Basilur Leaf of Ceylon Tea Review

Basilur Leaf of Ceylon Tea Review

Have you tried much tea from Ceylon? If the answer is no, then you’ve come to the perfect review. Basilur Leaf of Ceylon is a tea collection containing four tasty single origin teas. I stumbled upon this box, bought it on a whim, and never looked back!

Find out what’s included in the box, what to expect from the four Ceylon teas, and where best to buy Basilur Leaf of Ceylon in my full review here.

What You Need to Know About Basilur’s Leaf of Ceylon

This is a simple collection box – it’s not a collector’s item or premium item, however. The four teas are from four different regions of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and they’re packaged in teabags rather than left loose.

  • Radella tea is green, the other three teas are black.
  • There are 40 teabags in total, 10 of each region.
  • The teabags are all individually wrapped, which is great for freshness but not the environment!
  • The tea leaves are packaged within days of picking in Sri Lanka, to help with that freshness.
  • These teas are non-GMO but don’t have any organic certification like Soil Association.
  • Basilur only provide a few sentences about each region, so you’ll need to research yourself (or read my full review for each tea) to find out more.
basilur leaf of ceylon teabags

Basilur Ceylon Teas

I need to start with an apology – I didn’t initially realise that the box was so easy to open, which is why you can see rips and Sellotape in my pictures! The top lid simply flaps over the tea and is secured by very light magnets. So, don’t try to open it from the side like I did.

On the back, there’s a little information about the brew times for black and green tea, plus a mini description of each tea region. On the inside, there’s a cute but not very informative map of Sri Lanka, indicating where each tea is from.

The four teas are separated into compartments, but they may be jumbled up as they get moved around in transit.

Here are my four individual reviews for the tea. You can click the button to read the full review here on the blog, or check if it’s available to buy separately on Amazon. If you’re struggling to find Ceylon teas or the Basilur Leaf of Ceylon tea box on Amazon, check Basilur’s official website.

Nuwara Eliya

Basilur Nuwara Eliya Ceylon Tea Review
Izzy's Rating
  • Tea: Black tea from Nuwara Eliya
  • Flavour: Smooth and bright with a bitter aftertaste

Despite the green wrapper and 80°C water temperature for brewing, this is definitely a black tea. Basilur Nuwara Eliya is smooth, bright and fresh with a little bitterness in the aftertaste that’s not entirely unpleasant. I also found citrus and floral notes hidden in the aroma and flavour, which made me think of Earl Grey or even Darjeeling tea. This one is lovely with a slice of lemon in the afternoon.


Basilur Ruhunu Tea Review
Izzy's Rating
  • Tea: Black tea from Ruhunu
  • Flavour: Rich, full-bodied and smooth with malty and nutty hints

The Ruhunu tea is one of the easiest to drink and it goes very well with a splash of milk. It’s a rich black tea with a full-body and strong flavour. There’s very little bitterness, but not much sweetness either so adding some sugar or honey is nice. I found malty, nutty and caramel notes in this tea too. Drink it at breakfast or sweetened after dinner as a dessert tea.


Basilur Uva Tea Review
Izzy's Rating
  • Region: Black tea from Uva
  • Flavour: Hearty and rich with bitter dark chocolate notes

Strong, bitter and dark – just like very dark chocolate! I think you’ll either love this tea or hate it. You can’t deny the bitter notes are very strong. I quite like bitter dark chocolate, so I found the decadence and richness of this tea to be very enjoyable. You can definitely add a splash of milk and teaspoon of sugar to this one. My favourite Ceylon tea from the whole Basilur Leaf of Ceylon box!


Basilur Radella Tea Review
Izzy's Rating
  • Tea: Green tea from Radella
  • Flavour: Smooth, light and grassy with soft umami notes

This is a really refreshing cup of green tea with grassy notes in the aroma and flavour. It reminds me of freshly mowed grass, sweet hay, and springtime sunshine. Radella is the only green tea in the Basilur Leaf of Ceylon box, but it really holds its own and isn’t lost amongst the three black teas. Drink this tea in the evenings to settle your stomach and your senses after a busy day.

Basilur Ceylon Tea Collection – Where to Buy It

The best price I’ve found for this tea set is actually T K Maxx! But with the revolving stocklist, trying to find it in store can be a mission in itself. Amazon is the next best place (I’ve added a link below) as the convenience of ordering and fast shipping is unbeatable. If you don’t want to shop from Amazon, your last resort is to buy it directly from Basilur’s website.

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