Finally, Blissful Sleep! Loop Quiet Earplugs Review

loop quiet earplugs review

For about a month now, I’ve been sleeping with Loop Quiet Earplugs firmly situated in my ears to review them for the blog. As my regular readers know, I am a light sleeper and often have trouble getting to sleep too. I’ve explored numerous tea-based sleep aids and lately, with an increase in morning traffic outside my window, I have been relying on earplugs to get a few extra hours in the morning.

This is my review of Loop Quiet Earplugs, including some info on what they are and a comparison to other earplug types. I am not affiliated with Loop and this review has not been sponsored by them.

What are Loop Quiet Earplugs?

Loop Quiet Earplugs are -27dB noise cancelling earbuds that are made of a soft(ish) silicone. I have the pink version, but they’re available in a range of colours and you can buy them on Amazon. They ship internationally, including the UK and USA.

Unlike other earplugs made by Loop (Experience, for example) these earplugs are designed for sleep. The material is soft, so it’s supposedly good for side sleepers, and they are noise cancelling. When you receive your Loop earplugs, there’s a sticker on the back of the box that tells you when they were tested for their noise cancelling abilities, and when they are expected to expire for.

I love this scientific element to Loop earplugs. Compared to many other earplugs that I’ve tried, I have so much more confidence in Loop.

Do Loop Earplugs Actually Work?

The answer is yes, but only if you use them correctly. By this I mean that you need to find the right size ear tip, learn how to switch them without damaging them, and learn how to insert them into your ears. It actually took me quite a few attempts!

Loop Quiet Earplugs come with 4 different ear tip sizes. The medium size is already attached, but you should try the earplugs with all 4 sizes before deciding which fits you best.

I have small ear canals, so the small size is just right for me. Watch this video for an idea of what finding the right size and inserting them correctly is all about:

My Review

These earplugs are highly effective and moderately comfortable. They come at a price that was a little tough to swallow, but ultimately I am confident that they were worth the money I spent. Healthy sleep benefits our brains and bodies in numerous ways, after all.

Great Things About Loop Quiet Earplugs

  • They are comfortable to wear,
  • They seem to be high quality and long-lasting,
  • You can wash the earplugs in a little soapy water and they’ll be like-new!

When the earplugs are firmly in my ears, I cannot hear the loud traffic noise outside. Nor can I hear the shower going in the next room. In fact, the only thing that cuts through them is my morning alarm – thank goodness! Sounds that are very loud and close to your ears will be muffled but still audible. Loud background noises, however, are completely gone.

Bad Things About Loop Quiet Earplugs

  • The storage case is tiny and it’s a nightmare to locate when you’ve misplaced it,
  • My ideal ear tip size would be halfway between small and extra-small, so it’s a tight squeeze to get the small size in!

Besides these minor issues, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with how Loop blocks sound or fits in my ears. I can comfortably sleep on my side, with an ear pressed into my pillow, without pain.

I was really worried that they would be uncomfortable to sleep in due to numerous Amazon reviews that highlighted the issue. But after learning how to put the earplugs in correctly, I am fairly certain that these reviewers weren’t situating their Loop Quiet Earplugs to lay flat. That’s the key!

pink silicone ear plugs

Loop vs Silicone Earplugs

I’ve tried a few different earplugs for sleep before. The ones that were most effective were the squishy silicone blobs. You mould them to the shape of your ear so that they create a good seal.

Unfortunately, their main drawback was that after a night or two they would lose their stickiness and slowly pop out of my ears.

With Loop, I haven’t experienced that. Furthermore, you can wash and re-use these earplugs to get rid of any excess earwax or dust that may have gathered on the ear tips.

Although the price of Loop earplugs is way above the cost of other earplugs, the fact that they can be washed and reused makes them better value for money.

Conclusion – Should You Buy Loop Earplugs?

If you struggle to sleep due to noise, then I highly recommend you give them a go. Loop Quiet Earplugs come with different sizes and are highly effective when you use them correctly. There are some minor drawbacks, and my biggest concern is that I might lose them, especially when I am travelling. Considering the cost of Loop earplugs, replacing a lost pair is not cheap.

While I won’t risk taking these earplugs with me on holiday, I will continue to use these earplugs for sleep at home, that’s for sure!

If you would like to try Loop Quiet Earplugs, you can use this link or the link above. It will take you to these earplugs on Amazon. If you make a purchase after using these links, I may receive a small commission, but that’s at no extra cost to you.

loop ear plugs review

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