25 Best Tea Instagram Accounts to Follow

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I spend far too much time on Instagram, how about you? At least I’m following some great tea Instagram accounts who fill my feed with interesting content! There is a really great tea community on Instagram so if you want to learn more about tea (or just see some tea-themed eye candy) then here are my top 25 accounts to follow.

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If you find your tea account here, I hope you’ll feel flattered! But if not, just drop me a message on Instagram or our website contact page and I will remove your account upon request. No harm intended.

1.      The Lost Card Teahouse

tea instagram accounts to follow

@thelostcarduk has that minimalist hygge vibe going on. Their content is a mix of card games and tea, to satisfy your mind and taste buds. One of my favourite tea Instagram accounts.

2.      mrsradfad

mrs rad fad tea instagram screenshot

@mrsradfad was one of the first tea accounts I followed on Instagram. Based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, she shares tea reviews and thoughts on a wide range of topics.

3.      Erika loves tea

tea and archaeology account

@tea_and_archaeology is a tea account run by Erika. I love to see the photos of tea on-the-go! Erika always finds the most beautiful scenery as the backdrop to her teas.

4.      danatea

dana tea instagram accounts

@danatea.co isn’t the kind of Instagram account that posts every single day… but when there is a new post, it’s always a beautiful photo to admire! Danatea also has a great YouTube account to follow.

5.      Farah – tastycuppa

screenshot of tastycuppa instagram feed

At the time of writing, @tastycuppa hasn’t posted on Instagram since 2020… but I live in hope that they will return! I really love their feed and I hope you will too.

6.      Lucinda Tea Lover

spill the tea with lucy account

@spilltheteawithlucy is a great account to follow if you want to enrich your life with mindfulness and wellness. I always like to watch this account’s stories and tea recommendations.

7.      Millie – Tea Blogger

great tea-themed Instagram account

@tea_chats_with_millie is always a great account to visit if you want to have a chat. There’s a lot of positivi-tea going on here!

8.      Angie – The software developer that loves tea

screenshot of Instagram photo grid

@lostinmytea is an account run by Angie, from Vancouver in Canada. There are some fabulous tea reviews to read on this account.

9.      Tea Millennials

vibrant photo feed

@teamillennial is an account run by a pair of millennials who occasionally share great photos and reviews of the teas they are drinking.

10. Have A Tea With Me by Trix

trix tea Instagram account

@haveateawithme is a positive and fun-loving creative tea account to follow. It’s more of a journey with tea added on top. Great content here!

11.  Tea or Poison?

tea or poison

@teaorpoison shares great photos of the teas they’re drinking. Make sure you read the captions as well because there are some awesome recipes shared too.

12.  Aesthetic Tea Photography

tea photography to follow

If you need a daily dose of some beautiful tea photography, @teatimetoday_ is the perfect account to follow. You can also tag this account in your photos for a chance to be featured.

13.  Marcel Karcher

tea log instagram account

Tea photography and gorgeous ceramic tea ware are what @tea.log are all about. If you’re a huge fan of tea ware like this, or single origin tea, then give them a follow!

14.  Othniel Giovanni

indonesian tea blogger

This Indonesian tea drinker and educator posts amazing crystal clears photos. @exoteaque is a photographer and author – definitely worth following.

15.  Danielle – Tea and Me Blog

tea and me blog screenshot

A Michigan-based tea lover and blogger. Much like me, @teaandmeblog posts great photos of tea and has great blog reviews to read alongside them.

16.  Marco – Steapd Tea

loose leaf tea blogger

@steapd_tea is an account run by Marco, a tea lover who takes some great minimalist photos of tea leaves, among other awesome pics. I’m honestly quite jealous of his photography skills.

17.  Daria Szczepańska

daria tea photos on Instagram

If you want to watch the seasons change throughout the year with a cup of tea, then you have to follow @dariaaszczepanska. Her photo set ups are amazing.

18.  Kelly Miller, AKA Roswell Strange

kelly miller Instagram account

A brilliant blogger who tries all manner of teas. @ros_strange also reviews their sips regularly on Steepster as well as Instagram.

19.  Reina – Dutch Tea Lover

a dutch tea lover's instagram account

A teaware addict and tea sommelier, follow @theerista_reina for regular updates as they explore the world of tea. They post on Instagram daily! You can’t go wrong with tea Instagram accounts like this one.

20.  Michi – Ottawa, Canada

minimalist tea photography

@lycheesandtealeaves is all about the minimal and the quiet… and the tea. There’s often some great food photography shots and recipes featured in her stories too.

21.  TeaProNation (Teapro)

mugs of tea in a grid design

Yes, @teapronation is an account run by Teapro, who you might remember from my blog reviews. I went through the 12-month tea subscription by Teapro for the blog. This account is run by the Teapro team but features other artists. Just tag @teapronation for a chance to be featured.

22.  Buba – Bulgarian Charm

buba bulgarian tea blogger

@buba_blog is a Bulgarian lifestyle and tea blogger who is definitely worth following. I took this screenshot around Christmas time, but they post great photos all year around. I love that the tea community is shared between people of all countries and age groups.

23.  Sheng Belly (for Pu-Erh Lovers)

cute teacups

If you love sheng pu-erh (or just photos of pretty teacups) then make sure you are following @shengbelly on Instagram for your daily dose of raw pu-erh tea.

24.  Victoria – kami.way

tea ceramics account

@kami.way is an Instagram account run by Вікторія (Victoria) who is an artist who creates gorgeous ceramics (and often tea-related bits and pieces).

25. Something Pink and Pretty?

pink instagram tea accounts

This is the account of @petalosderosamx who always posts the prettiest, cleanest photos of tea. There are many reviews to read and personal stories too.

Have an Account to Add?

If you think your account (or another person’s account) should be included on this list, head to @izzysden on Instagram and drop me a message. I’d love to chat tea with you and see your favourite tea Instagram accounts!

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