Best Tea Advent Calendars in the UK

Christmas is coming!

I’ll admit, it’s mid-September when I’m writing this, but I wanted to start my research early to make sure all my tea-loving readers had the best tea advent calendar in time for the countdown. All the calendars on this list are available in the UK (some with free shipping, some without) and will count you down from the 1st of December.

Check out my thoughts on each tea advent calendar below, in no particular order (they all have unique features that make them stand out).

2020 UPDATE: I’ve completely updated this article with the 2020 tea calendar offerings. There’s a reduced selection available this year (probably due to Covid) but we still have some great British brands creating tea calendars!

Whittard – The Luxury Tea Advent Calendar

whittard luxury tea advent calendar
  • Tea Format: teabags
  • Cups per Day: 4
  • Flavour Selection: standard Whittard range (non-Christmassy)
  • Christmas Level: 6 out of 10

The Luxury Tea Advent Calendar from Whittard of Chelsea is one of the most expensive on my list (although you do get free next day delivery) and contains a large volume of tea. Inside each sliding draw, you’ll find 4 teabags of Whittard tea.

My Christmas Level rating for this calendar is pretty low. Besides the really beautiful box it comes it that you can reuse and fill with more tea, there’s very little that’s Christmassy here. 1 out of the 24 teas included is Christmas themed. Poor effort! The other 23 are standard Whittard tea blends, from Afternoon to Piccadilly to Very Berry Crush. Nothing you can’t buy separately.

The tea is great quality and the box is beautiful, so I’d recommend it for people who don’t want to drown in Christmas cheer but still want to celebrate the countdown to Christmas day.

Newby Teas Advent Calendar

newby advent calendar 2020
  • Tea Format: teabags
  • Cups per Day: 4
  • Flavour Selection: Newby’s classic tea bag collection
  • Christmas Level: 2 out of 10

Rather than go for the usual Christmassy themes, I love how Newby Teas has done something else. It makes it feel less like an essential Christmas item and more like an early gift for yourself! The red and white calendar holds 24 drawers, each containing 4 tea bags from Newby’s classic tea bag collection. It’s not very Christmassy but it’s high quality tea nonetheless.

The theme of the calendar is a London, showing the headquarters of Newby Tea on St John Street, with a few flakes of snow drifting down. The whole construction is quite sturdy and could be reused beyond Christmas to store tea or whatever you’d like. I like that it’s reusable.

Overall, a very nice luxury item and a fantastic gift. The low Christmas vibes and the fact it’s teabags rather than sachets or loose leaf, does bring it down though.

Pukka Days of Christmas Tea Advent Calendar 2020

pukka herbal tea advent calendar 2020
  • Tea Format: teabags
  • Cups per Day: 1
  • Flavour Selection: standard fruit, herbal and green tea Pukka blends
  • Christmas Level: 4 out of 10

This simple and affordable offering from Pukka is the best 2020 tea advent calendar for evening drinks. It contains all the Pukka originals which never contain much caffeine, even the green tea blends. A handful are vaguely Christmas themed (Wild Apple and Cinnamon, Three Ginger, etc.) but most are the usual fruity and herby blends you expect from Pukka.

Pukka have let me down with the Christmassy level of the outer box too! It’s simple and opens up into a hanging long card type calendar that will need to be thrown out once Christmas is over.

All that being said, the price is pretty incredible. It’s one of the cheapest advent calendars that still offers at least 1 cup of tea per day. I’d recommend this for those who can’t have caffeinated teas!

English Tea Shop Organic Advent Tea Calendar

english tea shop red tea advent calendar
  • Tea Format: tea sachets
  • Cups per Day: 1
  • Flavour Selection: Christmas themed
  • Christmas Level: 10 out of 10

I’ve said it before on the blog, English Tea Shop is the master at blending tea. This 25 tea advent calendar (yes, you get a Christmas day treat too) contains ONLY Christmas-themed blends. I know from my own experience that these teas are truly delicious and bursting with flavour. 13 different black teas, green teas, even white teas, alongside some herbal blends are included. Each is unique and if you don’t like one you’ll certainly like another. English Tea Shop is also Soil Association Certified Organic which means every tiny tea speck in each tea sachet was grown and packaged with care.

The packaging is entirely card and can be recycled too. As for Christmas effort, they get 10 out of 10. Each tea sachet is in a mini tea gift cube which multiplies the excitement of opening it each day. They’ve also included a 25th tea to have with your Christmas morning brekky (bacon sarnies are the tradition in my home) which I love.

Tea Brewer Tea Advent Calendar

tea brewer advent calendar
  • Tea Format: tea brewers
  • Cups per Day: 1 to 2
  • Flavour Selection: normal and Christmas themed
  • Christmas Level: 3 out of 10

This is the best option if you’re looking for convenience. The Tea Brewer calendar is unique, that’s for sure! It contains 25 tea brewers, which are these plastic bag type things with the tea already in one compartment. You pour boiling water into the bag, let it brew and then pour the tea out. You can get 1 or 2 mugs out of each brewer, depending on the blend. That’s about 3 teacups worth.

