Three Types of Women You Should Date!

three types of women to date

I have previously written an article on the three types of women to avoid when dating in the hope that it would empower men to make better choices, break bad relationship cycles and ultimately be happier with their dating experience. This is a short follow up article that will give you the three types of women you should date!

Women You Should Date – You’re Physically Attracted to Them

This probably flies in the face of modern politically correct dogma that often states that we should be looking for relationships beyond someone’s outer appearance. The famous “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but I say to hell with conventional wisdom and only select dating partners that you’re physically attracted to.

Why women you should date should be physically attractive to you?

Because simply put, dating someone you’re physically attracted to will be far more sustainable over time. During those ugly periods that all relationships go through, where their personality is probably something you loath at that moment, being physically attracted to someone will easily provide a light at the end of the tunnel.

Personal Preferences are Fine

That doesn’t mean date only women that are stunning, gorgeous etc. – it means finding women that you are attracted to physically on a personal level.

We all have our preferences and types, and we all have unique physical attributes that we seek out in a partner so make sure you’re staying honest to yourself. If curvy women are your thing, then don’t settle for less, you will only end up wistfully dreaming about curvy gals whilst stuck in a relationship with a skinny Minnie because your mates told you how great her personality is.

Don’t be conditioned by wider society into thinking aesthetics aren’t important, they are incredibly important for fulfilment and should always be a major consideration when choosing women you should date.

Women that Have Been in Long-Term Relationships Before

Another taboo thing to do but should be done is to consider your potential partners dating history. Has she had more relationships than you have had hot dinners?

If she is prone to short term relationships, there is going to be more than bad luck involved and it is a clear indicator that she isn’t capable of sustaining long term relationships.

If she has been in a few relationships that have lasted years at a time this could be a good clue that she is willing to be patient enough to see out problems in a relationship and work toward a long-term commitment.

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Women You Should Date – Have Experience in Difficult Past Relationships

If they have sustained a relationship for over four years in the past, then this is a big indicator that she can weather the storms of a relationship. Every four years on a psychological level we change, and our outlooks change. Being able to continue a relationship where both individuals will have changed during that time is a clear sign that they value relationships and won’t give up when things get tough.

Many break ups are attributed to, “you’re not the person I fell in love with”. Seeking out the people that can see beyond that mentality will give you a much better chance of a long-term and happier relationship.

Women that Have the Same Outlook as You

As we navigate the complex minefield that we call our lives there are going to be things that we want to achieve or work towards as individuals. For some it can be grand extravagant dreams while for others a simple goal of having a family is their life goal.

When dating it is the opportune time to ask questions of each other about what goals you have in life and how you view life itself.

If you are wanting to settle down, have a family etc. check that your potential partner also wants that. There is absolutely no point wasting time trying to change someone’s outlook on life or trying to subvert their dreams and aspirations.

Consider Their Desires

Think about how hard it is to make positive changes in your own life and then consider how unreasonable it is to think you can influence or change someone else.

Use dating to arm yourself with knowledge, find out if you want the same things and whether together your lives will be improved, and goals will be more attainable.

If the answer is a clear yes, then the relationship is going to have a strong and coherent foundation. If there are deviations in your outlooks, then it is likely that there are going to be bumps further down the road.

Lastly, if you have no common goals or desires then bin it off and date someone else, you’re only setting yourself up for pain and disappointment investing in someone that isn’t on the same page as you.

I hope you found this insightful and if you would like further information about dating, relationships and men’s health then make sure you grab a copy of my book Being Human!

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