Ahmad Green Tea Selection Box Review

Ahmad Green Tea Selection Box Review

Containing four of Ahmad’s top green teas, this selection box is one of my favourites. After trying them, I’m certain you’ll be repurchasing at least one again. In this review I’m going to give you an idea of what each tea tastes like and what to expect. While Ahmad Green Tea is far from the top of my list of spectacular teas (they all have average scores), they’re all very respectable and full of flavour.

Keep reading to find out what the Ahmad Green Tea Selection Box is all about, and where to buy it from.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Ahmad Green Tea

I wrote a little about Ahmad Tea as a brand in my review of the Fruit Tea Selection Box, but here are a few facts specific to the Green Tea Selection Box:

  • The green teas in all four tea bags are a blend of different origins.
  • The tea is selected from China’s ‘Golden Triangle’ which consists of the Jiangxi, Anhui, and Zhejiang provinces.
  • These teas can be drank hot or cold – always use water at 80°C for green tea, even when you plan to ice it, as hotter water temperatures scald the tea and give it a bitter flavour.
  • Green Tea Pure and Jasmine Romance contain only natural ingredients (jasmine petals are used, rather than oils or flavourings).
  • Lemon Vitality and Mint Mystique contain both natural ingredients (green tea, lemon peel, spearmint) and flavourings (lemon and mint).
  • You can buy all four teas separately rather than in the selection box – see individual links to find them on Amazon below.
  • There are a few more green teas in Ahmad Tea London’s collection that aren’t included in this box, so make sure you check those out too!
ahmad green tea bags

Ahmad Green Teas

In the box, you get five individually wrapped tea bags of each flavour: green tea pure, lemon vitality, jasmine romance, and mint mystique. While individually wrapping each tea bag is a nightmare from an environmental perspective, it does keep the tea as fresh as possible. This is important for maintaining the flavours.

Usually, I find that tea bags go stale much faster than loose leaf teas because the finely chopped tea leaves in tea bags have a larger surface area. With more air reaching the tea leaves, they tend to go stale quite quickly when not sealed up correctly.

Ahmad’s clever packaging avoids that completely.

Green Tea Pure

ahmad green tea pure tea review
Izzy's Rating
  • Ingredients: Pure green tea, of course!
  • What to Expect: Warm, nutty and grassy notes in a simple green tea

Starting with the classic green tea, Ahmad Green Tea Pure is full of Chinese green tea without additives. It’s smooth and warming with light nutty and grassy notes. Of course, it’s not exactly a complex a tea. It doesn’t hold a candle to a whole leaf green tea, but for a quick afternoon tea this is a good one.

I also recommend using this tea for creating your own tea blends. Pop an Ahmad Green Tea in a pitcher with fresh fruit or dried spices, or any other ingredient you like, to create a lovely cold brew for the summer months.

Lemon Vitality

Ahmad tea lemon vitality review tea cup and tea bag
Izzy's Rating
  • Ingredients: Green tea with lemon fruit pieces
  • What to Expect: Fresh bright and zesty tea with distinct bitterness

This is a really nice tea with a little more depth than your standard green tea with lemon juice. I believe that Ahmad have used the pith and peel of lemon to flavour this tea as well as the zest and juice. This gives the cup a nice bitterness that cuts through the warm green tea and lemon acidity.

I highly recommend this one! You can buy Ahmad Lemon Vitality tea separately or use the link at the end to buy the green tea selection.

Jasmine Romance

ahmad tea jasmine romance tea review
Izzy's Rating
  • Ingredients: Chinese green tea with jasmine petals
  • What to Expect: Warming yet plain green tea with subtle jasmine notes

This is definitely one of the best teas from Ahmad in general, not just in the Ahmad Green Tea Selection Box. I love jasmine green tea and this one is just right. It’s rather simple and plain, but that’s not always a bad thing. This is a jasmine green tea you can brew quickly and quietly in a few minutes with no fuss.

I scored it 2.6 out of 5, which is not at all bad. While I prefer my loose leaf Whittard jasmine green tea for special occasions, this one is a great everyday alternative.

Mint Mystique

ahmad tea mint mystique tea review
Izzy's Rating
  • Ingredients: Chinese green tea with mint
  • What to Expect: Light and grassy green tea with sweet menthol and toothpaste notes

A very simple but tasty green tea with mint! The natural grassy sweetness of the green tea plays with the peppermint notes to create a nice depth to the tea. The mint is quite strong and almost artificial, however. Brew this one lightly or the extra strong mint will sit a little strangely in your stomach.

I like drinking this tea after a meal or in the evenings to cleanse my palate.

Ahmad Green Tea Selection Box – Where to Buy It

You have a few options when it comes to buying this box. I’ve included a link below to find it on Amazon, but you can also buy it from Ahmad Tea London directly (they have a UK store and an international website). This Ahmad Green Tea Selection box is also included inside the Ahmad Twelve Teas box set, so that’s worth looking at if you want a wider, more diverse selection of teas to sample.

ahmad tea london green tea selection

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