My biggest problem is that it’s not very Christmassy. The tea brewers are stacked one on top of another inside the card box. You open a hole at the bottom and pull out the one at the base. The other 24 drop down, and so on.

The tea quality is decent so if you want a quick and easy solution to enjoy a Christmassy tea on the run-up to the big day, this is certainly an option.

Bird & Blend Tea Advent Calendar 2020

  • Tea Format: pyramid tea sachet
  • Cups per Day: 1
  • Flavour Selection: Mixed Christmas, limited edition and normal range teas
  • Christmas Level: 9 out of 10

The Bird & Blend Tea Advent Calendar is one of the best and most raved about (one was featured in the Telegraph a few years ago!) by tea lovers and beginners alike.

It features 24 pop-open windows with individually wrapped pyramid tea sachets behind each one. Bird & Blend go above and beyond to give you brewing tips on each sachet. The tea and calendar are very Christmassy, but it’s just missing that final dose of glitter and glamour to make it a 10/10 Christmas level score.

The teas included are a mix of Christmas blends, never-before-seen blends and limited edition blends that you’ll want to get your hands on. There are also a few all-time favourites included from the normal range – I won’t spoil which ones here, but you can find out for yourself on Bird & Blend’s website (available to pre-order) or Not On The High Street when it’s added there.

Fortnum & Mason christmas Tea Lovers Advent Calendar

fortnum and mason tea advent calendar 2020
  • Tea Format: tea sachet
  • Cups per Day: 1
  • Flavour Selection: normal and Christmas themed
  • Christmas Level: 7 out of 10

Fortnum and Mason’s tea advent calendar is a pretty, well-stocked calendar on the same lines as Whittard’s Tea Lover’s option (price-wise and selection-wise). It’s very Christmassy and has a nice yet simple design. It’s not the kind you keep and reuse, but it won’t feel tacky hanging on the wall with your normal décor either.

The tea sachets inside hold a range of Christmas themed and normal teas, with only a couple of repeats. Plum, Apple and Cinnamon sounds delicious, as does Gin & Tonic Flavour Green Tea. There’s some originality in a few of the blends here, as well as your classic standard Earl Greys and Assams.

It only has 24 windows, rather than 25, but that’s my only real concern with this box. It’s a great option if you want a little luxury.

English Tea Shop Book Style Advent Calendar

english tea shop book style advent calendar
  • Tea Format: tea sachet
  • Cups per Day: 1
  • Flavour Selection: Christmas themed (many repeats)
  • Christmas Level: 9 out of 10

The book style tea advent calendar option is a lovely option from English Tea Shop. The style is the usual perforated card windows to pull out your tea sachets, but with an extra “front cover” so that it feels like a book. To be fair, the quality is very good. It even has a ribbon to tie the front closed. All English Tea Shop’s packaging is compostable, from the tea sachet mesh to the outer book itself. You can find the book in several different colours. The blue one looks best to me.

The teas inside are all Christmas themed! You have 2x 12 different blends and 1x winter warmer, which I hope is under the 25th window.

It’s very Christmassy but not a 10 out of 10 on the Christmas level scale as I know that English Tea Shop has the range to put a different tea behind each door… but for some reason, they don’t.

TeaRevv 2020 Tea Advent Calendar

tea revv advent calendar
  • Tea Format: loose
  • Cups per Day: 2 to 6
  • Flavour Selection: Choose from: Christmas Blends, Supreme Single Origins, Breakfast Blends, or Caffeine Free
  • Christmas Level: 8 out of 10

As a fan of loose leaf tea and supporting British businesses, this will probably be the tea calendar I end up buying this year. TeaRevv is offering 24 tea blends (you choose if you want them to be Christmas themed or not) inside a simple cardboard box with windows. The individual doors are numbered from the 1st to the 24th of December.

Each day unveils 4g of loose leaf tea. Assuming a 2g teaspoon per cup, and 3 infusions per teaspoon, you could get up to 6 cups of each tea serving if you push it (which I certainly will). You get a completely different tea every day too. In terms of tea quality, selection and longevity, the TeaRevv calendar wins hands down.

It’s very Christmassy on the inside, but it doesn’t have the same appeal from the outside as some of the other calendars like Whittard’s. The snowy scene is nice, but where is the glitter? The embossed silver and gold? The 2020 Tea Revv calendar is certainly an improvement over last years one, however!

Adult Personalised Christmas Advent Calendar

personalisable tea advent
  • Tea Format: teabags
  • Cups per Day: 1
  • Flavour Selection: standard tea selection
  • Christmas Level: 8 out of 10

This personalise-able option from Not On The High Street seller THELITTLEBOYSROOM is full of single-serving tea bags! Although the teas themselves aren’t Christmassy, the outer box is where all the fun is. You can have your name printed on the back (or another name if it’s intended as a gift). Inside, the teas are behind a cardboard piece with the usual window design.

