5 Best ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Missions to Replay

5 best red dead redemption 2 missions to replay

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a vast game. The open world is expansive (although it never seems large enough on your second play-through) and the number of missions to work through can be a bit daunting.

So, if you could narrow it down to the five best ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ missions to replay, which would you pick? While some players might not want to replay the game at all (my co-blogger, Jon, has a real bone to pick with Rockstar), most will have at least a couple that they loved playing the first time.

Here are my top selections, so if you have a rainy afternoon spare and an urge to shoot ‘em up, give these five missions a replay. Obviously, this article is full of SPOILERS.

1. ‘A Quiet Time’ – Chapter 2

lenny and arthur drunk in valentine

Let’s kick off this list of ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ missions to replay with a fun one. In Chapter 2, while the gang is located in Horseshoe Overlook, Arthur gets into plenty of trouble in the small town of Valentine. No mission sums up the fun that Arthur’s character could get into like ‘A Quiet Time’. Later in the game when the storyline sobers up considerably, Arthur loses his playfulness, so coming back to this mission is always a breath of fresh air.

‘A Quiet Time’ sees Arthur and Lenny head into Valentine for a few drinks to relieve some stress. There’s no shooting in this mission and no tension either. Just some good-hearted fun, slurred words, and perhaps a quick drowning in a pig trough.

Say what you want about Arthur Morgan, he knows how to have fun.

2. ‘Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern’ – Chapter 3

braithwaite manor mission in rdr2

There is no shortage of bad guys to shoot in Red Dead Redemption 2. You don’t even need to replay a mission to shoot some O’Driscoll’s or take out the Skinner Brothers’ camp. But there are some great missions that incorporate a real sense of gang life. Before things went too sideways, the sons of Dutch had some magnificent missions where they came together to beat an enemy or, in this case, save a gang member.

‘Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern’ is the beginning of the end of the gang’s time in Clemens Cove, seeing major gang members saddle up and ride to Braithwaite Manor. The object of the mission is to recover Jack, who has been kidnapped by the Braithwaites. Of course, he isn’t at the Manor so what can we do but shoot everyone dead and burn the place to the ground?

This is one of those missions that is a visual spectacle and it is my personal favourite to replay. Don’t forget to go back to loot the treasure later on…

3. ‘My Last Boy’ – Chapter 6

cornwall oil refinery mission to replay in red dead redemption 2

Jumping forward to Chapter 6, the gang is at Beaver Hollow. Well, most of the gang are. Serious divides are already forming and Dutch’s true character is beginning to show. This mission, ‘My Last Boy’, sees Eagle Flies launch an attack on Cornwall’s oil refinery and the gunslingers ride in to help. Or perhaps inflame the situation further.

Arthur is pretty ill by this stage of the game and is actively seeking his redemption. The visual spectacle of the fire, the shooting, the rescue of Eagle Flies, and Dutch’s betrayal make this mission tense, exciting, fast-paced and a memorable one.

I am aware that a lot of players feel that Arthur doesn’t hold a candle to John, but if you feel even a flicker of empathy or understanding for Arthur’s character, this is a bittersweet mission that’s worth a replay.

4. ‘A New Jerusalem’ – Epilogue Part 2

building beecher's hope in with john marston

Arthur got drunk with Lenny, but it’s John Marston that builds a house with Charles and Uncle. Giving your thumb a serious case of Lumbago after hammering the controller buttons to nail the house together, this mission is bliss. Again, there’s no shooting and no drama. But the rhythmic nailing and the satisfaction of seeing Beecher’s Hope, an icon from the first Red Dead Redemption game, come to life is incredibly satisfying.

And this is also one of the missions with the best songs. Personally, I find the RDR2 soundtrack to be hit and miss. The repetition of “May I, Stand Unshaken” through several songs had little effect on me, while the melody of Daniel Lanois’ ‘Table Top’ and ‘Love Come Back’ really hit home.

In this mission, ‘A New Jerusalem’ the featured song is ‘The Housebuilding Song’ by David Ferguson. And yes, there’s a YouTuber who has created an hour-long loop for you to enjoy.

5. ‘American Venom’ – Epilogue Part 2

killing micah in rdr2

You probably guessed that this mission would be included. But who can resist an opportunity to shoot Micah in the face until he drops dead? Ending the entire game, ‘American Venom’ sees John, Sadie and Charles track down the rat and put a bullet (or six) in his head in Arthur’s name.

With the familiar soundtrack kicking in, a snowy mountain of bad guys to shoot, and a wonderful sense of revenge, I couldn’t think of a better way to end Red Dead Redemption 2. Walking away with Dutch’s money and gold is the cherry on top.

And guess what? When you replay this mission from the Progress tracker in the menu, you won’t need to sit through all the credits again!

What to Play After These ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Missions

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