is also really good for relieving a headache? Migraine.com list it as one of the most popular teas for relieving the symptoms of migraines along with ginger tea, green tea, and chamomile.


This is my highest rated peppermint tisane at Immortal Wordsmith. I can recommend this tea with complete confidence that you’ll love it! The freshness is fantastic and the flavour is vibrant. Use the button below to find T2 Just Peppermint on T2 UK’s official website, or use the link above to find it on Amazon.

fresh peppermint tea in white teacup

Tea Recommendation

If you’re interested in how herbal remedies could soothe your ailments, like T2 Just Peppermint can help with digestion or a headache, read this article next. 5 Natural Remedies that May Actually Work was written by a guest writer for the Immortal Wordsmith blog!

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