THEENK 21-Day Program Tea Review

THEENK 21-Day Program Tea Review

How is it April already? It’s crazy how fast this year is going by. With the rising costs of living, I’ve been working harder than ever to make ends meet over the past weeks – like so many other people right now. That’s why I’m extra excited to share this 21-day tea program with you.

THEENK has created an herbal tea program with nootropic and adaptogenic ingredients that will help you de-stress and improve your brain power, so we can get through the tough days without burning out.

You can buy the whole program together (which is what I recommend) or buy one of their three tea blends individually.

Overview – THEENK Tea Program

THEENK is all about awakening your inner genius to help you become your better self – mentally and intellectually. They sent me their 21-day program box to review for the blog!

These specially blended herbal teas contain a range of powerful ayurvedic ingredients that improve memory, concentration, and adaption to stress. It’s designed to fit into your busy lifestyle.

in the box theenk

What’s In the Box?

  • 1x guide, explaining what THEENK do and the health benefits of each individual ingredient,
  • 1x Habit Tracker to help you build healthy habits and stay motivated,
  • 21x Morning Glory teabags
  • 21x Afternoon Madness teabags
  • 21x Evening Delight teabags

You can also download an eating plan and join the official Facebook Group to connect with others.

I’ll review each tea individually below.

What I Like About THEENK

  • The teas are made with powerful ingredients that are carefully thought out,
  • The packaging is 100% plastic free and they plant a tree for every box they sell,
  • You get a lot of tea for the price! I am very happy with what I’ve received,
  • It makes me feel inspired and motivated to do more each day.
evening delight teabag

What I Dislike About THEENK

  • The bags and box that contains the tea isn’t resealable. I’ve moved my tea into airtight containers so it will stay fresh for the full 21 days,
  • I don’t 100% agree with THEENK’s description of yerba mate energy.

I have reviewed several yerba mate teas on the blog and conducted my own research over the years. It is a very potent source of caffeine, which is good for me because I need caffeine for energy! However, as yerba mate is not made from the Camellia sinensis plant, it doesn’t contain the amino acid L-Theanine. This is important to know because L-Theanine is the component that slows down the onset of caffeine and enhances focus. With L-Theanine, you won’t get the jitters when the caffeine wears off either.

In my experience, yerba mate doesn’t have that same calm, focused energy that tea provides. Instead, it’s strong and comes on like a shot of espresso. That’s why I personally avoid very strong yerba mate – when prepared traditionally, it can contain up to 180mg of caffeine.

In THEENK’s note in the guide, they state: “Unlike coffee, it won’t give you caffeine jitters and crashing effects, but pure, balanced energy.” And I can see why they have written this – other compounds in yerba mate (theobromine and theophylline particularly) can stimulate your brain and improve focus.

But I know from experience that you still can experience jitters and a hefty crash after going OTT with yerba mate. Thankfully, there’s only a very small amount of yerba mate in this tea, so there’s nothing to worry about.

THEENK Morning Glory

morning adaptogenic tea theenk
  • Ingredients: Rosemary, gotu kola, jiaogulan, ginkgo biloba, yerba mate, tulsi
  • Flavour: Subtle grassy and lemony herbal tea

All three of the THEENK teas need to be brewed for 10 minutes, but don’t worry, this doesn’t make the flavour too strong! In fact, I found the Morning Glory tea to be really subtle and smooth in flavour. I wouldn’t have any trouble drinking this in the mornings.

The aroma of the tea is tingly and citrusy, with bright grassy notes. It tastes very grassy but isn’t astringent like a traditional green tea. Yum.

THEENK Afternoon Madness

afternoon energy tea theenk
  • Ingredients: Bacopa monnieri, lemongrass, gotu kola, jiaogulan, ginkgo biloba, schisandra berry
  • Flavour: Lemony, refreshing and rejuvenating

I found that Afternoon Madness and Morning Glory are very similar in flavour, which makes sense when you compare the ingredients. The key difference is the bacopa monnieri, lemongrass, and schisandra (you might remember that ingredient from my review of Trust Tea) which creates a more refreshing and lemony flavour. Without the yerba mate, this tea is caffeine-free.

The initial aroma is a little woody and earthy, but the final flavour is so light and refreshing. This is definitely my favourite of the three teas.

THEENK Evening Delight

ayurvedic sleep tea theenk
  • Ingredients: Hibiscus, gotu kola, passionflower, tulsi, chamomile
  • Flavour: Slightly fruity and mellow

This is a really pleasant evening tea that will help you get to sleep. Chamomile and passionflower are already well-known sleep aids, and the addition of hibiscus creates a great sweet and fruity flavour. After the two grassy day-time teas, it’s really nice to settle down with something sweeter in the evenings.

While I would definitely be tempted to switch the afternoon tea for something more caffeinated, I will have no trouble sipping this tea every single evening without fail. Delicious.

Summary – Check Out THEENK!

morning glory teabag

THEENK is doing a really good job and I highly recommend trying their herbal teas if you want to boost your brain power and energy levels. I also really like that THEENK provide tools and planners to help you create a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

And, as THEENK suggest, you can always add a teaspoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon juice if you’re not a fan of that herbal tea flavour. Learn more about THEENK on their official website.

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