You have 25 doors to open with standard teas behind them (like English Breakfast) – no Christmas-specific blends. Nonetheless, the quality is great. This is a good in-between for teabag lovers trying to convert to loose leaf.

The Christmas Level isn’t that high (as a decorative colour, peach isn’t high on the festive scale) but the fact that you can customise it makes it ideal as a Christmas gift, so it wins back the points there.

Adagio Tea Advent Calendar 2020

adagio teas advent calendar
  • Tea Format: tea sachet
  • Cups per Day: 1
  • Flavour Selection: Christmas blends and standard Adagio range
  • Christmas Level: 7

Adagio sent me a large box of tea samples mid September to review over Autumn and into the Christmas season – I really wish they’d sent me this as well! I know first hand how great Adagio are at creating seasonal blends that are absolutely perfect. From the creme brulee flavoured Autumn Mist Green to their Bonfire blend.

The advent calendar is a simple card style one with windows to pop open and tea bag sachets within. It’s a mix of Christmas blends and all-time Adagio favourites. There’s free UK delivery over £30 so you can stock up on some extra Christmas blends when you order it – I was sent a box of the Adagio Stocking Stuffers which are highly recommended!

The Christmassy level is good and if you’re a fan of strongly flavoured, inventive seasonal blends then you’ll adore this calendar.

BRUU Christmas Tea Advent Calendar

bruu tea advent calendar uk
  • Tea Format: loose
  • Cups per Day: 2 to 4
  • Flavour Selection: standard teas from BRUU
  • Christmas Level: 4 out of 10

This one is more of a gift set than an advent calendar for yourself. The BRUU Christmas Tea Advent Calendar includes twine and mini pegs to hang up your tea packets, a stainless-steel tea egg infuser, and a tea guide to explain what’s in each blend you try.

There are 25 packets to take you up to Christmas day, each holding enough loose leaf for 2 cups (infuse it twice for 4 cups). BRUU is all about using high-quality, natural ingredients. They use fresh ingredients too, wherever possible.

The teas inside are from BRUUs range of teas – so not all will be Christmas themed. However, they do have the widest variety. This is the first tea advent calendar I’ve found that includes a mate and oolong selection alongside the typical fruit/herbal/black/green/white/rooibos selection.

It’s great for the tea fanatic who wants to try something new… but it’s not the most Christmassy option!

Milly Green Have A Happy Christmas Tea Advent Calendar

milly green tea advent calendar
  • Tea Format: tea bags
  • Cups per Day: 1
  • Flavour Selection: standard teas from Milly Green
  • Christmas Level: 6 out of 10

I really love the design and little illustrations on this tea calendar. Somehow, it takes me back to my own childhood Christmas experiences. Milly Green is a very British company, after all. I love it!

In this tea calendar, you get 24 tea bags that are all completely different, so you’re never stuck with a tea blend you don’t like. Unfortunately, these are all of Milly Green’s standard tea range instead of any particularly festive blends. They’re all sourced from Sri Lanka.

The best place I’ve found to buy this 2020 tea advent calendar in the UK is on Not On The High Street (check the price using the button below).

The Advent Calendars That Didn’t Make the List…

I found a few more advent calendars during my research, but they didn’t all make the final list of the best. Here’s a few more you can check out if you haven’t found something you like yet.

T2 Advent Calendar – available in both loose leaf and tea bag format, I adore the bright colours and shimmering design of these tea calendars! However, I can only find 2019 calendars available, so once a 2020 version has been released I will update the link.

PG Tips Advent Calendar – it only has 8 tea variaties! Come on, PG Tips. What are you doing? There needs to be much more tea variety in your calendar to get a good spot on my list.

BeauTeaStudio Tea Advent Calendar – 24 loose leaf offerings of standard tea blends. Hang the tea packets on twine with tiny pegs. It didn’t make the list as the price is quite high, shipping from the USA is expensive, and it takes ages to arrive. I didn’t think it was worth cost after all of that.

Suki Tea Advent Calendar 2020 – I sent an email to Suki asking if they were doing an advent calendar this year, as 2019’s Suki Tea Calendar was quite awesome! I haven’t heard back from them yet and at the time of writing this, there’s no sign of a 2020 calendar on their website. Check it out for yourself to see if they’ve since added one!

THEODOR Tea Advent Calendar named ‘A Stroll Along the Seine River’ THEODOR’s 2019 tea calendar was Paris themed and utterly gorgeous. It didn’t make the list because it’s very expensive, plus shipping costs, and technically isn’t a UK tea calendar. Use the link to check if they’ve added a 2020 tea advent calendar recently.

Vintage Marque Darvilles of Windsor Advent Calendar – I’ve seen this one advertised around, but it never seems to be available to buy! Looking at the design and contents, it simply contains ordinary tea blends behind each window. It’s pretty, but it’s not special.

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