7 Brands You’ll Love if You Shop at FatFace

5 Brands You’ll Love if You Shop at FatFace

FatFace is one of my favourite brands to shop at. The clothes always fit me perfectly – both in size and style – and I love the quality of their products too. But FatFace clothes tend to only work in outfits that are entirely FatFace.

I just don’t want to limit my wardrobe so much! So, here are 7 other brands that have similar FatFace vibes but offer more or a different variety of items.

If you have any other clothes shop suggestions, please let me know in the comments!

1. Flax & Loom – Denim and Dungarees

flax and loom pinafore
Image credit: @flaxandloomuk

Flax & Loom are a wonderful brand for all things denim. With ranges for both men and women, you can shop here for comfortable and sustainable dungarees, pinafores, jeans and jumpsuits. If you have an addiction to FatFace print tops, floral blouses and lace-edged t-shirts, Flax & Loom have the denim or linen to go with them.

You can shop Flax & Loom on their official website. There is free worldwide shipping (at the time of writing) and I recommend reading their sustainability page too. From recycled denim to GOTS certified cotton, they are doing the world a lot of good.

2. Noctu – Organic Cotton Basics

noctu organic basics
Image credit: @noctuorganic

Noctu are an amazing British brand creating sleepwear, casual clothes, and linens all from GOTS certified cotton. They love creating flattering and oh-so-comfy clothes in block colours and stripes. Fill your wardrobe with these basic items to mix and match with FatFace favourites.

You can find their clothes on their website, and they have a Not On The High Street account (although it’s sometimes empty).

I highly recommend the Lucida Nightie (pictured) and the Aku Harems. You can also find clothes for men and kids at Noctu.

3. Batch1 – Colourful Shirt and Sweater Prints

batch1 shirt
Image credit: @batch1uk

Batch1 are a South East London clothes brand creating bright and colourful prints and words on their t-shirts and jumpers. They’re perfect for wearing under your FatFace dungarees or with girlfriend jeans. I really like how bright the colours are, and how modern they are. With FatFace, their typical t-shirts with says are things like “weekend” or “bee kind” or just a print of a camper van.

That gets old. Fast.

So, switch up your wardrobe with some more exciting t-shirt prints. Batch1 use water-based, eco-friendly inks and print each item by hand in the UK. Check them out at Not On The High Street.

4. Seasalt – Seaside Themed Clothes

seasalt cornwall skirt
Image credit: @seasaltcornwall

My mother likes Seasalt a lot and many of their styles overlap with FatFace, so I’m adding them to my list. I find their clothes are a little too mature for my age, however!

Seasalt is a clothing brand from Cornwall and many of their clothes are seaside themed. There are a lot of a-line skirts, striped t-shirts and leather sandals. You know the kind I mean. I really love that Seasalt take sustainability seriously. They’ve been operating for 40 years and have accumulated some great eco-friendly accreditations in that time.

This is a brand you can trust. Check out the Seasalt Official Website.

5. La Redoute – French Flair with British Design

la redoute fashion like fatface
Image credit: @laredoute_uk

I have been a huge fan of La Redoute for a very long time. What I love about their clothes is the quality – it’s close to that FatFace clothes quality that I love. What makes La Redoute different, however, is that they’re a little more on-trend and fashionable. Rather than timeless (although they do offer some timeless basic clothes) they focus on flattering cuts and the latest styles.

It’s a beautiful fusion of French fashion and British country chic.

If you’re under 30 and love FatFace, this is the brand you will love most next. Check out their official UK website.

6. Patchouli Fair

patchouli fair dress
Image credit: @patchoulifair

FatFace florals with a hint of bohemian style, and a touch of Joe Browns’ colour schemes. That’s Patchouli Fair’s style in a nutshell. I really love what this brand is doing! They are a British company with ethical and Fairtrade certifications for the clothes they make.

If you love a long floral dress for spring and summer, then you’ll undoubtedly find 5 or 10 that you love from this brand. I would match their dresses with FatFace sandals, a floppy straw hat, and a tall glass of iced tea (see my iced tea recommendations for 2021).

You can find Patchouli Fair at Not On The High Street.

7. Fanfare Label

fanfare clothing
Image credit: @fanfarelabel

Fanfare create sustainable clothing for women that is “made slowly to wear every season.” It’s not just the modern and bold artwork that’s splashed across their clothing that I love – Fanfare work with waste and recycled materials, hiring artisans to make their clothes.

If you want to bring your FatFace wardrobe into a new era of style, I highly recommend checking out Fanfare’s Official Website. They also sell bags and jewellery, all of which looks far more suitable for London Fashion Week than your old FatFace clothes ever will!

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