IKEA Egentid Fruit and Herbal Infusion with Lemon Grass Tea Review

IKEA Egentid Fruit and Herbal Infusion with Lemon Grass Tea Review

On a trip to IKEA, I discovered some really cool treasures; fake flowers for my photography, elk-shaped pasta, and this tea. The IKEA Egentid range includes several tea types including a chai and this one – IKEA lemongrass tea.

The full name printed on the package is bit long – Egentid is me, myself and a cup of tea, fruit and herbal infusion with lemon grass.

In my full review below, discover the unusual ingredients in this herbal tea blend, how to brew it, and what to expect from the flavour.

IKEA Lemongrass Tea at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Lemongrass, apple, and chamomile with fruit and herb pieces
  • Flavour: Thick chamomile body with spearmint sweetness and subtle lemongrass

This is a smooth and pleasant herbal tea with chamomile and spearmint dominating the flavours, as well as subtle lemongrass permeating the aroma.

egentid lemongrass infusion

Full Review – Lemongrass Fruit and Herbal Infusion

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Loose Leaf
  • Ingredients: Apple, rosehip, lemongrass, curly mint, lemon balm leaves, camomile, natural flavouring
  • Health Benefits: Reduce inflammation and high blood pressure
  • Flavour Notes: Thick chamomile, spearmint sweetness, subtle lemongrass
  • Aroma: Fruity notes, lemongrass, chamomile, spearmint
  • Milk or Lemon: Neither
  • Where to Buy: IKEA In Store

You might have noticed in my photos that the 100g package of tea has split open – if this happens to you too, just put it in a Tupperware container. Conveniently, it’s just the right size to fit in a takeaway box!

As for the aroma of the dried tea, you can definitely tell that it’s lemongrass dominated. There’s also notes of hay from the chamomile and a subtle fruity edge. The apple and rosehip create this.

Once brewed into a golden yellow clear tea liquor with a hint of green, the spearmint appears more in the aroma. Sweet menthol notes tingle your nose amidst the citrus and floral scents.

The flavour, however, is mostly just chamomile and spearmint. The lemongrass takes a backseat in the infusion, which is kind of a shame.

Overall, it’s pleasant and smooth with a harmonious medley of flavours… but that’s it. It’s not outstanding, it’s just nice!

How to Brew Lemongrass Tea

This is an herbal and fruit infusion, with no caffeinated tea leaves, so you should use boiling water to brew it. I let mine brew for 5 minutes, but the instructions indicate that you can brew for up to 8.

For my review, I weighed out 2g of the infusion (a little over 1 teaspoon) and used 200ml of water. If you’re brewing a larger mug of tea, use up to 2 teaspoons instead.

You could maybe add some honey or a squeeze of lemon, but it doesn’t really need it. The spearmint and chamomile add their own sweetness and the lemongrass is naturally citrusy.

Why Choose IKEA Tea?

Although the furniture at IKEA is known to be quite cheap and mass-made, their tea is of a better quality. The ingredients are largely natural, with only a small amount of natural flavouring included. Furthermore, 30% of the herbs included in this blend are UTZ certified.

I like that it’s available as loose leaf but I think you can also find it as teabags when you’re trailing around an IKEA store (from memory). In my photos, you can see the lemongrass flakes, whole chamomile heads, and dried fruit pieces – this is lovely!

By the way, curly mint (listed as one of the ingredients) is a variant of spearmint, with pretty much the same flavour and aroma.

ikea lemongrass herbal tea loose leaf

Lemongrass Tea Health Benefits

According to WebMD, lemongrass tea can have numerous health benefits for you – it’s known to reduce inflammation which is great for your heart health. It can also reduce cholesterol and fight off infection.

Bear in mind that while these health benefits sound great, you’d need to consume a lot of lemongrass to have any noticeable effects. I recommend you just enjoy this natural, healthy tea with a balanced diet.


Drinking this tea is a pleasant experience and the carefully selected ingredients work harmoniously together. I felt it was missing a killer edge to make you go “wow” but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it nonetheless. You can find it during your next trip to IKEA, and you can learn more about the tea on IKEA’s official website.

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