Fosters Traditional Foods Pomegranate Green Tea Review

Fosters Traditional Foods Pomegranate Green Tea Review

Fruit and green tea go really well together, whether you’re sipping a fresh Japanese green tea and munching on grapes or peach slices, or trying a nice fruit-flavoured green tea. This pomegranate green tea by Fosters Traditional Foods is one of those great fruity green teas.

Not many teas that I’ve reviewed can balance the refreshing grassiness of green tea with the sweetness of fruit perfectly! Sometimes, picking up a simple and basic tea selection from a supermarket shelf can be very rewarding.

Pomegranate Flavour Green Tea at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Green tea with pomegranate flavouring
  • Flavour: A light and palate-refreshing green tea with subtle notes of sweet pomegranate

Once you get past the strong aroma when you first open the tea packet, you’ll find a subtle, sweet and light green tea with refreshing notes of pomegranate. It’s excellent for cleansing your palate!

pomegranate green tea bags

Full Review – Pomegranate Green Tea

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Foil-wrapped square paper tea bags
  • Tea: Green tea
  • Additives: Pomegranate flavouring
  • Flavour Notes: Refreshing green tea, light pomegranate notes
  • Aroma: Sweet pomegranate juice, grassy green tea
  • Milk or Lemon: Neither
  • Where to Buy: Tesco (or search pomegranate tea on Amazon)

The tea bags are wrapped in a foil bag inside the cardboard box, for freshness. And it certainly smells fresh! The pomegranate aroma is very bold and strong, like concentrated pomegranate juice. There’s no hint of green tea yet.

Once I’ve brewed it, the pale clear gold tea liquid has sweeter and lighter pomegranate notes, with that refreshing green tea scent pulling through as well.

Ungh. The flavour is so good. The green tea is the palate cleansing type – fresh, bright, grassy, and ever so slightly drying. The pomegranate is obviously artificial flavouring, rather than dried fruit pieces. But it’s expertly balanced with the green tea. Together, the flavours are refreshing and basic, yet sweet and mellow.

tesco green tea with pomegranate

How to Brew Green Tea with Pomegranate

The instructions for all the teas in the Fosters Traditional Foods tea box are unbelievably vague. In a nutshell, they simply direct you to put the teabag in hot water until you think it’s ready.

After a little testing, I discovered that the way to get the best flavour from this tea is to use 80°C water and let it steep for 2 full minutes. Brew for longer if you prefer a strong tea flavour.

This pomegranate green tea goes well with sweet foods, as it cleanses your mouth between bites so you can really appreciate the flavour of your cake or dessert.

Why Fosters Traditional Foods?

As I discovered when reviewing the Earl Grey tea blend from the Tea Time Assorted Tea Collection box, there’s really not much to know about this brand. They use Sri Lankan tea that’s blended and packaged in China before being shipped to the UK and distributed at Tesco stores up and down the country.

pomegranate flavoured green tea

There’s 4g of tea leaf per box, which means there is less than 1g of tea per tea bag. The standard amount is 2g per bag and up to 5g per sachet. So, you might want to consider that when experimenting with brew times. Try brewing for 30 seconds longer than you usually would, to start with.


It’s not often that I recommend a tea that I found in a supermarket tea collection from a brand no one has heard of. But this pomegranate green tea surpassed my expectations and if you happen to spot it on the shelf the next time you’re in Tesco’s, pick it up!

As far as I know, this tea isn’t available to buy separately or online.

tea in a tea cup with angel cake slices

Tea Recommendation

For another green tea that’s available in British supermarkets, take a look at my review of Pukka Supreme Matcha Green tea. Don’t be fooled, “supreme” isn’t actually a grade of matcha… and there’s almost no Matcha included in the tea bags… but it’s quite tasty, nonetheless.

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