Katie Alice Ditsy Floral White Afternoon Tea Set Review

Katie Alice Ditsy Floral White Afternoon Tea Set Review

I’m not a really girly girl, but I can still appreciate a pretty pink floral teacup set. This ditsy Katie Alice teacup has featured in so many of my tea reviews here at Immortal Wordsmith. It was about time that I reviewed the teacup itself.

In this full review of the ditsy bone china teacup and saucer, you’ll find out how easy it is to use, how to clean it properly, and where best to buy it.

Right at the end you’ll even find a great tea recommendation to drink from this teacup set!

Katie Alice Teacup and Saucer at a Glance

  • Includes: Bone China teacup and matching saucer
  • Best For: Afternoon tea

A really lovely teacup and saucer set. You need to handwash it after every use, but it’s so worth the effort. I only wish it held more tea and came with a matching ditsy teapot!

katie alice teacup and saucer

Full Review – Katie Alice Ditsy Pink Teacup and Saucer

The Katie Alice ditsy teacup set that I’m reviewing contains a teacup and saucer in matching print. Currently, Katie Alice only has this available as a larger set that includes a side plate too. That’s perfect for a few biscuits or generous slice of cake!

White bone china is embellished with tiny pink roses all over and finished with gold detail around the rim and the top of the handle. All of the tea-ware from this company is designed in England by Katie Alice herself. It’s extremely pretty and very delicate – both in design and construction.

That thin lip makes it amazing for tea drinkers. It enhances the flavour and helps the tea flow nicely into your mouth. Unfortunately, that mean there’s more wear on that gold paint around the edge. That’s the part that will fade first.

Keeping it clean with gentle cleaning techniques (see below) is essential for keeping this teacup set like new.

pink ditsy teacup with black tea

How to Use a Teacup

Brewing in a 200ml teacup is not easy. At all. That’s why I recommend you brew your tea in a teapot then pour it into this teacup. It’s the traditional way and the best way. Katie Alice does have a selection of teapots, if you wanted to find one in a similar ditsy style.

If teapots aren’t your thing, brew your tea in a jug then pour it into the cup. Easy peasy.

Cleaning and Storing Bone China Teacups

This is painful. Really.

The two things you need to remember when you’re handwashing this teacup set is the bone china and the painted design. So, have a firm grip on the teacup because it will chip or shatter if you drop it in the sink or it slips off the kitchen countertop.

katie alice pink teaware

Use a soft cloth to clean it rather than an abrasive scrubber. If using a sponge, use the yellow side instead of the rough green side. This will stop you scrubbing off the gold and pink design over time.

I store this in a glass fronted tea-ware cabinet, but any cupboard where it’s protected from dust and won’t get accidentally buried and knocked over is a good place. Keeping the box it arrived in for storage is a good idea too.


I highly recommend this teacup set! Sure, it’s more expensive than buying a whole cupboard of cheap supermarket mugs… but just look at it. Beautiful. Whether you’re buying it as a gift or for your own growing tea-ware collection, you can find it on Amazon UK using the button below or on Katie Alice’s official website.

Tea Recommendation

Something pink and pretty to brew in this teacup? Take a look at my tea review of the Whittard Blooming Tea. They usually release it around Valentine’s Day each year. Paired with this ditsy teacup and saucer set, it makes a lovely gift!

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