BOH Earl Grey with Tangerine Tea Review

boh earl grey with tangerine tea review

Oranges, satsumas, and tangerines will forever be Christmas fruits in my mind. No matter how summery and sweet they taste, my first thought will always be eating the fruit first thing on Christmas morning.

I was so excited about the Earl Grey with Tangerine blend from BOH Tea Malaysia! I mentioned loving the idea of it to them and they very gracefully sent me a box in my sample pack.

Adding another citrus fruit to the already bergamot-laden Earl Grey blend is an interesting idea. You might wonder if it blends right in until it’s unnoticeable or whether it will become citrus overkill.

The reality was somewhere in between.

Tangerine Earl Grey Tea at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Black tea with bergamot flavouring and tangerine peel
  • Flavour: A classic Earl Grey with added sweet fresh notes from the tangerine

A subtle take on my favourite tea – Earl Grey. The tangerine adds a fresh quality to the citrus bergamot and brings a little sweetness to the black tea base.

tangerine earl grey teabags

Full Review – BOH Seri Songket Earl Grey with Tangerine

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Tagged paper filter tea bag
  • Tea: Malaysian black tea
  • Additives: Bergamot flavouring, tangerine peel
  • Flavour Notes: Subtle black tea, bergamot, fresh and sweet tangerine
  • Aroma: bergamot, black tea, hint of sweet tangerine
  • Milk or Lemon: Neither
  • Where to Buy: Amazon or BOH Official Website

This was a subtle Earl Grey from start to finish. Opening the foil packet, the tea bag gave off the light aroma of black tea (it reminds me of a Ceylon tea as it’s fresh, bright and almost floral) and a hint of sweet citrus tangerine.

It brews into a dark mahogany red tea, which was unexpected! I like my Earl Grey tea to be light and fragrant – I opt for a slice of lemon if I don’t fancy it black. Rarely will I reach into the fridge for some milk.

The brewed tea has tangerine high notes and a light black tea base. The bergamot mingles with the tangerine to create a more complex citrus note.

That first sip is quite nice. The tea has a notable body, it’s not as light as I first imagined, and I’m glad I brewed it lightly to enjoy without milk. There’s the classic Earl Grey bergamot coming through but it tastes renewed. The fresh zest and sweetness from the tangerine, although very delicate, lights the entire cup.

It was a pleasant experience but not magnificent. I imagine if this was loose leaf and there was a larger amount of tangerine peel included, it would taste significantly brighter.

earl grey glass teacup

How to Brew Earl Grey Tangerine Tea

Instructions are to brew for 3 to 5 minutes, to taste, using boiling water. I stopped the clock at 3 minutes exactly as I wanted to try it without milk and I usually enjoy my tea quite light.

Head towards the 4-minute mark if you like it a little stronger. 5 minutes should be your aim if you’re adding milk.

I’d drink this tea with anything. Fresh fruit slices, biscuits, even just your usual weekday dinner. It certainly earned its spot on my Best Earl Grey list for adaptability!

Why BOH Tea Malaysia?

I am loving the Seri Songket BOH tea range. They take ordinary teas and add tropical flavours that make me want to sing (and no one wants to hear that!) after each sip. I love BOH’s flavour combinations and beautiful packaging. They are missing a few of the usual things I look out for though – namely some kind of organic certification and eco-friendly packaging upon arrival.

Taking a closer look at the quality of the tea, I’m pretty happy with what I see. The tea leaf is very small (fannings) which is about average for a standard tea bag. The bergamot appears to be flavouring too – also standard, as bergamot oils are not cheap at all. But the tangerine appears to be real flecks of dried tangerine peel!

black teabag citrus

This is a decent tea of a decent teabag quality. An everyday drinker, but not quality enough to be a special tea. There is a loose leaf option available which looks to be a tad better though.


Overall, I would recommend this tea for casual drinking. It would also be nice iced or cold brewed if you have the time. Worth trying as it’s available with international shipping! If you’re not ready to commit to a full box, keep an eye out for the mixed Seri Songket packets for a variety of teas to get your toes wet.

boh tea malaysia seri songket

Tea Recommendation

Looking for another everyday tea? You can’t go wrong with Twinings Everyday Tea! It’s exactly what it claims to be. It won’t knock your socks off or have you raving about it to friends, but it’s a great tea for casual slurping nonetheless.

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