Bruu Tea Subscription Review

Bruu Tea Subscription Review

What’s this? A new tea subscription review? Yes, it has finally happened. I’m expanding this section of the Immortal Wordsmith tea review blog with the Bruu Tea Subscription. Below I’ll cover what’s in the box and what to expect, as well as ratings for each of the teas included.

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As a new member of the Bruu family, I’ll have lots of news about this tea brand to share with you over the following months. And, as a little extra gift for my readers, I have a discount code for you!

Enter the code IzzyBRUU at Bruu Tea to get a cheeky discount for your order.

What Is It All About?

Bruu are an award-winning tea subscription company (although you can also buy their teas separately) from North Yorkshire. Their subscription boxes include a range of teas, with both caffeinated and caffeine-free tea types. There’s also a high-quality single origin tea included in each box, which I love.

Bruu provide plenty of info about their ingredients and origins of their teas too.

The whole experience is gourmet loose leaf heaven!

in the bruu tea subscription box

In the Bruu Tea Subscription Box…

The box is slim and fits through your letterbox at home, so there’s no need to hang around waiting for the postman! It arrives in a plastic mail sleeve, but inside the box itself is cardboard. I struggled to open it, to be completely honest. That’s how well-packaged and secure the tea was.

In the box:

  • 3g sample of Yunnan black tea,
    • Tea origins explainer card,
  • 14g of Crème Brûlée tea,
  • 12g of Pina Colada tea,
  • 14g of KTDA tea,
  • Small sample bar of ohso chocolate,
    • Chocolate explainer card with 25% off code.

You can watch my Instagram unboxing IGTV video here.

Individual Tea Reviews

I was really quite happy with the range of teas that were provided in the box! With the exception of the single origins Yunnan tea, which is a single serving, all the other packages are air-tight resealable pouches. There’s a black tea, a green tea, and a rooibos blend.

Did you notice the little gold pegs too? They’re a nice touch and so cute. They are used to peg the ingredients/explainer cards to the pouches. It’s really great when there are elements of a tea subscription that you’ll keep even when you’ve used up all the tea.

You can keep a hold of the cards of the teas you enjoyed so you remember to buy them from Bruu again.

KTDA Black Tea Review

ktda black tea
Izzy's Rating
  • Origins: Kangaita, Kenya
  • Flavour notes: Malty, smooth and light
  • Quality: Orange Pekoe (OP1)

This is such a pleasant tea. It’s beautifully smooth with a nice maltiness. I really enjoyed sipping it without milk – it’s naturally bright and sweet without adding any dairy. As a single origin black tea, you can really enjoy the natural nuances of the loose leaf.

KTDA stands for Kenya Tea Development Agency, who grow this tea on the Kangaita estate in Kenya at elevations of 7000ft. The result is a really smooth and well-rounded everyday black tea. This is going in my favourites box, for sure.

Crème Brûlée Rooibos Tea Review

creme brulee rooibos tea
Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Rooibos, cream caramel pieces, brittle pieces
  • Flavour notes: Medicinal rooibos with subtle caramel notes
  • Quality: Excellent loose leaf

This is the lowest scoring tea in the whole box, but it still gets 4.3 out of 5. That’s pretty impressive! Most tea subscriptions break around 4.1, to put that in perspective.

Rooibos has a medicinal quality to it that is a little too strong in this blend, in my opinion. I would have liked more caramel notes to hit the crème brûlée vibe. Nonetheless, it’s a really tasty tea. I’m torn between sipping it in the evenings, or using it to create tea biscuits and cakes.

Pina Colada Green Tea Review

pina colada green tea
Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Green tea, pineapple cubes, coconut shreds, flavouring
  • Flavour notes: Coconut, rum, sweet gummies, smooth, tropical, pineapple
  • Quality: High-quality Japanese green tea

Hello, summer! This green tea is truly scrumptious and I loved reviewing it hot… but I think it will be even more spectacular cold brewed. It’s October as I write this, so a little too nippy for a cold brew. I will do my best to save a small amount for summer next year.

Pina Colada is made with a Japanese green tea base, harvested from the Kagoshima prefecture. The volcanic soil in this region is amazing for growing tea. The result is a grassy, fresh and vibrant green tea that works so well with the notes of pineapple and coconut. It’s expertly blended. Well done, Bruu!

Yunnan Black Tea Review

yunnan black tea
Izzy's Rating
  • Origins: Xishuangbanna, South Yunnan, China
  • Flavour notes: Smooth, rich, slightly smoked, creamy, mellow
  • Quality: High-grade Camellia assamica tea

This is the single-serving tea that arrives in the gold pouch. I can see why Bruu want to put extra emphasis on it! Not only did this tea score the highest in this tea box, but it’s also the highest rated subscription tea ever at Immortal Wordsmith.

It’s slightly smoky, malty, smooth and creamy. It’s bright and light with a gold amber colour that I love. Make sure you brew it in glass teaware to fully enjoy this gorgeous shade.

Interestingly, this is an assamica variety which is usually found in India rather than China. The rainforest climate of Xishuangbanna creates a truly gorgeous tea. I won’t go into too much detail here – you’ll have to buy the Bruu subscription box for yourself to learn more.

Summary – Bruu Tea Subscription Box

This is an amazing subscription. It’s award winning and all the teas inside are spectacular. Add on the little chocolate gift and discount code, and I think it’s easily great value for money. Furthermore, Bruu are a British tea company. Their teas are hand-packed in North Yorkshire and I just love supporting British businesses like this!

As each month contains new tea, so if you want to try the exact teas I have reviewed today, then look for them in the shop section of the website.

Don’t forget that you can get a great discount with code IzzyBRUU when you shop at Bruu tea.

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