Yogi Tea Green Tea Kombucha Review

Yogi Tea Green Tea Kombucha Review

I’ve tried a few kombuchas in my time, although they were the canned type from a supermarket so definitely not the top-notch variety. That’s why Yogi Tea’s Kombucha green teabags caught my eye.

Kombucha tea is actually a fermented type of tea. Black tea or green tea is mixed with sugar and a kombucha culture (yeast and bacteria) so that it will ferment. This type of tea generally has a tangy, tart and sour flavour, and may even have a slightly fizzy sensation.

So, can kombucha flavouring work in a teabag? I sipped Yogi Tea Green Tea Kombucha to find out…

Yogi Green Tea Kombucha at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Blend: Green tea with lemongrass, mint, passion fruit, plum and kombucha
  • Flavour: Smooth and musty hay green tea with sour kombucha notes and bright mint

It’s surprisingly minty and well-balanced! The kombucha and green tea notes create a great base for the lighter mint and lemongrass flavours.

yogi tea green kombucha teabags

Full Review – Yogi Tea Green Kombucha Tea

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Tagged paper filter teabag
  • Tea: Organic green tea leaf
  • Additives: Organic lemongrass, organic spearmint leaf, organic passion fruit flavouring, organic plum flavouring, organic kombucha
  • Flavour Notes: Sour kombucha, smooth, musty, hay green tea, mint, lemongrass
  • Aroma: Green, minty, slightly sour, sweet, home brew ale
  • Milk or Lemon: Lemon, if desired
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

These teabags are all individually wrapped inside the box, showing the title in English on one side and French on the reverse. Ripping one open, you might mistake this green tea for a mint tea! The spearmint leaves really dominate the aroma of the dry tea, masking that slightly sour and sweet note of kombucha.

I brewed it in my white teacup for this review and I really like the pale orange yellow colour. Combined with the musty home brew fermented aroma, it reminds me of pale ale.

As for the flavour, wow! The kombucha notes are stronger in this tea than the actual kombucha tea I’ve consumed in the past. It’s very smooth with an easy texture that just glides down. But the flavour has more oomph. It has a punch of sour tartness from the kombucha that’s lifted by the subtler notes of mint and lemongrass.

The flavours are strong yet balanced and fresh. It’s not my cup of tea, personally, but I can definitely see people who love kombucha teas also enjoying these Yogi Green Tea Kombucha bags.

How to Brew Green Tea Kombucha

Printed on the individual teabags are instructions for brewing. Yogi Tea recommend a 3-minute steep time in 240ml of just boiled water. That puts the water temperature around 95°C, which is higher than normal for green tea… but it works. I tested it myself. 3 minutes in just boiled water creates a perfect cuppa.

Yogi also indicate on the outer box that there’s approximately 15mg of caffeine per serving of this tea. This is a lot less than a cup of standard green tea estimated at around 30mg, and a cup of black tea estimated at around 50mg.

You could add a squeeze of lemon juice or float a lemon slice in this tea, to add some fruitiness… but don’t go overboard. This tea is plenty sour already.

Why Yogi Tea Bags?

Yogi Tea is a brand that focuses on wellness and health. They have ayurvedic blends, restoring spiced chai, wholesome herbal teas, and unique blends like this one.

I quite like Yogi teas, as even though this Kombucha Green Tea contains flavourings (passion fruit and plum), they’re still organic flavourings. In fact, all the ingredients listed are organic, with the USDA Organic symbol on the box. There’s the non-GMO label there too.

green tea spearmint kombucha leaf

The teabag paper is oxygen bleached and you get an interesting quote on the teabag label. It’s nice to contemplate the quote while you wait for it to brew. Or maybe that’s just me.

As for the quality of the green tea and kombucha, the leaf inside the bag is finely chopped fannings. That’s not great. But with the mix of herbal flavourings and boldness of the kombucha, you won’t mind in the slightest as you sip it.


If you like kombucha or you want to try it for the first time, I highly recommend these teabags. It’s surprising how much flavour Yogi Teas pack in with their organic ingredients! As for price, at the time of writing this article the tea is on the higher end of the teabag market – but still way cheaper than loose leaf. Find this tea on Amazon using the button below to find the current price.

Tea Recommendation

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