BOH Tea Seri Songket Collection Review

BOH Tea Seri Songket Collection Review

BOH Tea very kindly sent me a sampler of their Seri Songket collection! I’ve been reviewing each tea in-depth over the past year here on the blog and I’m now ready to wrap it all up. If you haven’t discovered BOH’s fruit teas by now… why not?! They’re super tasty and there’s something in this tea collection for everyone.

Like a decent box of chocolates, feel free to let your friends and family drink the ones you don’t like!

Below you can find summary reviews of each tea included, plus links to buy them separately if you don’t want to buy the whole collection.

About BOH Tea Seri Songket

This collection of tea is all about infusing exotic flavours with the high-grown teas of the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. BOH sell their tea worldwide (you can find it on Amazon) so you can try be transported to their stunning tea gardens no matter where you are. Just pop the kettle on and enjoy!

The tea selection contains 5 individually wrapped teabags of 6 different flavours. The bright colours of the packaging really reflect the vibrancy of the tea flavours. Earl Grey with Tangerine is my personal favourite.

The Seri Songket Tea Collection

I should warn you, these teas mostly contain flavourings, with a few citrus peel pieces added to boost it. So, if you are looking for naturally flavoured, authentic fruit teas, head back to my Tea Review Index and look for something new.

If you’re just looking for a super tasty cup of tea, read on…

Earl Grey with Tangerine

boh earl grey with tangerine tea review
Izzy's Rating

A classic Earl Grey tea with added sweetness from notes of tangerine. Unlike an orange, tangerine has less tartness and more sweetness. I really like that it makes the tea taste even fresher. The Malaysian black tea has some richness to it, so the tangerine balances that out nicely. Overall, I did really like this tea – but I thought it could be better. If you have the chance, try it cold brewed or add slices of fresh tangerine!

Use the buttons below to find it on Amazon or read my full Seri Songket tea review for more details.

Lychee with Rose

BOH Lychee with Rose Tea Review
Izzy's Rating

Rose teas are not really my cup of tea, if you know what I mean. The soapy perfumed flavour of rose just doesn’t sit well. So, it was a pleasant surprise to try it with lychee and black tea! The juicy lychee goes nicely with the floral aroma and adds a little depth to the cup. You might find that this tea in the Seri Songket collection is a little bitter, so add a teaspoon of sugar or honey to balance that out.

If you’re looking for an interesting afternoon tea, this is it.

Lime and Ginger

BOH Lime and Ginger Tea Review
Izzy's Rating

This is another one that’s great with a little sugar to sweeten it! I usually think of Thai curries and Asian cuisine when I’m dealing with lime and ginger, so it’s unusual to have it in a tea. It is pleasant though, with hints of ginger fire spice and bitter lime peel adding something juicy to BOH Tea’s Malaysian high grown black tea.

One of the great things about buying a selection of teas is that you find new blends that you wouldn’t normally look for – like this one. It wasn’t my favourite, but I’m glad I tried it.

Lemon with Mandarin

BOH Lemon with Mandarin Tea Review
Izzy's Rating

Yes, it doesn’t score well… but it’s not a bad tea. The lemon could be smoother and the mandarin could be brighter, but the black tea base from BOH’s tea gardens is still delightful. When you add a slice of lemon to this tea and drink it hot, it’s almost like an Earl Grey. But it’s also very pleasant when iced or cold brewed. I’m hanging onto a few teabags of this one to drink in the summer months.

I don’t think this one needs extra sweetening, but if you have a very sweet tooth then I’d recommend honey rather than sugar. That will add some richness and depth to the flavour.


BOH Mango Tea Review
Izzy's Rating

Mango is one of my favourite fruits. I found a recipe for it recently where it’s coated in honey and served atop ginger-spiced coconut rice pudding. This tea doesn’t quite live up to that magnificence though. The Seri Songket Mango black tea is smooth and full bodied with only hints of mango. It’s slightly juicy, slightly tropical and quite refreshing. This is another tea that would do well with an additional teaspoon of honey to sweeten it.

Try cold brewing this tea with slices of strawberry and peach. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream if you fancy a float.

Passion Fruit

BOH Passion Fruit Tea Review
Izzy's Rating

My least favourite of the Seri Songket collection is passionfruit. I just find it too fake to be pleasant. It’s fake and quite generic! The best I can describe it as is tropical fruit punch mixed with smooth black tea. The flavouring BOH use in this one is astringent and just not reminiscent of passionfruit. I tried a passionfruit blend from Nago Brew recently and it was fantastic. If only BOH could replicate it!

Nonetheless, liking 5 out of the 6 different flavours in this tea collection is not bad at all. Give it a try – maybe you’ll have better luck than I have with passionfruit black tea.

Thirsty for more? Use my tea review index in the menu to browse teas by BOH and more.

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