5 Easter Gifts for Tea Lovers (UK)

easter gifts for tea lovers

Happy Easter! Now, how about some Easter gifts?

If you, or someone you know, loves both Easter and tea… well, you’ve come to the right place. I love my huge Cadbury chocolate egg at Easter time, but I just have to drink a great tea at the same time. So, I’ve created a list of 5 Easter Gifts for tea lovers.

All 5 products are available in the UK and will ship in time for Easter (if you are quick).

Teapigs Hot Cross Bun Tea (Limited Edition)

teapigs hot cross bun tea

I managed to get my hands on a cup of this caffeine-free tea last year. It’s so good! Thankfully, Teapigs are bringing it back again so we can all enjoy Hot Cross Bun tea this Easter. This makes a small, humble tea gift so if you want to make a more substantial gift try combining it with one of the other Easter gifts below.

Teapigs Hot Cross Bun Tea contains apple, blackberry leaf, chicory root and natural flavourings. It’s free of liquorice and plastic!

Yes, even though these are tea sachets rather than loose leaf, the quality is still amazing. I highly recommend checking this tea (and all Teapigs teas) out.

T2 Baxter’s Bakery

t2 baxters bakery easter gift

If you aren’t sure what tea is best, this Easter gift by T2 gives you a selection. The Baxter’s Bakery box contains four different loose leaf teas. What I really like about this Easter gift is that it isn’t the usual flavours. There’s no crème egg tea flavour, which is super popular among many tea brands this time of year. Instead, you get:

  • Baxter’s Buns
  • Banana Bake
  • Hot Jam Brownie
  • Lamington

You only get a small amount of tea in each box, however. Roughly enough for 5 cups, or more if you re-steep the leaves.

Lamington is the flavour to get really excited about – chocolate, coconut and raspberry to replicate the sweet cake treat with black tea.

Easter Chick Double Walled Tea Glass

glass duck tea glass

For the tea lover that already has a mountain of tea, help them sip it down faster with a new tea glass! This duck cup is made from borosilicate glass, so it won’t shatter when you add boiling water… although it won’t survive a short fall onto tiled floor, as I found at first-hand.

I’ve reviewed the Whittard Pao Mug, which is also borosilicate, to give you an idea of what the material can handle.

This is a decent Easter gift so don’t be put off when you find it available to buy from multiple sellers. The best place to find it is Amazon, due to their speedy shipping and returns policy. You can also find it on Etsy and from other independent sellers, like Chonki.

Try filling it with chocolate mini eggs and then wrapping it as a gift. You can also gift this to hot chocolate and coffee lovers too.

Bird & Blend Tea-Infused Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate eggs infused with tea. It’s real!

Bird and Blend are a fairly well-known and much-loved British tea brand offering a range of quirky tea flavours. They have some great Easter blends available right now, but what really caught my eye was their tea-infused chocolate eggs.

Made in the UK by Only Coco, these are dark chocolate eggs infused with B&B teas. They’re totally vegan too! Furthermore, they’re packaged in eco-friendly biodegradable materials, so there’s no plastic insight.

They arrive in a pink egg box, which has a really cute vibe. There’s no need to wrap this tea Easter gift before you give it.

Honeywell Bunny and Carrot Biscuits

What good is a cup of tea without biscuits to go with it?

This is another British company selling their yummy products through Not On The High Street. The Honeywell Biscuit Co is located in Northamptonshire and they use a range of fresh, British and local produce wherever possible.

Their biscuits are adorable and they’ve even been featured in Country Homes & Interiors!

This jar (yes, you get to keep the jar) contains roughly 20 biscuits in the shape of bunny rabbits and carrots. They’re iced with fondant icing, which does contain some artificial ingredients. But otherwise, these vanilla-flavoured snacks are just delightful.

Order these early – they’ll last up to two months stored in their jar, and the delivery can be a tad slow.

Do you know of any other great tea-themed Easter gifts in the UK? Let me know in the comments so I can add them to my list.

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