Dragonfly Tea Moonlight Jasmine Review

Dragonfly Tea Moonlight Jasmine Review

I have wanted to try Dragonfly Tea for a very long time, and what better tea to start with than Dragonfly Tea Moonlight Jasmine. With a name that reminds me of the Wind and the Willows (pictured in my photographs, I highly recommend reading it), I was so eager for this detailed tea review!

This week, I am reviewing this tea by examining the ingredients, quality, flavour, aroma and the brand itself. I will also give you my best brewing instructions for jasmine green tea and a few links to purchase it online.

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Dragonfly Jasmine Green Tea at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Organic green tea and jasmine blooms
  • Flavour: Soft and gentle green tea with hints of jasmine and pleasant astringency

This is a nice jasmine green tea – it’s pleasant and drinkable, but also nothing special. The jasmine notes are present but not particularly fresh and the quality is pretty average too.

dragonfly jasmine teabags

Full Review – Dragonfly Tea Moonlight Jasmine

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Tagged paper filter teabag
  • Tea: Organic green tea
  • Additives: Jasmine petals
  • Flavour Notes: Soft, gentle green tea, subtle jasmine, drying
  • Aroma: Grass, green tea, matcha, jasmine
  • Milk or Lemon: Neither
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

Opening up the teabag, I love the smell of the green tea. It’s smooth and grassy with a note that actually reminds me of matcha tea. The jasmine is present too, but it is super subtle. That’s okay, as sometimes jasmine comes to life when you add hot water.

That’s certainly the case here! Once brewed, Dragonfly Tea Moonlight Jasmine produces a soft daffodil yellow coloured tea that has a classic jasmine green tea aroma. The jasmine and green tea elements are beautifully balanced, and I can’t wait to take a sip.

Mmm. That’s good.

This is a very decent jasmine green tea, with soft and gentle green tea notes. The jasmine isn’t the freshest-tasting I’ve ever had, but it is present and adds that lovely floral note to the cup. As for the texture and mouthfeel, this is a thin tea with a slight astringency. This combination makes for a very cleansing and drying sensation.

I really enjoyed this tea, and it is the perfect kind of jasmine green tea to pair with hot, sticky, and sweet Asian foods. It will cleanse your palate and leave you ready for another bite.

cup of dragonfly tea moonlight jasmine

How to Brew Jasmine Green Tea

Brewing jasmine green tea requires a little patience, but as a reward, you’ll get a bitter-free cup of tea with smooth and gentle notes. To achieve this, you must use water at 80°C rather than boiling, so let the water cool for 5 minutes after the kettle finishes.

Once your water is at the right temperature, add 1 teabag of Dragonfly Tea Moonlight Jasmine and steep for 1 to 3 minutes. I used 1 teabag for 200ml of water and brewed for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Less is more with this tea, so start with the shortest brew time and take a sip before deciding if it needs more time. You don’t need to add milk, sweetener, or lemon. This tea is perfect as it is.

Why Dragonfly Tea?

Dragonfly Tea are part of a British family, and they have a wide range of teas including Moonlight Jasmine. They are passionate about tea and sell their products around the world, in the UK, USA and numerous countries across Europe. If you want to try their products, they are super accessible and at a decent price range comparable to other teabag brands in the UK.

As for the ingredients in this tea, it is super simple. They use organic green tea (origins not disclosed) and jasmine flowers to scent the tea – it’s not clear if the jasmine petals are left in the tea blend or removed. In the traditional method of making green tea, the tea leaves are exposed to jasmine blooms overnight to absorb the oils and fragrances of the flowers. In the morning, the petals are removed as they can leave a bitter tinge to the final tea product.

organic green tea with jasmine flavour

I also really quite like the packaging of this tea. The teabags are made from paper and string, with absolutely zero plastic. The outer packaging is a cardboard box and individual paper wrappers – entirely recyclable and biodegradable.

Finally, the amount of tea you actually get. There is 2g of jasmine green tea per envelope of Dragonfly Tea Moonlight Jasmine, which is the perfect amount in my opinion. Some tea brands will try to use 1.5g of ingredients, but unless those ingredients are super strong in flavour, it just isn’t enough. Acorus Harmony Herbal Tea is a good example of this in action.


Ultimately, I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing Dragonfly Tea Moonlight Jasmine. The ingredients are good quality, albeit finely chopped to fit in a teabag, and organic which is a lovely plus. The flavour is a classic that’s nicely executed and while it is nothing special, it is still very drinkable. I would never turn my nose up at a cuppa!

You can find this tea on Amazon to give it a try for yourself.

moonlight jasmine teabags review

Tea Recommendation

If you want to try a loose leaf jasmine green tea instead, then instead of Dragonfly Tea Moonlight Jasmine, you should take a look at T2 China Jasmine. With worldwide shipping from Australia, they are a good brand with a huge range of flavoured teas to select from.

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