BOH Garden Teas – Palas Afternoon Tea Review

BOH Garden Teas – Palas Afternoon Tea Review

Everything about this tea screams “afternoon tea” from the delicate butterflies painted on the side of the tin to the fragrant citrusy notes of the tea itself. BOH Palas Afternoon Tea is from the Garden Teas selection, each containing tea from a single garden in Malaysia.

So, bake some cakes in bitesize squares and cut the crusts off your sandwiches – this is a beautiful afternoon tea to serve up as a little treat for yourself during the covid lockdown. Go on, you deserve it.

Keep reading to find out how best to brew this tea and where you can buy it.

BOH Palas Afternoon Tea at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Tea: OP ‘A’ black tea from BOH’s tea gardens in Malaysia
  • Flavour: Smooth and light tea with tannin, citrus and astringent notes

This tea has everything you need in an afternoon tea blend. It has those refreshing astringent notes and citrus hints to cleanse your palate from sticky treats!

boh garden teas tin

Full Review – BOH Garden Teas – Palas Afternoon

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Biodegradable mesh pyramid sachet
  • Tea: OP ‘A’ black tea
  • Origin: BOH tea gardens, Malaysia
  • Flavour Notes: Smooth, light, tannins, astringency, citrus
  • Aroma: Tannins, citrusy, green, malty, bright
  • Milk or Lemon: Lemon, if desired
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

The tea tin has a double seal which keeps the tea sachets inside super fresh. You’re instantly hit with that tannin aroma you get from black tea when you open it. This tea has a green, citrusy aroma which is just what you’re looking for in an afternoon tea. There’s also a slightly malty note, that hints that this tea will be super satisfying too.

It brews into a clear, light amber brown coloured liquid. Even with the long brew time, this tea doesn’t get dark enough to have with milk.

As for the aroma now, it’s brighter and has lost those tannin and green notes. This matches the flavour – it’s mostly a light, smooth black tea with astringent notes of citrus and tannins. It’s a pleasant tea to drink, especially with a slice of lemon floating in it.

My only complaint is that it lacks depth and complexity. It’s good. It’s not great.

boh palas afternoon teacup

How to Brew BOH Tea Malaysia Afternoon Tea

BOH recommend a 5-minute brew time in freshly boiled water as hot as you can get it. I second that. I usually like short brew times so my tea is lighter, but with BOH Palas Afternoon tea you want a longer brew time so you pull out all those flavour notes. A short brew time would make it too weak.

Lemon is very nice in this tea, to play up the citrus notes. I don’t like sugar in my afternoon tea – I’m drinking it to wash down sweetness, not add to it. But if you have a particularly sweet tooth, there’s no reason why you can’t add some sweetener.

Why BOH Garden Teas?

Even though this tea is packaged in individual sachets, the quality of the tea is fantastic. The large leaves are beautiful to watch unfurl, so don’t be afraid to take them out of the sachet and brew loose in a teapot.

boh malaysia black tea

On the bottom of the beautiful, double-lid-sealed tea tin, BOH have a little description of this tea.

With a light aroma, this full leaf Orange Pekoe “A” afternoon tea is carefully chosen and picked from selected tea fields.

There aren’t any organic or FairTrade certifications on this tea, but it is from one of Malaysia’s biggest (if not the biggest) tea suppliers. That counts for something. I’ve reviewed many of their teas on the blog now and they rarely disappoint.


This is a pleasant tea, one of the nicest in the entire BOH Tea Malaysia range, so definitely give it a try! It’s available in these very attractive tea tins on Amazon or from BOH’s official website. I love that you can reuse them too.

Tea Recommendation

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