Clipper Organic Earl Grey Tea Review

Clipper Organic Earl Grey Tea Review

Is Earl Grey an everyday kind of tea in your house, or is it saved for special afternoon treats? Either way, I highly recommend Clipper Earl Grey tea! I know I normally leave my final verdict to the end of the article, but I just can’t deny that I want you to love this tea from the moment you start reading.

Clipper are a British tea brand and I first discovered there teas in a supermarket about a decade ago. I loved them from the first sip.

In this full tea review, find out why I love Clipper Organic Earl Grey so much, including tasting notes, brewing tips, and where you can buy it for yourself.

Clipper Earl Grey Tea at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Organic black tea with natural bergamot flavouring
  • Flavour: Smooth black tea with strong bergamot notes

This is a really nice, smooth Earl Grey with no bitterness. I prefer mine with milk (often as a tea latte) but it’s equally nice with a slice of lemon. You’ll love the price tag on this tea too!

clipper earl grey teabags box

Full Review – Clipper Earl Grey Teabags

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Tagged unbleached paper teabags
  • Tea: Organic black tea
  • Additives: Natural bergamot flavouring
  • Flavour Notes: Smooth, plain, strong bergamot
  • Aroma: Light black tea, floral, citrus bergamot,
  • Milk or Lemon: Either
  • Where to Buy: Supermarkets across the UK, Amazon

Ripping open the paper wrapper to reveal the unbleached teabag (yes, no chemicals!) you’re immediately hit with that floral and citrus note of bergamot. It’s quite subtle, but long-lasting. At this stage, the dry tea leaf doesn’t give off much aroma.

It brews quickly (quicker than you expect) into a dark, murky black-brown tea colour.

Despite looking so dark, it’s actually a great tea to drink without milk. The black tea base is quite plain, but very smooth. It doesn’t have any bitter notes, even when brewed for longer than Clipper recommend.

The bergamot is the real star of the show, though. It’s strong and bright, with those lovely citrus notes pinging around your mouth long into the aftertaste. A brilliant cup of Earl Grey!

How to Brew Earl Grey Tea

To drink this tea black, brew for two minutes. If you want to add milk or make a latte, brew for four minutes. Either way, use boiling water fresh from the kettle.

I like to use soy milk with my Earl Grey, as it’s not too rich. Any dairy milk goes nicely with it though. A slice of lemon is a good option too, if you want to have this Earl Grey for afternoon tea. Don’t add milk and lemon at the same time, however.

As for food pairings… biscuits, anyone? I find Earl Grey is great for buttery, rich sweet treats. Shortbread, for example. The citrus bergamot just cuts through it beautifully.

Why Clipper’s Unbleached Teabags?

Often with Earl Grey teas that contain natural bergamot flavouring, the citrusy bergamot is very weak. Bergamot is not a cheap ingredient, so a lot of brands rely on flavouring instead of oils and essences – not that this stops them from ranking well on my Best Earl Grey Tea List.

That’s why I really like Clipper Earl Grey tea. The flavours are strong, but still Certified Soil Associate Organic and packaged in unbleached, plastic-free teabags. In fact, all of the packaging is entirely recyclable.

Of course, the tea quality isn’t amazing. It’s finely chopped and dusty, so it will infuse quickly when you brew the teabag. But still, it’s so much better than the bleached or plastic cheap teabags you usually find on supermarket shelves.

As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of Clipper tea!


These teas are really nice. As teabag Earl Greys go, it’s one of the best and it’s totally organic and quite affordable. What more could you want? Usually, the supermarkets will have the best deals on Clipper Earl Grey, but if you need to buy it online you can find it on Amazon. Check out the button below or the links above to go straight there.

Tea Recommendation

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