Cheong Hing Tea Gift Set Review

Cheong Hing Tea Gift Set Review

As an avid tea drinker, I’m always a little cautious about receiving tea gifts – there’s a large chance that the gift won’t be to my taste or be too poor quality. Those chances are even higher when it’s a gift from a non-tea drinker.

So, if you’re searching for a tea gift set to get a tea drinker and want to avoid disappointment, I can help. Here at Immortal Wordsmith I’ve been reviewing teas, teaware and tea gift sets for years – the Cheong Hing Tea Gift Set is just one of them.

In this mini review I’ll give you a run down of what this tea gift set is, what is included, and whether a tea lover would be happy to receive it!

What is the Cheong Hing Tea Gift Set?

jasmine green tea caddy

The Cheong Hing Tea Gift set is a collection of six mini tea tins, each filled with 17g of tea. The teas are sourced from China and (to my knowledge) only contain natural fragrances and ingredients. I was gifted this tea set but it was initially purchased through Amazon. I’ve noticed that the six tea types included in the set can change from time to time, but the six I’ve reviewed are:

  • Jasmine Tea – green tea with whole jasmine flowers and loose petals.
  • Orchid Tea – a rich fragrant and slightly earthy tea (I would guess it’s oolong tea).
  • Yunnan Tea – dark with mineral notes, this is probably a black tea or maybe even pu-er.
  • Oolong Tea – earthy and slightly sweet with notes of stone fruits!
  • Scented Tea – the darkest of them all. It has notes of autumn leaves and rotting earth.
  • Tikuanyin Tea – a classic oolong. It’s full-bodied and slightly earthy with distinct fruity and nutty notes.

Note that these six tins don’t come in a nice box or gift bag – so you might want to pick a nice wooden chest or gift bag from Amazon when you buy this tea gift.

About Cheong Hing Tea Co.

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Cheong Hing Tea Company doesn’t have a huge presence online, or in the Western world at least. On their Bloomberg profile page, there’s a short bio explaining the company was founded in the 1960s and the headquarters are based in Hong Kong.

This company also has a profile on Steepster where other tea reviewers have described their experiences drinking teas from this company.

So, while this company isn’t well-know, there is plenty of evidence that they are reliable and sell a good product! I’ve found this mini tea gift set available on Amazon, Thai Food Direct, eBay, and a few other odd places online.

This Is a Brilliant Gift for Tea Lovers!

I loved receiving this gift. Once I’d opened a few tins and discovered the quality of the loose leaf tea within them, I was satisfied… and curious. There’s so little information about these teas online and the labels give nothing away. Tasting this tea set is a real adventure and that’s brilliant for more experienced tea drinkers who want to play a guessing game and really put their tea tasting skills to the test.

cheong hing tea gift

Of course, there are a few drawbacks:

  • Besides the Jasmine Green Tea, all the other teas are fairly similar in oxidation, aroma and flavour.
  • The tea tins aren’t airtight so these teas will go stale quite quickly unless you seal them with Sellotape or move the tea to other containers.
  • If the labels fall off, there’s no way to distinguish the teas as all six tins are identical. This also means that keeping the tins after they’re empty isn’t as nice. If each were different, you could reuse them or display them nicely. But would you have a use for six identical mini tins?

Nonetheless, it’s a lovely experience opening and drinking these teas. Particularly for heavy tea drinkers, it’s nice to have a small sampler size set. It allows you the chance to try something new without taking up a lot of cupboard space!

A Few Extra Tea Treats

At the time of writing this article, the tea gift set is firmly in the “secret Santa” or “stocking stuffer” category. It’s a small gift, both in size and price. So, if you want to make this a main gift you should consider buying some extra things with it.

A nice teapot is always a good idea – I recommend the Whittard Pimlico Teapot. Or, you could buy a gaiwan or Chinese style tea set from Amazon to match the Chinese tea theme of the Cheong Hing Tea Gift Set.

More practical gift ideas could include precise tea weighing scales, or if you want to be a little whimsical you can buy a tea pet as well!

mini tea tins set

Where to Buy Cheong Hing Tea Gift Set

I’ve found this tea set available on Amazon UK, which usually has the best price when you factor in the delivery costs, convenience and reliability of the service. Use the button below to go straight there or browse more tea gift set reviews on the blog.

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