Teakruthi Mythical Green Tea Review

Teakruthi Mythical Green Tea Review

The wind is howling outside, and some heavy April showers are imminent. Oh, how I wish I could be whisked away to a mythical land on holiday adventures. Alas, lockdown is still in full effect. Never mind. I’ll brew up a soothing cup of Teakruthi Mythical Green Tea instead!

Something about the name always makes think of a tropical rainforest and the bird calls echoing through the dense mist. Is that just me?

In this full tea review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about this mysterious green tea, including what it tastes like, how best to brew it, and where you should buy it.

Teakruthi Mythical Green at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Tea: Green tea from the Uva region of Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
  • Flavour: An astringent yet warm hay-like green tea with a thick, luscious texture

I love how thick the texture of this green tea is! Notes of grass and hay swirl through with bright astringency to create a refreshing (and mythical) cup.

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Full Review – Teakruthi Mythical Green Tea

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Loose leaf
  • Tea: Green tea
  • Origin: Sri Lanka, Uva region
  • Flavour Notes: Astringent, grassy, hay, misty, warm
  • Aroma: Green grass, hay, mint, fresh, bright, tobacco
  • Milk or Lemon: Lemon, if desired
  • Where to Buy: Teakruthi Official Website

The first aroma notes to hit your nose are green, green grass and hints of hay. It’s fresh and bright – there’s even a hint of mint wafting from the packet too. This all promises to be a vibrant and refreshing cuppa when brewed.

Once brewed, it’s not quite as fresh as I’d hoped. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still very flavourful. But it’s just not green anymore. The tea liquid is thick with bubbles and a dusty gold colour. Inviting? Definitely.

It has that slightly musty green tea and hay aroma that’s so typical of Ceylon green teas. But wait. There’s also a smoky quality to the aroma, almost like tobacco smoke. This certainly adds to the mythical, mystical vibes this tea has going on.

Finally, we get to the flavour. It’s astringent and grassy, yet warm overall. It reminds me of the misty mountains from The Hobbit. I can definitely see Bilbo and Gandalf settling down around a fireplace with a cup of this tea. The smoky quality in the aroma just adds to this picture even more.

Although the flavour of this tea doesn’t offer as much as the aroma would suggest, it’s still very pleasant to drink in the afternoons.

teakruthi mythical loose leaf green tea

How to Brew Mythical Green Loose Leaf

Brew using 80°C water, even though Teakruthi recommend 80 to 85°C, as this will help to douse the astringency in Teakruthi Mythical Green tea. I used 3.2g of tea, which is just over a teaspoon’s worth (the tightly curled leaves are surprisingly heavy) and roughly 200ml of water.

A 3-minute brew time is plenty. Start with 2 minutes, take a sip, and leave it for longer if it’s not strong enough for your tastes.

You can certainly eat foods while drinking this tea. I always find fresh fruits go particularly well with green teas, but perhaps avoid citrus fruits with this particular one. Acidity on top of the tea’s natural astringency could be too much.

Why Teakruthi Ceylon Green Tea?

Teakruthi really launch into a story about this tea when you visit their website (use the link above or button below to go there). Teakruthi Mythical Green tea is from the village of Nanu Oya in the Uva region of Sri Lanka – also known as Ceylon. It’s a high-grown tea at extraordinary elevations and is recommended iced as well as hot.

As you can see from my picture, the tea leaves are tightly curled up. They look a bit like jasmine dragon pearls that I’ve had from Teapro in the past. Once you add your water, they quickly expand. Just one scant teaspoon is enough to fill my entire strainer with lush green leaves in 3 minutes!


I highly recommend trying this tea. Mythical? Maybe. It’s certainly an exciting tea to watch brew in your teapot, and the aroma lives up to the enticing name. When it comes to flavour, I found this to be nothing more than a typical (but good quality) green tea. Check it out for yourself on Teakruthi – they sell sample sizes.

Tea Recommendation

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