Basilur Radella Tea Review

Basilur Radella Tea Review

I’ve had some truly magnificent Basilur tea blends in the past year. From tropical pineapple, coffee, and tea to a super sweet rose and almond blend that I couldn’t help but sigh dreamily into.

But this is one of the first single origin teas I’ve tried from Basilur. Basilur Radella tea is a light green tea from the Radella region of Sri Lanka, where Basilur source many of their great teas.

You can (theoretically) enjoy the distinct flavours of a single origin tea, without the trouble of finding a tea specialist and brewing loose leaf. I tested it out and here are the results. Scroll down to read the full review and find out where to buy this green tea.

Basilur Radella Green Tea at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Pure green tea from the Radella region of Sri Lanka
  • Flavour: A smooth and light green tea with great grassy hay and umami notes

A very pleasant, if basic, green tea. It’s nice to enjoy the natural flavours of this single origin green tea, but it’s still simple enough to be an everyday drink.

basilur ceylon green tea

Full Review – Basilur Sri Lanka Single Origin Tea

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Tagged paper filter tea bag
  • Tea: Green tea
  • Origin: Radella, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
  • Flavour Notes: Light, smooth, sweet, freshly mowed grass
  • Aroma: Grassy, hay, umami
  • Milk or Lemon: Lemon if desired
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

The packet rips open so smoothly, which seems irrelevant but everything adds to the tea brewing experience! This smoothness translates into every aspect of this tea. It’s soothing and refreshing throughout.

It has a grassy aroma with faint umami savoury notes, which translate well when the tea is brewed. The grass develops into smooth hay notes too.

The first sip doesn’t offer much. This is a tea that builds up over many sips. It starts very light and smooth. It glides over your tongue with a soft texture. As you drink more, the sweetness of freshly mowed grass intensifies and leaves a lingering fresh flavour in your mouth.

It’s refreshing, simple to brew, and totally inoffensive. I struggle to see how anyone could hate this basic yet refreshing cup of green tea.

pure sri lanka green tea in teacup

How to Brew Radella Green Tea

The instructions on the individual Basilur Radella tea bags and the outer packaging are very accurate. Use 80°C water and brew for 2 to 3 minutes. If you’ve read my tea reviews before, you’ll know that I prefer lighter brew times for subtle flavours. However, I brewed for the full 3 minutes with this one and found it to be perfect.

Basically, don’t be afraid to brew long and at a low temperature.

You could add some lemon to cut through the sweet grassiness. As there’s no astringency whatsoever in the cup, it doesn’t really need any additional flavours added. It’s smooth and ‘complete’ as it is.

Drink after a long day to unwind.

Why Basilur Loose Leaf and Tea Bags?

I’m reviewing the tea bag version of this tea, which is available in the Basilur Leaf of Ceylon collection box, but it’s mostly available in loose leaf format. I’ve reviewed loose leaf Basilur teas in the past and can confirm that the quality is usually a bit better than the tea bag versions.

Nonetheless, Basilur Radella tea bags are very nice. They’re individually foil-wrapped for freshness, which isn’t great for reducing waste, but it is good for keeping the tea fresh. And it does seem fresh!

radella tea leaves

Basilur’s description of this tea is:

“Radella, a region embraced by tranquillity, surrounded by breath-taking mountain peaks covered in mist, a land that possesses perfect climatic and soil conditions to grow some of the best teas in the world. Ceylon green tea is one of the most sought of green teas in the world by discerning tea drinkers for its healing properties and refreshing taste. Unwind with a cup of Basilur’s Radella Green Tea which will calm your senses and refine your palate.”

I’d say it was an accurate description. If you want to visit Radella in central Sri Lanka, there’s plenty to do. Visit botanical gardens and stunning waterfalls or check out the cricket ground, for example.


I highly recommend this tea, particularly if you’re fond of drinking green tea but want to move away from supermarket brands – without the fuss of loose leaf. You can check if it’s available on Amazon for your country using the link below. If there’s no luck there, try Basilur’s official website to see if they’ll ship it directly to you.

basilur leaf of ceylon green tea

Tea Recommendation

For anyone looking to learn more about teas and discover the bliss of a well-picked single origin tea, then I recommend taking a look at Teapro. This Oolong Teapro Box, for example, includes 4 great single origin and classic oolong teas to try, with extensive tasting notes and guidance included. If you don’t feel like subscribing to their monthly boxes, you can easily buy a one-off box from their site.

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